The tale of Peter Rabbit

by Beatrix Potter

Paper Book, 1990



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London : Warne, [1990]: BP Edition


Peter disobeys his mother by going into Mr. McGregor's garden and almost gets caught.

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LibraryThing member susan139
Classic childrens story with beautiful water colour illustrations.
LibraryThing member StephBecker
This book is the perfect size for little hands to hold! The original tale of Peter Rabbit is simply illustrated. It is a great story with a lesson to be learned. I would recommend this book to others!
LibraryThing member bcrowl399
What's better than Peter Rabbit in French? I bought this little book long ago and I don't remember exactly where or when but it is adorable.
LibraryThing member ktextor
In this book Peter rabbit lives with his mother and sisters flopsy and mopsy cottontail. The wear clothes and live in a burrow near Mr. McGregor's garden that they are not allowed to go into because that's where their father disappeared. Peter sneaks into the garden and gets caught by Mr. McGregor.
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As he tried to escape he leaves his jacket and shoes behind which Mr. McGregor uses as a scarecrow in his garden. Peter tried to go back and get his things but becomes ill and his mother takes care of him by giving him tea and never letting him go to the garden again. A very good book for students to learn lessons and read a classic book.
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LibraryThing member BVstorytime
Peter disobeys his mother by going into Mr. McGregor's garden and almost gets caught.
LibraryThing member kshielee
This is a good example of fantasy because there is a conflict between good and evil and the events could never happen in the real world. The setting of this book is specific, but could happen at any time in several different places. There must be a garden with a woods nearby, but this could be
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LibraryThing member lindsaygits1
A classic story of growing up. Little Peter knows he is not supposed to go to Mr. McGregors garden, but does anyways and ends up sick with no supper. A favorite tale of not doing what your are told, and ending the day worse off than when it started.
LibraryThing member kimbrady
Potter's classic tale of Peter Rabbit is a must-have for any school or public children's collection. Peter Rabbit, unlike his more well behaved siblings, disobeys his mother by venturing into Mr. McGregor's garden. After being spotted, Peter wears himself out AND loses his good clothes while
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escaping the situations he falls into. The moral is: listen to your mother! Potter's illustrations are timelessly beautiful and realistic with magical and personified touches. The story is short and straightforward; a good choice to read before bed.
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LibraryThing member seoulful
A tale that takes many of us back to our childhood. A tale that taught us then and reminds us now of what happens to little bunnies who obey and make good choices and bunnies that are naughty and almost end up in the McGregor stewpot. A tale that leaves us comforted because when Peter comes back
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from his misadventures, his mother did not scold him, but puts him to bed with some camomile tea for his sick tummy. A classic that delights and instructs yet another generation.
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LibraryThing member eward06
This represents a Realistic Fiction book because it is convincingly true to life in that rabbits are real. It does not work, though because the rabbits talk in the story. This will help children examine their own lives and relate with the idea of obedience.
LibraryThing member madelinelbaker
This book is a good example of a folk or fairy tale book because the story of Peter Rabbit has been around for a long time, being told in many different variations.
LibraryThing member amycampbell
A fun tale about Peter Rabbit and his close encounter with Mr. McGregor. His mother warned him to stay close to home and out of Mr. McGregor's garden but curiosity got the best of Peter.
LibraryThing member kaulsu
I fondly remember reading the Potter books to my son when he was young. I look forward now to reading them to great neices and nephews.

