Do you know what I'll do?

by Charlotte Zolotow

Other authorsGarth Williams
Paper Book, 1958



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New York ; : London : Harper & Row, 1958.


A little girl delights her brother with a series of promises about all the wonderful things she'll do to make him happy as they both grow up.

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LibraryThing member jadepumpsthejams
A girl tells her little bro about all the nice thigs she will do for him "when the wind blows, or "at the movies." Gorgeous mixed media photographs of collage. Paint, fake fur, clay, and fibers are used.
LibraryThing member mouaamy
I like this book because it shows how much love a mother will give to a child. Not a lot of pictures have colored people as their characters- and these characters are a lot darker than usual. The colors of he pictures are amazing too; they are very bright and shades of color varys from line to line.
LibraryThing member catieanderson4
I thought that this book was really good and sweet. Another book with repetition in it, like when every page says "do you know what i'll do", but that is a really good thing in a childrens book. I think that this book would be a good one to do a picture walk with because the pictures in this book
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really explain what is going on. I really liked this book.
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LibraryThing member amguess
A little girl is constantly telling her brother about all of these promises that she will do the make him happy as they grow up. She promises things like picking flowers, making snowmen, catching rain in the pail, getting shells from the sea, and singing him a song. This book is not a very good
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book in my opinion.
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LibraryThing member nmv003
This book is a cute little story based on the needs of african children who might be victiams of HIV and AIDs it list alot of different what if scenarios and answers them by saying what they would do for you.
LibraryThing member SarahGraceGrzy
This picture book written from a sister's perspective to her little brother is one I will always treasure! So beautifully written with gorgeous illustrations, this book is simply lovely! I read it to my littlest brother, and act out the last scene:

"Do you know what I will do when I am grown up and
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married? I will bring you my baby to hug, just like this."

Sweet sweet memories.
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