The happy Hollisters and the ice carnival mystery (The Happy Hollisters, No. 16)

by Jerry West

Paper Book, 1958



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Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, ©1958.


Gram and Gramp Hollister invite the Hollisters to visit Québec for Mardi Gras and the annual Winter Carnival. That, however, is not the only purpose of their trip. Mr. Hollister tells the children that a Christmas gift he had ordered for them has taken overlong in reaching Shoreham and, although he had wanted to keep it a secret, he is now worried about the delay. The gift was a cariole, a French Canadian sleigh made by a master sleigh maker, but both the sleigh and maker have disappeared. The children offer to try and solve the mystery during their visit. They meet many interesting people and are introduced to the language, customs, and traditions of the French Canadians, as well as encountering adventure and excitement in their efforts. The crowning glory for the children is their participation in the parade at the Winter Carnival. This is an exciting story of mystery and adventure, with a setting that will introduce young readers to a different way of life in a most interesting and historic location.… (more)

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The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery (Happy Hollisters, #16) by Jerry West
This book starts out when the grandparents come to visit on their way to Canada. Dad decides they can go along and try to find the missing Christmas sleigh he had paid for but never received.
Burro goes missing
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and the parents will come up in a weeks time. Problem is there are a lot of obstacles, traffic on the road, stuck in the ditch, etc.
They get help from a lot of different people. Love when they do arrive in Canada and the festivities have started. Sounds just SO cool to see the colorful things and lights and everything about the hue snowman.
Kids adapt early to the cold weather and find clues to also help find the missing sleigh maker. They also try to find the Eskimo kids motorboat that someone stole. They learn to fish also, I can't imagine fishing in extreme cold temperatures.
Love how the festivities continue and the awards are being given out to different categories of dress/costumes. Princess wins and she agrees to help the kids solve the missing sleigh.
Like the words that are explained as they are used and learning about different customs. Love learning about ice flues. never heard the phrase.
Another great story with sketches.
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