I Wish I Had Duck Feet (Beginner Books)

by Theo. LeSieg (Dr. Seuss)

Other authorsB Tobey (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1988



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Random House (1988)


A boy imagines what it would be like if he had such things as duck feet, a whale spout, and an elephant's trunk.

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LibraryThing member lokianna
I like it because he wishes for all the stuff and big bill brown gets jealous.
LibraryThing member acwheeler
Good beginner book because it is easy to read, it rhymes, and keeps you involved! Teaches you the lesson that you will always want something you dont have and at the end of the day you need to be happy with what you look like.
LibraryThing member whitneyw
The main character of this book has great reasoning skills because he wishes to have all of these animal characteristics but he then relizes he just wants to be himself.
LibraryThing member Canadian_Down_Under
I told myself when I started to catalogue my books that I would not include every book I ever read especially children's books but I could not resist this one.

I would have been 4 years old when this book was published. I seem to remember we had a lot of Dr Seuss books but this is the only one I
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remember reading over and over.

I don't have any kids but if I was going to have a children's book on my bookshelf, it would be this one.
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LibraryThing member mgiffin
THis book is about a little boy imagining what he could do if he had duck feet, deer antlers, a tail, a trunk, etc. Even though he would like all that he could do with duck feet, antlers, a tail, etc. he comes to realize the bad that would come out of it. In the end the boy decides that he just
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wants to be himself.
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LibraryThing member Coeta
Really cute book. Easy to read, makes children laugh and allows them to use their imagination. This was a favorite of mine growing up.
LibraryThing member hreilly
I liked this book! It follows a very imaginative little boy's discovery that he is fine just the way he is. He thinks about the benefits and drawbacks of having appendages like duck feet or a tail. This book stimulates the eye and imagination with its whimsical illustrations. Five stars!
LibraryThing member matthewbloome
This is typical Dr. Seuss style writing. Of course, it's from that collection he wrote as Theo LeSieg since he wasn't the illustrator, but the illustrator/cartoonist Barney Tobey does a pretty good job of bringing the words to life. The book is bit longer than a typical beginning reader of today,
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but the rhyme scheme is consistent throughout and the word choice stays pretty simple too. All in all, I liked the book. I think it pairs well with And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street and If I Ran the Circus. Of course, that's just what I thought. The book is fun, and the pictures, despite being done by someone else, are plenty of fun as well.
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LibraryThing member mmg020
This book connects great with students through rhymes, make believe, and great overall message. It is predictable text because of the rhymes and rhythm that makes this book unique. It sends a great message that it is best to be who we are and wish not to be anyone else but ourselves.
LibraryThing member JennysBookBag.com
This brings back fond childhood memories.
LibraryThing member WRamos
Early reading.
LibraryThing member LibrarianRyan
Until this book, I had no idea that Seuss wrote other early readers under a different name Tho. LeStieg. LeSieg is Geisel backwards. He did this for books that he wrote, but did not illustrate. It’s a shame he didn’t illustrate this book. The illustrations are great, but I would love to see
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what Seuss would do. The story is fun, rhymes and BTobey did great illustrations. Just what a reader expects from Seuss.
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LibraryThing member bearlyr
What a fun story, by a master! As with all Dr. Seuss stories, there is a valuable lesson here… you’re perfect the way you are! Best testimonial? It kept my 2 year old granddaughter’s attention!


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