I Am Not Going to Get Up Today! (Beginner Books)

by Dr. Seuss

Hardcover, 1987



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Random House Books for Young Readers (1987), 48 pages


A boy is so sleepy that he vows nothing will get him out of his morning bed, neither peas and beans nor the United States Marines.

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LibraryThing member varwenea
When I spotted the title of this book, I thought, "Hey, Dr. Seuss wrote a book about me." Alas, I missed the fact that he wrote the book, but he sure didn't illustrate the book. The magic is broken.
Appreciate this Beginner Book for its rhyming fun and its message that it's ok to spend a day in bed
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(which I certainly do!). Visually, it is not as astounding as other Dr. Seuss books by a huge margin. This will be forgotten...
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LibraryThing member cegordon
The book is about a child says he is not getting up in the morning. He says he does not care if any child in the world or anywhere is getting up, but he is definitely not. It is a funny, rhyming book about laziness and sleeping in.
LibraryThing member rbelknap
This book was a good example of a realistic fiction picture book because the boy is explaining to the reader how he will not get up no matter what on this day. This could happen. I could see a child telling something like this book to their parents one morning that they do not want to get up. All
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the things in this book do not happen, the boy only talks about them. The setting of this book is in the boy’s room and in his imagination (mind) where everyone is trying to get him out of bed but nothing is working. This story is told with rhyming sentences. Dr. Seuss rhymes many different places, things, and ideas together in this book. dr. Seuss also uses the repeating line "I Am Not Going to Get up Today!" over and over to reinforce the main point of this story. The illustrations in this book are done with pen outlines and wstercolors inside.
Age Appropriateness: Primary, Intermediate
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LibraryThing member camarie
I can really relate to the main character. Love everything about this book, though how could one not like Seuss?
LibraryThing member Lakapp
"I Am Not Going to Get up Today" is a book written by Dr, Seuss that focuses on a young boy who doesn't want to get up one morning. The boy realizes that the each new day will start even if he decides to stay in bed. He also knows he will miss out on daily experiences and treats, but still would
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rather stay in bed. Children experience many different moods and can be very stubborn at times, and it is important to accept and identify the different moods children experience. I believe this book is too juvenile for older students, but could provide a good learning experience for children in grades K-1.
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LibraryThing member aezeek
"I Am Not Going to Get up Today" is a fantasy book written by Dr. Seuss about a boy who simply refuses to get out of bed one morning. The boy continues to explain that he will sleep through his alarm clock, breakfast, tickling of his feet, cold water poured on him, roosters, police, brass bands,
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and many more exciting encounters. Indeed, the boy never gets out of bed, so his family gives up, and the police officer eats the boy's breakfast. This beginner book is excellent for children because everyone can relate to wanting to stay in bed all day.
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LibraryThing member mdkladke
The rhyming in this book is the best part. The whole time you are reading the book you think the child is dreaming, but he isn't. All the people he is talking about are actually coming and trying to wake him up. In the end of the book, his mother brings him an egg and she realizes he isn't getting
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up. So she gives the egg to the police man and that's what gives it away that he isn't dreaming.
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LibraryThing member cbpritchard
A little boy is in bed refusing to get up. He is too comfortable, and he says he doesn't care if all of the other children around the world are getting up. He just wants to be left alone to sleep. Even when a policemen comes, he stays in bed.
LibraryThing member whitneyw
I like how the child is aware of his feelings and is determined not to get up for school. This book has a great study rhyme and it also shows the reader children from all over the world.
LibraryThing member ecrobinson
This book is a great one for beginning readers. A stubborn little boy in determined to not leave his bed. He discusses all the places in the world where children may be getting up, but he says he would rather stay to his pillow and to be left alone. He tells his mother all the things that she could
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try to do to get him out of bed but none of them will work. After some time, his mother gives up and gives away his breakfast.
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LibraryThing member wynnd10
this is a cute book about a boy who doesn't want to get out of bed. There is a long list of things that will NOT get him out of bed. This is just a silly story that can be used at any time.
LibraryThing member baphilipson
I thought this was another really cute book by Dr. Seuss. It has a lot of different places in it that children can read about. It also shows that sometimes you are really sleepy and don't want to get out of bed. In this case, the child's breakfast is given away to the police officer because he does
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not want to get up.
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LibraryThing member srrush
This is the story of a little boy who refuses to wake up. He says that no matter what he will sleep in because he is tired. The rhymes make the reading fun and the kids can totally relate to the little boy!
LibraryThing member firhetrick
I am not going to get up today is my book. If you like Dr. Seuss here is a book for you. It is about a boy who will not get up. All of the people in the city try to get the boy up. If you want to know if the boy get's up, then read I am not going to get up.
LibraryThing member firhetrick
He rams people trying to get him up with a band of circus animals. He just won't get up.
LibraryThing member kitbraddick
This is a book that relates to adults and teenagers more than children... only because kids are usually excited to get out of bed and hate naps while those of us who are older cherish "nap time". With that being said it is a funny book that children would enjoy and it has the great rhyming element
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which i think makes reading fun. The scenarios are funny and outlandish, another element kids would appreciate.
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LibraryThing member RachelHollingsworth
Kindergarten- This is a story of a boy who decides that he really does not want to get up to anything in the morning. He just wants to stay in his warm bed. Everyone does all they can to wake him up, but he really wants to just stay in bed. At the end after everyone has tried to wake him up they
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decide he must really mean it and they give a policeman his egg.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
"A rhyming story that is full of laughs. 'The alarm can ring. The birds can peep....Today's the day I'm going to sleep,' says a lazy boy one morning, and despite a pail of icy water, television coverage, and the arrival of the Marines, he vows to stay in bed--and he does!
LibraryThing member sweetiegherkin
A little boy decides nothing will wake him on this one day he chooses to sleep all day.

Ah, doesn't that premise sound nice? A day to just sleep in no matter what happens? The little boy at the center of the story refuses to wake up, even if a brass band plays outside his bedroom window or any other
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number of unexpected things happen.

This book written by Dr. Seuss features a great deal of rhyming, some repeated phrases, and only one or two made-up words for a change. It still has his signature fun and silliness, so it makes for an ideal early reader as marketed.

The illustrations are not by Seuss, so don't expect to see his typical (or rather atypical) animals and bizarre gadgetry. James Stevenson's illustrations are comparatively more realistic, although the watercolors do have a fair share of whimsy.
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LibraryThing member LibrarianRyan
Not one of Seuss’s better books. Mainly because of the ending. It was abrupt. But I liked the story until then.
LibraryThing member madamepince
Good for the last week of school read aloud and what's not to like about James Stevenson's illustrations!
LibraryThing member reader1009
early reader - short and lively, would work as a read aloud (or at least, it would work as well as you can expect a seuss book to do, when you have a crowd of mixed ages 1-8 years)

not widely available for purchase, however, so I don't think we'll be able to use it for a giveaway book.


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