Magic Tree House #02: Knight at Dawn

by Mary Pope Osborne

Other authorsSal Murdocca (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1993



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Scholastic (1993), Edition: 1st Scholastic, 66 pages


Eight-year-old Jack and his younger sister Annie use the magic treehouse to travel back to the Middle Ages, where they explore a castle and are helped by a mysterious knight.

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LibraryThing member annajamieson
Magic Tree House: The Knight at Dawn by Mary Pope Osborne is about Jack and Annie's adventure to the time of knights. It is a transition book for elementary students. The book focuses on a fictional story of an adventure that two children take back in time. Both boys and girls will enjoy reading
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this book on their own. It is a great book and a great series!
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LibraryThing member apetru5
I loved reading The Magic Treehouse series as an elementary school student, and as I read this book, I had flashbacks of reading it when I was younger. This is one of my favorite series and I really enjoyed reading this book again. One reason I liked this book is because of the different fonts used
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throughout the book, which made it visually appealing and interesting. There were three types of fonts used: one standard font for the actual text of the book, one font resembling handwriting from Jack’s notebook, and another font for the captions and blurbs from the book on knights and castles that Jack and Annie found. It helped to break up the text and make it more engaging for the reader. Another reason I liked this book is because of the suspenseful aspects incorporated into the plot, which were effective even for an older reader like me. For example, the knights chase Jack and Annie throughout the castle and Jack and Annie swim through a moat which may have crocodiles. I think the main idea of this story is to build intrigue for next adventure of Jack and Annie, as this book is part of a series and ends with a question about why the items in the treehouse have “M” written on them. I think another main idea of this text could be that adventures are waiting to happen all around you if you just take a chance.
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LibraryThing member Mluke04
This is an example of a fantasy because the children use a magic tree house to enter a book about knights. This cannot happen in real life.
The style of this book is effective for the audience it is written for. This book is an early chapter book which means the children reading it are second
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graders. The font is large and the chapters are short. There are also illustrations every few pages.
Media: Watercolor and pen
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LibraryThing member skeeterbo
I didn't like it very much because it wasn't funny. I liked it a little bit because it was about knights and I like them.
LibraryThing member cbruiz
This book starts out with Jack and Annie entering their tree house, and exiting into the middle ages. Jack and Annie go down and a night crossing the moat of a castle. Annie runs into the castle having heard music and drumming for a great feast, where peacock is served. They get lost in the castle,
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inside of the armory. The guards catch Jack and Annie and the two get taken to the dungeon. Annie shines the flashlight and sends the guards running. Jack and Annie escape down a secret passage, which through Jack falls into the waters bellow. Annie follows and they swim to safety. A night on a horse picks them up and takes them back to their tree house. They go back to their normal world, attenuated by the sound of a barking dog. Mediocre at best. Good for an Early reader, good to awaken wonder in the child. I was bored with it myself, and unamused by its development.
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LibraryThing member ruthe002
Second book in the Magic Treehouse series. Great, easy first chapter book. Exciting read for young readers.
LibraryThing member clstone
"The Knight at Dawn" is the second book in the "Magic Tree House" series. Jack and Annie return to the tree house in the woods and open a book about knights and princesses. The tree house takes them back in time to a castle with real knights. The two get into trouble when they are discovered inside
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the castle and the story tells of their journey to get home. Will Jack and Annie make it out and back before bedtime?
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LibraryThing member adwirth
Annie and Jack cannot wait for their next adventure in the tree house so they sneak out of their house efore the break of dawn to find a book that holds their next adventure. Annie chooses to go follow a knight into a castle for their next adventure. While Annie and Jack explore the castle, they
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find some empty armor just before the guards find them. The kids end up in the dungeon forced to find an escape back to the tree house.
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LibraryThing member mmburks
This is a series book about two siblings who find a magic tree house that takes them on journeys through books. In this book they go to a castle and barely escape the guards.
LibraryThing member artstudent
My 4th grade brother used to not like reading,Mostly because of the magic tree house series which he finds REALLY boring.They were pretty much all of the books at his school. This year he is in 4th grade and loves to read, because he has more reading choices. His favorites are the diary of a wimpy
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kid and the percy jackson and the olympians series.This book is for beginner readers... even then it may seem boring.
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LibraryThing member jlbenson
This early chapter book is the second book in the series. In this book, Jack and Annie find themselves back in the Middle Ages. They have adventures inside a castle, involving a feast in the Great Hall and a secret passage way. Later in the book, they also encounter a knight. This chapter book uses
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some illustrations. In my opinion, the ilustrations are just enough to keep the readers hooked and clued in to what is going on in the chapter. I recently had one of my higher reading groups read this book as a book study. My kids love the adventures of Jack and Annie. They are always sad when reading groups are over and they have to put the book down. This is a fun series to get kids hooked and reading!
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LibraryThing member Ms.Penniman
Retelling: This time Jack and Annie travel back to the Middle Ages. They explore a castle, get captured by scary men, escape into a secret passage way, get chased by crocodiles, and are rescued by a daring knight who helps them make their way home.