As a cautionary tale, Peter Rabbit serves as an admirable example. He gets into the most outrageous trouble by not listening to his wise mother, but she always
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welcomes him home with open arms and a glass of milk (or the equivalent thereof!).
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LibraryThing member ashlyne
This is a very cute traditional story. The kids loved this book and it was great for using prediction.
LibraryThing member rbelknap
This book is an example of a folktale because it has a moral woven into the ending about misbehaving and the consequences for one's actions. In the story the family of rabbits look like ordinary rabbits but they are given human traits and articles. Peter Rabbit is mischevious and misbehaves and he
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wears a jacket and shoes. And in real life rabbits do not wear clothing or have human traits.
Age Appropriateness: Primary
Media: Hand-drawn pictures that are colored using colored pencils
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LibraryThing member joel07
Another iconic children's book. It is a folktale of sorts about listening to your parents and the possible consequences of not heeding their advice. Curiosity got the best of Peter but luckily he did not have to spend the night with the their soup pot.
LibraryThing member CarolineGriffin
The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a timeless classic that introduces children to familial concepts such as the importance of obediance, authority and consequence. Potter uses beautfifully detailed illustrations and a captivating story line to capture the hearts of her both adult and adolescent audience.
LibraryThing member sweetie_candykim
I liked this story. As with the other books in the series this was a lovely story. I read it again after finding it in the loft.
The illustrations in the book are fantastic, they have so much depth but the writing itself was brilliant too. There was no bad grammar. I hate the 'Charlie and Lola'
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series that encourages bad grammar because it is perceived as cute. The grammar in this is good and it also has a large vocabulary.
The story was interesting and had a good moral. I like the way it was put bluntly 'don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden; your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor.' I found it interesting upon writing that quote the perceived non-British way of writing a full stop inside the speech marks. Part of the series was to show children that animals are quite easily another animals food, which peeople forget when characters are involved, so it was good that it was so blunt. However, when the same might happen to Peter you really feel for the character and want him to get away.
A great story for children!
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LibraryThing member hoosgracie
With Potter's beautiful water color illustrations, the story of naughty Peter and Mr. MacGregor.
LibraryThing member IEliasson
The Tale of Peter Rabbit is not the second best-selling children’s book of all time for no reason! Beatrix Potters’ tour de force story of a naughty little rabbit has captured the imagination of generations of readers. Potter’s exquisite illustrations breath life into characters that leap off
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the pages into the mind’s eye. Potter animates the voices of Mrs. Rabbit, Peter, and Mr. McGregor with her adroit prose, and her gentle humor reassures the reader that no harm will come to Peter. What is more, Peter Rabbit has entered the literary canon as the quintessential bunny character. Truly this little book and its cousins are classic treasures to be savored again and again.
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LibraryThing member Misako.K
This is my favorite story.I have known this story since I was in kindergarten,so
I feel closeness to this story.Peter, it's the name of this rabbit.He is very mischievous rabbit,
so he faced dangerous events because he ignored his mother's order.But fanally, he had a narrow escape
from being a meat
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pie! But when he returned his house,he was scolded his mother...
But anyway, this is very good heart warming story.I recommend this book to you!
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LibraryThing member footenoter
Ethel Hays was an outstanding early female syndicated cartoonist of the 1920s-30s.
LibraryThing member dangerlibearian
Not a fan of this edition, and yes I know it is a classic, but I feel too long for storytime. Naughty Peter Rabbit gets lost in Mr. McGregor's garden.
LibraryThing member ReAhnaKowena
Mrs. Rabbit told her four little bunnies Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter to behave and not go into Mr. McGregor’s garden while she went out to gather supper. All listened except for Peter and he went to go wonder off into the garden. Mr. McGregor almost caught Peter and by the time he got
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home he was so sick he wasn’t able to eat the good dinner his mother made for him.
This book was very interesting and exciting to read. This is a good lesson on obeying and listening.
In the classroom, I would create an alphabet activity over the letter R, such as a color sheet. Also, I would have the children color the different vegetables in Mr. McGregor’s garden and tell them how vegetables are a very important part of our diet.
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LibraryThing member juliac83
Peter Rabbit is a very naughty bunny. He disobeys his mother’s rules and finds himself in a lot of trouble. He sneaks into a garden and tastes lettuce, beans and radishes only to get chased out by the farmer. After running and hiding for his life he makes it back home safely.
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Unfortunately he has to spend the night in bed sick missing out on dessert.

Personal Reaction:
This was read to my brother as a child then to me as a child. We have passed it onto our children. I enjoy this book because every child can connect to either the naughty Peter or the always good sisters. I also enjoy the simple classic illustrations that give it a traditional feel.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
This can be a great introduction to a garden lesson, they can learn about the vegetables grown and the animals that might want to eat them. It would also be a great way to show how rules and policies are there to protect and need to be followed.
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