Magic Tree House #06: Afternoon on the Amazon

by Mary Pope Osborne

Paperback, 1995



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Random House Books for Young Readers (1995), 80 pages


Eight-year-old Jack, his seven-year-old sister, Annie, and Peanut the mouse ride in a tree house to the Amazon rain forests, where they encounter giant ants, flesh-eating piranhas, hungry crocodiles, and wild jaguars.

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THis book is excellent fatasy book for us and younger children. It is fun, and we can find a lot of informnations from this book. Setting: This is an appropriate setting for the story because Annie and Jack explore the Amazon rain forest before returning to their home in Pennsylvania.

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LibraryThing member 1212bec
Jack and Annie have the magic tree house that takes them to the settings in the books they read. All their adventures will hold your attention. In book 6 they travel to the rain forest. While there they encounter various animals, crocodile, piranhas, monkey, vampire bats and more before they are
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able to go home.
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LibraryThing member saw022
When their tree house lands in the rain forest, Jack and Annie must discover there new environment while searching for another item to break the spell over their friend. This simple chapter book introduces children to the rain forests and can be used to spark discussions on rain forest
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LibraryThing member timspno
Vampire bats and killer ants?

That's what Jack and Annie are about to run into when the Magic Tree House whisks them away to the Amazon River. It's not long before they get hopelessly lost. Will they be able to find their way back to the tree house? Or are Jack and Annie stuck forever in the rain
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LibraryThing member jgabica
This is a chapter book for readers just beginning to read more advanced books. The setting takes place in the Amazon, and we know that by the author's cue and the main characters describing their time in the Amazon. The setting is important because the children would not have had any of their
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encounters had they been anywhere else.The setting made the story possible. The brother and sister visit the Amazon for a few hours in search of something, which they end up discovering is a mango. This book is number 6 in the series. Media: Pen and ink, oils
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LibraryThing member kbc2009
Afternoon on the Amazon, written by Mary Pope Osborne, engages young readers in a charming way. Jack and his younger sister Annie must find four “special things” in order to free Morgan le Fay, a magical librarian who owns the magic tree house, from a spell. This magic tree house allows Jack
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and Annie to travel anywhere in the world and through different time periods. In this book, they are searching for the “second thing.”
Peanut, the mouse, lives in the magic tree house and helps guide Jack and Annie on their adventures. After landing in the canopy of a rainforest, Jack and Annie face many challenges while searching for the “second special thing.” They retrieved a canoe and drifted down the river. Their boat ride was not calm, but frightening. After Jack and Annie safely reached shore, they frantically ran back to the magic tree house. The monkey which the children thought was rude and dangerous, is actually a key figure in this story. The end of Afternoon on the Amazon leaves readers with a better understanding of rainforests.
This intriguing book is full of humor, adventure, and excitement. Children in grades 3 and above should enjoy Jack and Annie’s journey through the Amazon. This story presents many opportunities to incorporate science. Students can learn about camouflage or how different animals survive in a rainforest. They can observe animal behavior and record information or draw a scene which camouflages something.
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LibraryThing member RMott
Afternoon on the Amazon Magic Tree House Book #6 is by Mary Pope Osborne and published by Random House. Eight-year-old Jack and his seven-year-old sister, Annie, travel to the Amazon River. They travel by a magic tree house. The tree house is a gift from Morgan le Fay and she has a spell put on
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her. The children want to help their friend so they go to the Amazon Rain Forest to gather one of the four items needed to break the spell. A little mouse named Peanut accompanies the children. Peanut travels in Annie’s front shirt pocket throughout the book. Jack and Annie’s magic tree house lands on the forest canopy. It is 150 ft above the forest floor. They encounter huge trees with hanging vines. Jack and Annie face many different challenges along the way while searching for the second special thing. They find a canoe and then drifted down the river. Their ride down the river was frightening, and when returning back they run quickly back to the tree house. The monkey that they run into that was mean, is really a key figure in this book. At the end of the afternoon the Amazon leaves readers with a better understanding of the actual rain forest. This book is full of humor, excitement, and adventure. I believe that this book is readable for a grade level of 3 and above. I believe that the science concepts in this book are pretty accurate throughout the book.
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LibraryThing member aelambert
The children have to find something in the Amazon to heal their friend that has a spell on her. While they are in the Amazon they encounter all kinds of animals and plant life. They get trapped in a canoe on the Amazon and encounter a Monkey. This monkey holds the key of what they need to get back
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LibraryThing member cegordon
Afternoon on the Amazon is a really fun book for children with wild imagination. The book is the 6th of the series. Therefore, the book continues a mystery the kids are trying to solve. They are looking for clues to break Morgan's spell. After being in the tree house, they find a book and get lost
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in the Amazon. They go through different adventures, including running into dangerous animals, to find the clue to help Morgan.
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LibraryThing member SHeineke
Annie and Jack travel to the Amazon rain forest in search of the second of four itmes they must find and bring back in order to free Morgan from a spell she is under. The children learn some things about the plants and animals of the rain forest and about the amazon. a monkey befriends them and
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helps them realize that the special item they need is a mango. This book can be paired with andrew Lost in the Jungle and also with the research guide written as a companion.
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LibraryThing member srrush
In this magic tree house book, the children go on a mission to find "the thing they need" in the amazon. The children come into contact with crazy animals and learn alot about the jungle. A monkey comes across their path and gives them a mango to take back to the states with them. The children
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succeed on their mission and return home safely.
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LibraryThing member cemccamy
Jack and Annie visit the magic tree house and find a book about the Amazon. They say the magic words and are taken to the actual Amazon, where they get lost. With the help of a monkey, they find what the object they are looking for and the way home.
LibraryThing member katiejanelewis
I loved this book! As the main characters explore the Amazon, they discover facts through the book they carry. The style of this book allows for the reader to be entertained while also being clear of what is factual and what is not.
LibraryThing member fnborries
I loved this book because it shows that children can use their imagination and jump into the text. In the story Jack and Annie go in their tree house and jump into books and get to explore them. In the book they are looking for one special thing to bring back and try and break the spell for Morgan.
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On this adventure they jump into the book and find themselves in the Amazon. They have to be careful when looking for the special thing because of all the creatures that are in a rain forest. This is a great book for children to read because it is an easy read and you can really picture the things that they are going through.
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LibraryThing member kaitlinc23
This book is a good example of fantasy because it includes people going using their tree house to transport them to different places and times. This book has fun facts about the Amazon rainforest and it also includes the animals that one would encounter.

