Bear feels sick

by Karma Wilson

Other authorsJane Chapman (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2017



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Margaret K. McElderry Books (2017): Chick-Fil-A Edition


When Bear is too sick to play, his animal friends go to his cave to make him soup and tea and keep him company.

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Children's Literature
"The language, with its strong rhythm, rhyme and repetitive structure, is very appealing and lends itself well to activities that build phonemic awareness. The underlying messages about respecting and valuing others are positive. Furthermore, the stories avoid triteness."
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School Library Journal
"The rhyming text and oft-repeated refrain (Bear Feels Sick) make this book irresistible when read aloud. What more could anyone ask when under the weather than a snug house and plenty of TLC?"

User reviews

LibraryThing member sdglenn
Great for grades k-3. The story is about taking care of one another when they feel sick. We could have the students write a story about a time they have taken care of someone that was sick.
LibraryThing member crdutton
Bear Feels Sick is a great children's book. It would be approprate for elementary aged children. This is a rhyming book, so it holds the kid's attention really well. The book deals with a sick bear whose friends take good care of him and make him feel much better. They cook him soup, get him a wet
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rag, and tuck him into bed. At the end of the story, the bear feels much better, but all of his friends feel sick. He assures them that he will take care of them just as they took care of him. This teaches the lesson of friendship and working together.
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LibraryThing member ruthe002
A touching story about how a group of friends care for one another when they get sick. A great way for young children to learn about caring for others as well as staying healthy. The animal theme will intrest young children in the story and hold their attention.
LibraryThing member cvosshans
Bear's newest story, 'Bear Feels Sick', is a great complement to the popular Bear series. Karma Wilson's 'Bear Feels Sick' nicely tells the story of friends supporting each other in hard times. This 30 page picture book is full of colourful, appealing illustrations(done in acrylics) and features
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easy, readable text. The good friends who surround Bear are prominent throughout the book, reminding us how important friends are. Feeling sick was never so good!!!
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LibraryThing member SarahWilmot
This is an excellent example of FANTASY because the reader has to suspend disbelief to enter the world the author has created. In this world, animals talk, draw, cook and even get colds!

Style: The author uses personification as he assigns human attributes to animals. This use of personification is
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excellent, because, without it, the story would not be a fantasy and also would not capture the childrens' attention: a mouse, owl and rabbit taking care of s snuffling bear is much more riveting than three kids taking care of a wheezy friend.

Age Appropriateness: Primary
Media: Acrylic Paint
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LibraryThing member dangerlibearian
Bear feels sick and all his friends take care of him. When he feels better he has found he passed his cold onto his friends, then he takes care of them. Love this series!
LibraryThing member taramankin
Bear is very sick but his forest animals take very good care of him. They make sure he's warm and cozy, they cook broth for him and make him tea. Bear finally feels better but now all his friends are sick. Now bear will take care of his friends.
LibraryThing member vicmelen
This book is cute. It shows the meaning of friendship and taking care of one another. The vocabulary that is used can be for lower grades in elementary. It gives a set of trying to guess what is going to happen next. Little kids will be excited and wanting to know what happens next.
LibraryThing member kelseyo
This story is a very good story fro children because it teaches them how to work together to make their friend bear feel better. This teaches children to work together and how to help those in need.
LibraryThing member matthewbloome
A simple rhyming text carries the story through in this one. It's a very nice text and children would enjoy the illustrations I'm sure. It works on the value of friendship and is a very nice text to share on the subject with a predictable twist at the end when Bear has to take care of his friends
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who've gotten sick from taking care of him in the rest of the text.
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LibraryThing member Kweber8
Summary: Bear becomes under the weather at the beginning of the story and cannot seem to get better. Bear's friends come and beg him to come play outside with them in the Autumn weather, but soon realize that Bear cannot be outside if he is not feeling well. The friends of Bear decide to do
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whatever they can to help Bear feel better as quick as possible so he can come play outside with them. After many tricks that the friends used to help Bear, he finally felt better! Bear was so pleased until he found out that his friends were sick. Bear decided that he would stay inside to help his friends, just like they helped him.

Review: A wonderful, heartwarming story about friends helping friends! Karma Wilson, author of Bear Feels Sick, did an amazing job creating a strong message by using a real life situation that young children face to show her readers that even though things may be bad, there are always people around to help us through everything. Bear was feeling under the weather and all he wanted to do was to go play outside and he could not do that. Bear's friends realized that he was sick and one friend "squeezed Bear tight" to let Bear know that everything would be okay (p. 8). Bear's friends "cooked and cared" for him as much as they could, which shows the young reader that she or he should not give up on his or her friends if the friend is in need (p. 17). Towards the end of the book when Bear wanted to "go frolic the day" because he "felt good," he put his wants aside and returned the favor to his now sick friends because they helped Bear at the beginning (p. 25).

Wilson wrote an amazing book that helps teach young children to do unto others and others would do unto them. It uses sweet characters to help capture the readers attention, while leaving the readers with a warm-fuzzy feeling of generosity.
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LibraryThing member AllisonStrait
I liked this book for 3 reasons. First, the book was written very well for the audience it was trying to reach. While reading, it was very easy to become engaged and interested in what was coming next. The story rhymed, which allowed it to flow properly and at a good pace. Also, the story was about
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many animals that were taking care of their sick friend, Bear, so this was a book that easily attracted a child’s attention. Next, the plot of the book was very strong. The story begins with a conflict involving Bear, the main character, being very sick. The other characters spent most of the book trying to help their friend get better. This included making him broth and tea, tucking him in under his blanket, and many other kind gestures. The book included a great ending where Bear felt better, but then all of his friends were sick, so he returned the favor and took care of them. This provides a very valuable learning lesson for children. Last, the illustrations were very descriptive and helped to give the words of the story a deeper meaning. The pictures showed Bear while he was sick and making sad faces. The pictures also showed his friends going out and finding things for Bear that would make him feel better. This provides children with a picture of the actual actions that they are reading in the text. The big idea of this story is at the end of the story when Bear feels better, but his friends feel sick. Bear decides to take care of his friends because they took care of him. This sends the message that when people do nice things, it is important to return the favor. This gesture emphasizes that being kind and caring for others are two important qualities to have.
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LibraryThing member jsylve
After a long winter a great brown bear gets sick. He feels so awful so his friends the mouse, hare, badger, gopher, mole, raven, and wren goes to the cave a takes care of him. After they make bear feel better they all get sick, and bear has to take care of them. This book is really cute and can
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help with explaining how germs a spread but also how to take care someone who is sick.
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LibraryThing member ah932109
Book Summary: This book is about a bear who goes out looking for food because he is hungry. The weather starts to get cold so bear decides to turn back for home but he doesn't make it back home before it gets dark outside. Bear becomes scared. His friends start to worry about bear because he has
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been gone for a long time and a storm is coming. So bear's friends decide to go out looking for him. Bear perks up when he thinks he hears the voices of some of his friends. When his friends find him they give him a bear hug and this helps to calm bears fears. They all make it home safe and fall asleep.

Personal Reaction: This book is a book about friendship. When you may think your alone, your really not. Friends will always be there to help comfort you when you are feeling lonely or scared.

Classroom Extension: 1) Have students draw a picture of a time they felt scared or alone.
2) Have students write a few sentences of how someone helped them to not be afraid and what that person(s) did to help them feel loved.
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