The Mystery of the Cupboard

by Lynne Reid Banks

Other authorsTom Newsom (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1994



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Avon Books (1994), 256 pages


After the family moves to the country to a house recently inherited by his mother, Omri finds many secrets revealed to him when he accidently discovers the link between the house and the magic cupboard. Sequel to "The Secret of the Indian."

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LibraryThing member kk1
My least favourite book in the series so far, because it mostly deals with filling in the back story. Not enough cowboy and indian magic. Hoping the last book will be more fun.
LibraryThing member krizia_lazaro
"The Indian in the Cupboard" was a great children's story. I did not expect that the "makings" of the cupboard is not that great. This book lacks a strong story plot. It feels like it was not well thought of and is lacking in substance. Even my sister can write a better story than this one. I
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expected a lot from Lynne Reid Banks because the first two books were exceptional. This one has no climax and is boring. A child would choose playing with real Indian dolls than read this one. If you want to maintain your image of the cupboard - something good and fun - in your head then do not read this one. I was truly disappointed.
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LibraryThing member SandyAMcPherson
A whole new set of characters and an unravelling of the 'mystery' of the cupboard. This felt like a story written to prolong the saga of the magic cupboard. As an adult, it is hard to understand how the extension of Omri's family history will engage the children that loved Book 1. The novel has
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some stereotyping that seems out-of-sync with today's respect for other peoples. However, in the context of its day, the story was moderately amusing. Just not remarkable.
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Mythopoeic Awards (Finalist — Children's Literature — 1994)


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