Thoughts and Feelings: Annie and Jack are foils of
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one another. In literature a "foil" is a character that behaves in different or opposite ways to another character to highlight certain human characteristics. Jack studious and cautious. Annie would rather explore the real world than a book, and loves adventure. Their opposite personalities create fun interactions.
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LibraryThing member nboria05
This book was just ok for me as I didn't feel it had much substance or character development, however, the student I read this book with did seem to like it (she has read several in the series since then). The history was lacking, and the story plot was just not too engaging for me!
LibraryThing member ToxicMasquerade
It's the middle of the night and Jack and Annie decide to take a trip to the tree house. This time Annie is the one to pick where they go. She wishes to go see the knight in a castle book. While they are there, they get caught and put in the dungeons. When they finally get back on land, the knight
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helps them back to the tree house, where they wish to go home. They barely made it home before their parents found out they were gone.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Jack and Annie are at it again! Annie leads the way on this adventure into the middle ages with her eagerness to see knights and castles. The two are branded invaders, however, and barely escape through a jump into the moat after a long chase.
LibraryThing member debnance
I finally got around to reading the first five books of the Magic Tree House series, and I have to say that these are perfect for my early chapter book readers. We’ve got a boy and a girl main character...check. We’ve got adventure and action...check. We’ve got readable text...check. What
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more could I ask for?
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LibraryThing member eoertl1
I loved this book! Another great read and the author does a great job of keeping the readers interested. After reading this, I felt that I was put on an adventure with the main characters, Jack and Annie. I love the mystery that every new book brings and the efforts that the authors put into each
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new book in order to keep children engaged and aware of each new conflict, change of scenery, or mishap. These are great beginner chapter books to start for readers that are more advanced and can separate their readings into chapters and more extensive vocabulary. The Magic Tree House series utilizes familiar words and repetitive patterns that help students follow along. This book also helps capture times in history that were memorable/important. For example, in this book, Jack and Annie travel back to medieval times. A lot of imagery is used and imaginary details that make room for pretend play and recognition. There are no pictures used in this chapter book. The author separates each chapter with a new title that signals the end of one event and the start to another. This helps readers understand that a book is not one continuation of words and that there are basic literacy recognition skills such as pauses, spaces, and transitions.
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LibraryThing member cameron.m.b1
i loved the book. it was good. it was a dark night Annie went into jacks room and said lets go in the magic tree house. they went to the magic tree house. pointed to a castle in a book. he said i want to go their. so they did. they seen a knight on a black horse. they they explored the castle. the
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knights caught them. the through them i the dongen. they found a room with a trapdoor they bought ought in a puddle. the black night gave them a ride to the tree house and that was the end of this edvrnter.
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LibraryThing member margan1
As a child, and still as an adult, The Magic Tree House series will always be amazing! I loved reading this second adventure of the series that Jack and Annie go on. The first reason why I liked this book (and the rest of the series) was because it is a fun adventure that takes the readers back in
