The shy little kitten

by Cathleen Schurr

Other authorsGustaf Tenggren (Illustrator)
Paper Book, 2011



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Golden Book, Random House, [2011]: Chick-Fil-A Edition


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One beautiful day, a shy little kitten embarks on a journey filled with adventure! In the course of her wanderings, she meets an interesting and often amusing collection of fellow creatures. The Shy Little Kitten, with illustrations by the renowned Gustaf Tenggren.

From the Hardcover edition.


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LibraryThing member Turtledia
Genre: Fantasy
Age Appropriateness: Primary
Media: Acrylic?
Review: The shy little kitten is the only shy kitten with five outgoing, rambunctious siblings. The kitten is left behind and goes on an adventure of her own discovering many new friends. This is a fantasy because the characters take on human
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characteristics by talking.
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LibraryThing member srgrammer
This is a story of a shy little kitten who goes off on an adventure and meets a frog, a dog , a squirrel ans a mole. When she meets back up with her family she is so happy and they all have a picnic. The little kitten thought this was the best day of her life.
LibraryThing member Bookwormeater
This shy kitten meet a dog, frog, and mole and had a really good day. The shy kitten made progress on not being shy anymore. This book would be great for shy students.
LibraryThing member abcarter1
1st -2nd. Words may be to big for first grade but its cute. Good length for 2nd grade. About one shy kitten out of a litter who went on an adventure and made friends and had the best day ever.
LibraryThing member kzrobin
This book is about a kitten that is shy at first but comes out of her shell once she makes some new friends around the farm.
LibraryThing member ChantalBerho
This book is a fantasy picture book done in ink and wash. It is appropriate for the primary grades. In this story, 6 little kittens are born to a barn cat. The 6th little kitten is very shy, unlike her brothers and sisters. She lags behind one day on a walk, and finds all sorts of friends as she
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tries to find her way home. When she arrives home with the help of a small black puppy, she and her friends and family have a picnic. It turns out that the shy little kitten was not so shy after all, and she had the best day imaginable making all of her new friends.
This book is a good example of fantasy because it follows a kitten and her thoughts, as well as the words and human interactions of various animals.
This book has a good example of a well developed plot with a clear beginning, middle, and end. It also has a clear antagonist (shyness) and a clear protagonist (the shy kitten.)
This book could be used in a lesson about different kinds of personalities.
This could be used in a lesson about accepting all types of people and learning to make new friends.
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LibraryThing member RiaO
This is a cute little story about a shy kittens adventure throughout the farm and her new friendships with the animals she meets when she gets separated from her mothers and brothers and sisters.
LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Granted, I'm not the intended audience, but seriously, this seems random and boring to me. Cute pix though.


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