A Fly Went by (Beginner Books)

by Mike McClintock

Other authorsFritz Siebel (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1958



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Random House Books for Young Readers (1958), 72 pages


A sheep with its foot caught in a tin can sets off a chase with a fly in the lead.

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LibraryThing member MrsLee
The cutest fly you will ever see. A young boy follows a fly in an adventure of colossal misunderstanding.
LibraryThing member menaramore
A boy was sitting by the river and a fly buzzed past him. The fly was running from a frog. The boy wanted to find out why the frog would chase the fly and make him stop. The frog was running from a cat who ran from a dog who ran from a pig who ran from a cow who ran from a fox, who ran from a man
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who ran from a...small lamb with a pail on his leg. The boy tracked down the source of the running and helped the little lamb. Then, everyone stopped running and all was well. The little boy returned to sit by the lake.
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LibraryThing member whitneyw
This book is terrific because it shows this book misunderstanding between this animas and a human and how the small child investigates to solve the problem. This book is also great because it shows how fear can make us misunderstand things.
LibraryThing member mmjones3
Illus. in color. A fly goes by, followed by a frog, who's chased by a cat, who's chased by a dog and a host of other frantic characters, in a humorous cumulative tale.
LibraryThing member missbrandysue
A boy is relaxing at the lake when a fly goes by in a panic. Character after character is chasing each other, not knowing that the animal chasing them thinks they, too, are in danger. But when he finds that all the ruckus is started by a lamb that has gotten his foot in a tin can he tells all the
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characters to STOP and explains they really aren't being chased by anyone to fear.

A good story when talking about cause and effect, point of view, and many more. The talking animals are good for fantasy units, too. A great book for beginning readers on a middle-late 1st grade or 2nd grade level.
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LibraryThing member Coeta
This is a cute, light-hearted book. Rhyming, repitition, and easy to read.
LibraryThing member hreilly
This classic children's book has a very fun way of delivering a simple message: sometimes a big fuss is made over something silly, like a lamb with a tin can stuck on its hoof. I enjoy reading this book out loud. It allows for a lot of loud, expressive, and lyrical reading. A must read!
LibraryThing member Fjola
We've read this one together SO many times, but it wasn't until my kid insisted on reading it all by himself that I realized what a great early reader it is. It's got the rhyme, it's got the repetition, but not to the point of being tedious, and despite its 64 pages and lots of print of some of
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them it consists only of one or two syllable phonetically logical words and common sight words. And yet, the language doesn't feel dumbed down at all, it's a very pleasant, flowing read. Still a favorite at our house.
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LibraryThing member NoahGray
“A Fly Went By” is a great book for beginning readers. The text features that stood out to me were the illustrations and the fluency of the text. I enjoyed the illustrations and how each picture captured the animal that the boy was speaking with. I feel that this is a great way for young
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readers to learn about the different animals and their characteristics. For example, the illustrator captured the characteristics of the frog by showing their leaping abilities and their long tongues. The author used fluency in his writing to show introduce the reader to the next animal. An example of this is, “'That cat!' he said. 'Just look and see! That cat,' he said, is after me!'”. This is beneficial for young readers because the introduction will allow them to recall on their prior knowledge of the animals. A second pattern that is shown in this book is the line of animals throughout the illustrations. As the animals are introduced, they are added to the line of animals chasing each other. This is not only fun for the reader, but it reminds them of the animals that had been shown in the book.
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LibraryThing member awhite43
I really liked the book “A Fly Went By” by Mike Mclintock. This was one of my favorites as a child because of the way the author continues to build on the story, similar to the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. I like that the book is written in the point of view of a young child
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observing a series of animals and a farmer running away from each other each adding to the rhyming story the child tells. I think that it may be reflective of the fact that it was written in late 50’s but I don’t like the fact that it uses the word kill and gun which are probably inappropriate for the audience it was intended for. I really enjoy the classic handdrawn illustrations that have a n aged feel to them but do a good job of showing the reader the action and building on the tension as new characters are introduced.Using simple, mostly 2 syllable words and rhymes the main idea of this book is as more of a beginning reader, but also has themes of friendship and misunderstandings. I like the fact that this book pushes me as a reader to continue reading by building tension and comes to a positive conclusion as the young boy helps to resolve the misunderstanding of those involved.
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LibraryThing member kbrash1
I had never read this book before, and I really enjoyed reading it for a few reasons. The first thing that caught my eye when previewing the text was the illustrations. In my opinion, Fritz Siebel’s style resembles a classic comic strip, and I like the crayon scribble look that makes the
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illustrations look childlike. The pictures strongly support the text, and show a lot of movement. I like the use of rhyming language in this story because I think it would make for a strong read aloud book. “One ran from the other. The other ran too, from the one who came after. Now what could I do?” The plot revolves around and interesting concept. There are a series of animals and insects appearing to chase one another only for fear of being chased themselves, when in reality there is no chase. “The fly does not know that the frog is not mad. The frog does not know that the cat is not bad.” In fact, it was a surprise to find out that the cause for the extensive chase was simply a sheep stuck in a tin can. The big idea of A Fly Went By is that it is not always wise to make assumptions.
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LibraryThing member wickedshizuku
This book reminds me so much of the nursery rhyme 'The House that Jack Built.' That fact, and that my children want this book read to them so much it does become rather tiresome after a while. The looks on their faces are worth all the aggravation though. If you're running late on bedtime I would
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choose a shorter story.
Happy Reading Kids!
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LibraryThing member dianehan
Summary: This book is about a young boy who was at the lake when all of a sudden a fly goes by. Different characters running after different characters. The young boy finally figures out what everybody is running from, they are running from a sheep that has his hind hoof stuck in a can.

