The Storm Book

by Charlotte Zolotow

Other authorsMargaret Bloy Graham (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1989



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HarperCollins (1989), Edition: First Edition, 32 pages


A farm boy, a fisherman, a city dweller, and a sheep herder watch a summer storm.

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LibraryThing member riannarash
This story is about a young boy who watches a storm from start to finish. The boy learns throughout the story why the sky looks the way it does and why we hear the sounds we hear. The boy begins to have fear of the storm but then comes to an understanding of why things happen during a storm.

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book lays down a very good understanding of a storm. Although it does have great facts in the story about a storm, I did not personally feel it would catch the attention of young children. This book was not easy to follow and not easily read. Very nice pictures portrayed but not colorful to grab a young child’s attention.

1. Have each child use cotton balls and foil to collage a picture of what they might see in a storm.
2. This is a great time to introduce a “My Lil’ Book of Fears”. Each child adds to
this as needed. Draw a picture of your fear and write 3-5 sentences about why you have this fear.
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LibraryThing member terios
I think this book would be a little more challenging, but the pictures and text are located on separate pages. The story is about a big storm coming. The little boy asks his mother what thunder and lightening are. The storm is scene from different views from people in the city to those on a farm.
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From people in the mountains to those on the beach. Once the storm passes the little boy asks what the arch of colors in the sky is; the mother replies that it is a rainbow. The storm has now passed and all is calm.
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LibraryThing member hmz001
It is a day in the country,and everthing is hot and still.Then the hazy sky begins to shift.Something is astir, something soundless.
LibraryThing member Truly.Mae.Pettijohn
Summary: What a thunder storm is like in the country side, in a city, on a sea shore, and in the mountains.

Personal Opinion: Wonderful little book I would love to keep for my own children in the very distance future. I enjoyed how to shows what storms are like in different places and I can see my
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self sitting down showing my kids what it's like where I was raised, country side, and where my husband was raised, in the Smoky Mountains. The art work look to be done in water color and pen that shows to the softness of rain and sharp edges of figures and buildings.

Classroom Extensions:
1. Learn the different types of storms and clouds.
2. Explore different art styles and have a art day!
3. Work on adjectives.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
No science. I, personally, did not care for the illustrations. I find it hard to imagine a little farm boy would run across the fields to ask his mom what the silver streak (of lightning) was - I grew up rural and believe me, when a storm is coming, we're sticking close to the storm shelter. I also
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find it hard to believe a young shepherd with a new baby could have such a nice home.

I do agree that the text is lovely. And I like the way the storm is portrayed across different contexts by different people. And it's treated as just a storm - just a natural part of life - nothing to be scared of.
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