Very Last First Time

by Jan Andrews

Hardcover, 1986



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A Margaret McElderry Book by Atheneum (1986), Edition: American ed., 32 pages


When the tide recedes, a young Eskimo girl living in northern Canada, journeys alone for the first time under the ice, walking on the seabed floor to gather mussels.

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LibraryThing member dchaves
Why is this her first time? I thought this might be an adolescent ritual - something to do as a rite of passage, but it will end up being her last time. There is a great deal of tension when she has wandered too far. This is like a fairy tale story where nature is the evil wolf.
LibraryThing member
One of the first books I read on my own. I remember it as being very thrilling, but apart from that it is about collecting something from underneath the ice during low tide, I do not remember much.
LibraryThing member emithomp
Eva is going to walk on the bottom of the sea by herself for the very first time.
The gorgeous illustrations catch the eye first with this book. They radiate the cold and light on Northern Canada exquisitely. The text also draws the reader in because most of us don't understand what "walking on the
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bottom of the sea means, much less want to do it by ourselves. When Eva climbs down the hole into an under-ice world the text and pictures work together to really bring the reader somewhere new.
This is a lovely book, and I would recommend it for any elementary or public library, particularly if the library has no other books featuring Inuits.
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LibraryThing member trisweather
such beautiful and imaginative illustrations. The ice and snow is beautiful drawn and shown in all their colours


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