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Reaction: This is an easy to read book which include different characters, rhyming and has a definite closed ending.

Classroom Extensions: 1.This book could show students how to solve problems. 2.The instructor could have the students predict each character.
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LibraryThing member ClariAlvarez
This story is about a fly that passed by a child and he wanted to say hi, but he could not because the fly said that he was being followed by another animal, and he wanted to eat the fly. The child was behind the other animal, and it turned out that the other animal was also being followed by
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another animal, it was like a chain. We can incorporate this to our class and to see that we can all help each other to achieve in class. In this case, the kid was the one who stopped the first animal and made the others stop for doing something "wrong. "
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LibraryThing member lmcswe1
This book takes after the concept of the little old lady who swallowed a fly. A little boy watches a fly go by, and then sees a frog chasing the fly. Next, he sees a cat chasing the frog, a dog chasing the cat, and so on. It is an interesting twist on a classic story, and its repetitive style makes
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it easy to read. As a child, I always loved the illustrations in this book because they were humorous. For example, one page depicts all the animals running after one another through a campsite, and shows a cow and a pig getting stuck in a tent. The style of the illustrations is also interesting. They are drawn in a sketch manner, similar to the drawings in “ish,” but with bold pops of color. This does a good job of paralleling the chaos that is going on in the book. Overall, I’d give this book a 4 out of 5. Although it is a good book, it could use some improvement in terms of originality. The main idea of this book is to do your own thing and not always “go with the flow” assuming that “the flow” is right.
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LibraryThing member cwierz2
This book is about a young boy who was at the lake when all of a sudden a fly goes by. Different characters running after different characters, the young boy finally figures out what everybody is running from. They are running from a sheep that has his hind hoof stuck in a can. This is a great book
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for younger children because it includes rhyming and has a definite ending for them to understand. The characters in the book are well developed. The illustrations are very detailed and eye catching. The big idea of A Fly Went By is that it is not always wise to make assumptions.
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LibraryThing member bogreader
I had forgotten most of this book except the cover. When the "monster" chasing the hunter was revealed, I remembered that plot twist.
LibraryThing member ReneePaule
Lovely little book with lots for children to think about!


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