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time to historical different events that have happened. In this specific story, Jack and Annie go back in time to the Knights and Castles. They get taken to the dungeon by the guards of the castle until they escape down the secret passage, etc. The next reason why I liked this book was because it allows the reader to imagine the exciteful and eventful journey that Jack and Annie go on. The reader can feel as if they are on the journey with them. Because this book has so much to do with magic and fantasy, the reader can also wonder if those things truly happen or if it is all made up! The last reason why I liked this book was because although it is a chapter book, it is geared more towards younger readers who are just beginning to read more complex books. This book has very big font on the pages, and even includes some black and white illustrations throughout. The main idea of this specific Magic Tree House book was to accompany Jack and Annie on their journey with The Knight.
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LibraryThing member mollybeaver
This is the second book. Jack and Annie are still figuring out the magic tree house. They travel to medieval times and see a castle in the dark. They read about moats and knights and a feast. Annie runs to find out more. They get caught and are thrown into jail but Annie uses her flashlight to
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trick the guards. Jack finds a trap door and falls into the moat. A knight in shining armor takes them back to the treehouse and they make the wish to come home. Jack writes down that he sees an M on the book mark and that lines up with the medallion with an M on it from their previous adventure. Who is "M"?
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LibraryThing member sarahmetcalf
At night all the nights come out and help people they are like ninja's but better. Annie and Jack are brother and sister's and one day they were walking in the woods and they saw a tree house but the thing they did not know was that it was a magic tree house. So Annie told jack to come up with her
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but jack said no it is getting late so Annie said ok see you at home. Jack said no we have to stick together so Annie was half way to the top so jack just followed her up the magic tree house. When they got up they looked at all the books that were up there and Annie saw a book about knight's and she said that she want's to go there so the tree house started to spin and spinning faster and once the tree house stopped they looked out side and they saw that they were not at home anymore they were a place with lots of knights. Jack said why are there lots of knights out and Annie said I do not know why don't we ask one of them. Good idea Annie. Excuse me there why are there lots of knights out said Jack, Because at night there is a thing called knight's at dawn and that is where us knights help other people that need help. So if you need help just ask one of us knight's.
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LibraryThing member Ekelle8
I liked this book for many reasons, but the biggest one was that it was a childhood favorite of mine. I loved it cause of the fantasy aspect of the book and that it was a short chapter book for young readers. Even though the book had few illustrations I found them very helpful and interesting for
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students. Those are the main things that I enjoyed about this book.
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LibraryThing member Othemts
This is the second book in the Magic Tree House series and you can tell it's finding its footing. Jack & Annie go back to a castle in the Middle Ages and, don't really do much. They get chased. A knight mysteriously helps them back to the tree house. But there's not much story. Still a nice bit of
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historical fantasy but not as good as it gets.
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LibraryThing member shsunon
Jack and Annie make a second visit to the magic tree house. They are taken back to the Medieval Period. They observe a feast complete with food and entertainment. They observations are brief, as they are discovered and thrown into a damp, dark dirty dungeon. With Annie's clever tactics, they escape
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the dungeon but later find themselves swimming in a moat. They can see nothing in the pitch dark, but can hear something in the water behind them. Crocodiles?? Enjoy this second book in the Magic Tree House series.
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LibraryThing member Jlporrata75
This is the second book in the Magic Tree house series where two siblings discovered a tree house than can travel thru time and space. In this book they travel to medieval times and the adventure occurs mainly in a castle. Wonderful series for early reader and for fulfilling and inspiring kids's
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thirst of adventure, fantasy and imagination. Chapters are short, language accesible and narrative easy to follow.
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