Level- Primary 2-3rd grade
LibraryThing member wturnbull06
This is a book examples fantasy chapter book because the children in the story find a magic tree house full of books that when they say they want to go to the place in the book the tree house takes them their and they have an adventure which keeps you interested but they are learning about the
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place they are taken to as well and sharing that information in the book as well. Characterization: Annie is a dynamic character because throughout the book she express her fear and hate for bugs especially big one that might live in the Amazon but by the end she say that they are just doing what they are created to do but she still doesn’t love them.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Jack and Annie need to get the second item to help Morgan Le Fay, but the Amazon turns out to be loaded with dangerous animals. They make it back to the magic tree house, but a monkey won’t leave them alone. They realize the mango he gives them is what they came for and return home.
LibraryThing member pisces9315
Jack and Annie are ready to go on a new adventure in search for a clue to help free Morgan le Fay from a spell she is under. They arrive at the Amazon fearing every animal they encounter. They come across an unexpected animal who is there to help them solve the clue.
LibraryThing member elgood
Afternoon on the Amazon is about a two children, Jack and Annie, who love to go up into their tree house and read books. They have a mouse named Peanut who comes along with them. They point to a place in a book where they wan to go, and the magical tree house takes them there. In this particular
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story, Jack and Annie go to the Amazon! They are trying to find a missing piece for there friend Morgan. They face many trials in this adventure from giant spiders, to a heard of ants, to crocodiles, and even a monkey who ends up helping them find their way back. They end up finding the missing piece, which is a mango fruit. They are one step closer to helping Morgan!
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LibraryThing member laburtt
Jack and his sister, Annie spot a particular book about the Amazon River in their tree house. After realizing a spell is on Morgan le Fay, the original owner of the tree house, Jack and Annie want to help. Jack and Annie’s magic tree house lands on the forest canopy.
In their quest to find what
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Morgan le Fay needs they face hug ants, alligators, snakes and a crazy monkey. In the end, they make it back in time with their next item needed to break the spell.
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LibraryThing member maddie.albert756
This book is about two kids going on a trip to break a spell for a little hamster (peanut). He is soooo cute. They all ready got two out of five of them. This one they faced a monkey that kept on throwing fruit and a aligator.

