Brother of the wolves

by Jean Thompson

Other authorsSteve Marchesi (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1978



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Morrow (1978), Weekly Reader Edition. 159 pages


An Indian boy, discovered in a wolf den by a Sioux medicine man, struggles to win acceptance into his adopted village.

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LibraryThing member AprilBrown
What ages would I recommend it too? – Five and up.

Length? – An evening's read.

Characters? – Memorable, several characters.

Setting? – Real world among the Native Americans before they were on reservations.

Written approximately? – 1978.

Does the story leave questions in the readers mind?
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– Ready to read more.

Any issues the author (or a more recent publisher) should cover? No.

Short storyline: A baby is saved by wolves, and then by a prominent man in a tribe. He grows up with some tribe members fearing him and his ability to continue communicating with the family of wolves that kept him alive for many months.

Notes for the reader: Interesting connotations on how to deal with bullys. It still encourages ignorance though, which doesn't work, as the story shows. In the end, I think he made it clear he would learn to stand up for himself, and his friends would stand with him.

As a writer, this was a relaxing, fun story that breaks most of the current "rules."
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