The Chalk Box Kid

by Clyde Robert Bulla

Paperback, 1987



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Random House Childrens Books (1987), 59 pages


Random House is proud to present the tenth anniversary edition of a book Publishers Weekly called "a gem of a book...a story that goes straight to the heart."  When nine-year-old Gregory experiences several upsets in his life, he responds by creating a fantastic chalk garden on the charred walls of a burned-out factory behind his house.  As his garden grows and flourishes, Gregory finds a voice through his art and, for the first time, is able to find his own place in the world.  The Chalk Box Kid is sure to delight a new generation of children and their parents.  

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In this story Gregory's family moves to a smaller house in a poorer part of town because his father lost his factory job. There is nowhere to play, but Gregory discovers a nearly burnt-out building that formerly was the chalk factory. Even though the kids at the new school don't accept him readily,
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Gregory is happyfor him the blackened walls of the building become his giant canvas. This book has an inspirational story within it and young readers will be drawn to it. Gregory is a young artist who is trying to fit in and make friends, but is completely satisfied just drawing in his abandon chalk factory. It is a good book for children to start if they are trying to get familiar with chapter books. It has some challenging words, so you might want to have this book be apart of guided reading groups. So, students can work together to find meaning in the text and help get through the more challenging words.
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