Curious George Gets a Medal

by H. A Rey

Hardcover, 1957



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Houghton Mifflin (1957), Edition: Book Club, 47 pages


Following a day of misadventures Curious George becomes the first space monkey.

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LibraryThing member JDHensley
Curious George is a monkey who always causes trouble because of his ideas and curiousity. In this story George has a simple idea to write a letter and ends up causing one problem after another. He is known as a smart monkey and ends up being the first space monkey. He is recognized by everyone as a
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hero. Students will be entertained by the messes Curious George gets into. They can also learn how not thinking through a decision can cause worse problems.
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LibraryThing member caitsm
Curious George goes on another adventure and gets himself into so much trouble! When the man with the yellow hat is gone, he gets a letter, but can't read it. He decides he wants to try and write a letter but makes a huge mess! He wants to help clean it up, but causes even more of a disaster.
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George keeps getting into trouble as the day goes on and to make up for his silly disturbances, he volunteers to fly into space. What a great monkey and what a great book!
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LibraryThing member allawishus
I liked this one a lot better than the first Curious George! This is more of how I think of Curious George - he gets curious about something (in this case, a letter addressed to him), he tries to solve a problem (get ink into a pen in order to write a letter), which causes numerous other problems
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(floods The Man with the Yellow Hat's house/apartment, sets a farmer's pigs free, etc. etc). Ultimately he goes on a completely unrelated adventure (goes to space at the behest of a museum director, lololol). A lot happens in these 48 pages!

His adventures usually stem from imitation - he's seen the man with the yellow hat do something, and he wants to do it too; but he gets something wrong - in this case ink spills everywhere which he tries to clean up. I think kids relate to Curious George because they like to solve problems by imitation as well. And they see and understand why things go wrong, which is self-motivating and reinforcing in a way (like, "I'm not stupid enough to do THAT! I get why it's funny, ha ha!").
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