A New Coat for Anna (Dragonfly Books)

by Harriet Ziefert

Paperback, 1988



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Dragonfly Books (1988), Edition: Reprint, 40 pages


Even though there is no money, Anna's mother finds a way to make Anna a badly needed winter coat.

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LibraryThing member whitneyw
I would use this book as a valuable lesson on faith, and determination and about chidrens lives in ww2. I rooted for ana all the way and I feel like an elementary child would like this book
LibraryThing member Airycat
Based on a true story, this is a delightful book. Young readers (and listeners) will learn where a wool coat comes from/how it's made. They can also learn about perseverance, community, love and sacrifice. But children won't notice the lessons being learned. What they will love it that Anna finally
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gets her coat and Lobel's delightful pictures... and maybe the thought of smiling sheep.
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LibraryThing member lalfonso
This is the story of a young girl who needs a new coat, but her mother doesn’t have the money to purchase one. Mom decides to barter for the resources and craftsmen to complete the garment. The illustrations are vivid and realistic. It may be too wordy for some children and it makes for a great
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read aloud. Teaching ideas include economics (goods and services, bartering, natural and capital resources)
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LibraryThing member Bookish59
The simple but luscious illustrations move the sweet story along. Because this is a children's book only the first illustration shows the destruction and deprivation of war but it is tempered with a smiling Anna waving to her mom who waves back.

Would definitely recommend reading this!
LibraryThing member pbailey1980
The book is for young readers and is particularly interesting because on the surface it appears to just be a simple story about a young girl and her adventure to get a new coat. However, it also appears to be set in a European country after a major war. Clear connections can be made to post-war
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economies in war torn nations and the struggles they must go through in order to get what they need. The main character Anna also appears to have lost her father in the war. While it's not really talked about in the story, he is clearly not present and they trade his gold watch that was left to her mother. Again, the hardships that families must, at times, endure is a theme presented in this story. This book is deeper than it appears. Also, it can definitely be relatable to some students who may have lost parents for any reason and now see their family struggle to make ends meet and get the things they need.
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LibraryThing member Whisper1
A small book, packing a lot of power. Set in post WWII, it is obvious that people are financially struggling. Anna lives with her father. While it isn't mentioned, the reader wonders if perhaps her father was killed in the war. Anna is growing and needs a coat. With no money to purchase a new one,
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Anna's mother barters her precious possessions to have wool from sheep to make the coat, to have someone take the wool and spin it, to have someone weave the cloth, and then to find a tailor to make the beautiful red coat.

This is a story of patience, of love and of sacrifice.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
thrift store score
I'm sure other reviews are more thorough. I certainly think it's a worthwhile book, and sort of enjoyable, worth 3.5 stars. But I just can't look at the cover picture (of the edition I read) and not think about the very high likelihood that those sheep are going to eat the buttons
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right off the coat - they do that, you know!
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Nebraska Golden Sower Award (Nominee — 1989)


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