Harry and the lady next door

by Gene Zion

Other authorsMargaret Bloy Graham (Illustrator.)
Hardcover, 1960



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Harper & Row (1960): Weekly Reader Edition


Harry the dog goes to fantastic lengths to make his neighbor stop singing.

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LibraryThing member ChelseaHopton
This is a great transition book for a beginning reader. This is a small chapter book with great illustrations. It is about a dog named Harry who is tired of the lady next door who sings too loudly. Harry is out to solve the neighborhood's problem. Will Harry get in trouble while trying to keep the
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lady from singing, or will he succeed?
Read to find out!
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LibraryThing member paroof
"The lady next door sang. She sang high and loud. When she sang Harry's ears hurt." How can you not love a book that starts out like that?
LibraryThing member Cottonwood.School
Harry the dog goes to fantastic lengths to make his neighbor stop singing.
LibraryThing member arwencu
I loved the old style illustrations in the book. They were simple and reminded me of a lot of the books I read as a child. Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing for the story line. In a nutshell, Harry the dog strongly dislikes his neighbor and works hard to avoid her loud singing voice and
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get her shipped to another country. Although the neighbor woman does go voluntarily it hardly speaks volumes for tolerance and understanding with the take home seemingly being if you don’t like something get rid of it.
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LibraryThing member sdbookhound
Harry the Dirty Dog is back and he has a problem. The lady next door loves to sing, but Harry is not thrilled with her voice. He tries everything to get her to stop singing.
Cute story for early readers.
LibraryThing member clstaff
Fantastic book for little eyes and ears. In a world where fat ladies just wont stop singing, Harry comes to save the day. I had trouble with some of the bigger words.
LibraryThing member caitlinbennison
Harry the dog does not like the neighbor lady's singing. He tries to do a few things to stop her, but he keeps getting in trouble. Finally, she wins a singing contest, and his prayers are answered.
LibraryThing member Tammie14
I liked this book because it was fun and light hearted with a subtle message. The story is lighthearted in nature with Harry simply attempting to avoid bath time which leads into a fun day of mischief. The reader is able to join in on the fun with Harry through the illustrations of Graham. The
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bigger message of "Harry the Dirty Dog" is putting off your obligations, chores, etc., may be fun in the moment, but that procrastination just leads to bigger problems.
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LibraryThing member Js126863
This book was about a dog named Harry who hated to hear the lady next door sing. She sang so loud it hurt his ears. He tried multiple things to try and get her to sing softer but nothing worked. Harry just got in a lot of trouble for his attempts. Until one night one of his attempts paid off and
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the lady next door won a singing contest and she won a trip over seas to study music. Harry was so happy that she was leaving so he would not have to hear her sing anymore.

I thought it was a very good book. I believe it could help teach children the importance of patients and also the importance of never giving up. Harry never gave up trying to make the lady stop singing no matter how many times he failed.

An extension of this book could be to have the class draw a picture that resembles a time where they never gave up and it paid off.
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LibraryThing member NMiller22
Harry, the dog, goes to fantastic lengths to make his neighbor stop singing.


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