The happy Hollisters on a river trip (The Happy Hollisters, No. 2)

by Jerry West

Paper Book, 1953



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Garden City, N.Y., Garden City Books, [1953]


The Hollisters spring into action when a child becomes separated from the group during their vacation. Along the way the family works together to solve a mystery involving a tagged Clown fish found in the river.

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LibraryThing member Bookaholic2
This title, and all in the series are not just cute, "remember when" stories. They have children learning right from wrong and to accept responsibility for their actions not to mention learning from mistakes. You will even find them doing things they are responsible for before continuing their
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sleuthing (prioritizing). The stories end in the late '60's yet, they are timeless. The titles are "safe" to give children / grandchildren unlike some so called modern children's titles out there that have crass content, at best, but are not always previewed by parents / grandparents. The Happy Hollister's stories contain good character examples with children learning to work for things and not just expect things without personal and honest effort. They also exhibit self sacrifice for the benefit of others. I am glad that the titles are being reprinted without editing to include Kindle versions by the late author's family.
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LibraryThing member jbarr5
The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip by Jerry West
Another episode of the family as the hardware store their dad runs has a contest. the biggest fish caught will win $25 to spend at the store.
The kids also run into Bobby, a local boy but he's staying with a farmer who puts him to work while his
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mother is out west. She is searching for her grandfather.
The children also catch some fish with a tag on the tail that says ole moe with a number. They ask many around town for a clue as to who ole moe is and they get a lot of clues.
Love the printing procedures at the newspaper, so precise as I was in the publishing business at one time.
The kids are alarmed when they learn Bobby has left the area and they start searching and ask their Uncle Russ for help.
He is able to help them as they all search for the missing boy and also try to find out about ole moe.
What a great story, it even has the bully of the town Joey Brille at his tricks again. Wouldn't be a story without him.
Love all the kids and all they put into finding out all the answers.
Can't wait to read another book.
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184 p.; 22 cm


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