You should read this book because it is a very interesting book if you
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like mysterious books. They have to travel to change the hamster peanut to what ever he is suppose to be. They have to try to get five gifts. They all ready got two and was looking for the third. They foud it but you got to read if you want to know.
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LibraryThing member lam032
The kids get in their tree house and go to the amazon. They have different tasks they have to do in order to release their friend from a spell that he was placed under. They go thru the amazon scared and finding things they dont want to find. Once they find what they need, they can go back home and
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add it to the 4 things they need to release their friend. Cute story, educational on the amazon and jungle!
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LibraryThing member kleddy09
Age: Intermediate
Genre: Fantasy
Media: Watercolor & Black Ink
Review: This book is fantasy because it contains events that cannot take place in our world such as teleportation and time travel. The characters are believable because they are normal children, but they can use their magic tree house
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unlike children in our world. The fantasy stays together as the children travel to other places and have rules about how they can travel.
Style: The author uses excitement and adventure to engage the readers and keep them interested. The language used creates an image in the reader's mind of what is happening.
Use: read to enjoy, learn about rainforests, imaginative writing prompt
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LibraryThing member awalls4
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I like the book because it was informational. The story provided many facts about the Amazon and educated the readers about different animals in the Amazon, as well as its different parts. For example, the text discusses the different layers included in the
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Amazon. I also like the book because of the plot of the story. Even though the book provides facts for the readers the author provides the facts through a narrative story. The story is about and brother and sister named Jack and Annie. They go on an adventure through the Amazon and along the way learn about the different aspects of the amazing place. I think the purpose of the book is to provide readers with an engaging way to learn facts about the Amazon.
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LibraryThing member khendr4
In my opinion, the book "Afternoon on the Amazon", a part of the Magic Tree House series, was a really great chapter book for young readers. One thing I liked a lot about this book was that it does include some pictures. This is great for students who are transitioning from picture books to chapter
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books. While the pictures are in black and white, they are very detailed and help the student to visualize exactly what is happening on that page. I think this is a great learning tool as well. If the reader is learning about different environments, the pictures of the amazon and the animals Jack and Annie encounter really help them see what the environment looks like and to picture those animals. Another thing I liked about this book was that it was part of a series. I read these books when I was younger, but didn't remember a lot about them. Apparently a character named Morgan is introduced in previous books and is under some sort of spell. Jack and Annie have to collect artifacts from the different places they visit in order to free Morgan from the spell. This really motivates readers to read the series so they can follow the story line and see all of the adventures Jack and Annie go on. A final thing I liked about this book was the fact that the text was large and broken up well. This would really help a young reader to focus on the words and the actual content of the story. The illustrations are not a distraction and the book really has a chapter book feel that will get reader accustomed to how chapter books are set up. The big idea of the story was Jack and Annie's adventure through the Amazon rain forest and to work together to complete a goal.
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LibraryThing member dluby17
Although this book has a lot of informational facts on the amazon, it is a modern fantasy. This book leads Jack and Annie on yet another adventure. They travel through their tree house, taking them to paces they've never imagined going. While in the Amazing they encounter many crazy things. They
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are placed in the canopy of rainforest 150 feet from the ground, grab a snake while trying to sing from vine to vine, and encounter many other animals that they seem to be afraid of.
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