Little Red Riding Hood

by Trina Schart Hyman

Paperback, 1983



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Holiday House (1983), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages


On her way to deliver a basket of food to her sick grandmother, Elisabeth encounters a sly wolf.

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LibraryThing member lmckeon
This classic story of Little Red Riding Hood has been awarded the Caldecott Honor. This story is the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood. Great traditional story for all young children. I grew up reading this story and I am glad to still have this book as part of my personal library.
LibraryThing member jlbenson
This European Folklore is an unforgettable story about a young girl, Little Red Riding Hood, who encounters a sly wolf in the woods while on her way to bring her grandmother a basket full of food. This version was quite graphic, i.e., "the huntsman took out his knife and killed the wolf", "Then he
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cut open the wolf's stomach", and the grandmother and child jumped out of the stomach. I don't remember this story being so "grotesque". I probably wouldn't read this book to my K/1 class due to the gore. I could barely read it without being a little grossed out. The illustrations were well done, but they were "old-like" illustrations. I don't think they would appeal to my group of kiddos.
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LibraryThing member kbuttry
This book is about a young girl who goes to visit her grandmother who is sick and lives deep in the woods. On the way, she meets a sly wolf who cons her into picking flowers. She gets off track picking flowers, but then she remembers her grandmother. When she gets to the house, the door is open and
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she notices the grandmother has different features. The wolf ends up eating the grandmother and little girl then takes a nap in the bed. A hunter comes along and hears snoring so he goes into the house and cuts the wolf open and rescues the little girl and her grandmother.

This story was good. I liked it because the little girl and grandmother are okay at the end of the story. Also, the illustrations are excellent in this book. I really enjoyed the detail on each page.

For a classroom project, we would make up a different version of the story. We could talk about what the wolf would have been like if he were nice and how that would effect the ending of the story.
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LibraryThing member jh127876
Jacob Grimm’s “Little Red Riding Hood” is a traditional fantasy that tells a strong moral story of a little girl and her encounters with a wolf. In this version both the grandmother and little girl are eaten; at the end however the hunter still comes and saves them. This is not the story
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where the grandmother is locked in a closet or where the hunter saves the little girl before she is eaten. In this version the wolf’s stomach is cut open while he is sleeping and rocks are inserted so when he drinks from a well he drowns.
It may be somewhat manipulated but because I have a very young daughter who is about to start school I read this book to her all the time in hopes that she will never talk to a stranger. “Little Red Riding Hood” does not even try to hide its moral agenda about the dangers of strangers and “straying from the path.” “Little Red Riding Hood” uses fairly old English grammar and literature that may confuse some younger readers but should be a good story for children who have a somewhat fair understanding on the reading processes. In regards to the younger readers “Little Red Riding Hood” uses complex sentence structures and a lot of sight words which make it a good book to advance a child’s reading level as long as an experienced reader is there to help them.

I would read this book in class right after we talked about the dangers of strangers and what you should do it a stranger ever tries to hurt you. I would also create a game kind of like tag where the wolf has to run and chase people. Honestly though in a classroom I would read another version of this book, most parents probably would not care about the wolf eating the characters but some may care and get mad at you.
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LibraryThing member champlin
Folktale. The story is a folktale from Germany. The illustrations give the feel of the period of time in America when people were moving west. The huntsman is wearing a leather coat with fringe. Much like an American western with much more foliage. There is a little toy horse and some pottery
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depicted that looks German. Little Red Riding Hood sets out for her grandmother's house and runs into a wolf in the forest. He is tricky and captures the grandma. A huntsman comes in and saves the day. This is a great book for teaching culture and classic stories. The illustrations are beautiful.
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LibraryThing member swimr23
Little Red Riding Hood is a tale of a little girl who has set a journey to grandmas house. On her way she encounters all kinds of animals and picks flowers and things for her grandmother. Once she is at her grandmothers she starts to get scared and realizes that their is a wolf in grandmothers bed.
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She begins to notice the wolf and gets scared. In the end the wolf leaves and little red riding hood goes back home.
I love love love this book, it was one of my favorites when I was a little girl. I used to read this book everyday and this book is a little more updated. I love this book because when I was little I used to run to my grandma's house and pick her flowers on th way!
I would use this book for little kids and teach them that at the end of the story little red riding hood had to be careful because she did not know who was in her grandmas house. I would use it on a caution chapter. If this was read to older children I would have them paint or draw a comic book like series of what just happened but put it into modern life. like little red riding hood in new york city!
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LibraryThing member beckyhill
A young girl goes to visit her grandmother, and encounters a sly, hungry fox. The characters represent innocence and gullibility. The humanization of the wolf allows for a pure and general view of malicious intent. It is set in a little village on the edge of woods, on a path into the woods, and
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also at the grandmother's house within the woods. No time or region is specified. The theme is typical of traditional tales in that good triumphs over evil when the hunter kills the wolf and saves the girl and her grandmother. The illustrations are very detailed and compliment the story well. It is not clear how close this retelling is to the original Grimm version, but I would include it in my own collection.
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LibraryThing member YasminAlder
This is the classic story about Little Red Riding Hood, but it has more detail than the one most of us heard as children. Little Red Riding Hood is told by her mother to go to her grandmother's to bring her something to eat because she is sick. As she is walking through the forest, Little Red
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Riding Hood is stopped by a big wolf. The wolf is tricky and walks with her, convincing her to stop and pick some flowers for her grandmother. She does so, and the wolf runs to her grandmother's house and eats her. When Little Red Riding Hood finally shows up at her grandma's, the wolf eats her too. Thankfully a hunter is in the area and kills the wolf, cutting open his stomach to free Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma.
I thought the story was very well told and still captures the importance of not talking to strangers, especially in a forest.
After reading this story to a class, I would ask the children what lesson they learned from it. Then I might have a classroom discussion about the dangers of walking alone in a forest and how maybe it wasn't all Little Red Riding Hood's fault. Maybe her mother never should have told her to walk alone in the forest, no matter how familiar she was with the path there.
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LibraryThing member TatumNobis
Little Red Riding hood is a story about a young girl who sets off to see her grandma and bring her some snacks. but when she gets there she finds out that the wolf is in her grandma's bed.

My personal reaction is that i love this story. I read it when i was younger and im sure I will be reading it
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in the future. It is one story that will stay around forever.

In the classroom i could use this book when talking about traditional fantasy or just giving ideas of good books to read.
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LibraryThing member ashtonrice
everyone loves the little red riding hood story!
LibraryThing member Dorfster
3) Caldecott Award

4) Grades Pre-K- 3rd

5) Little Red Riding Hood is about a girl who goes to visit her grandmother. On the way she meets a wolf who she tells her plans to. The wolf beats the girl to her grandmothers house and eats the grandmother and then poses as the grandmother. When the girl
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arrives the wolf eats the girl as well. Eventually a woodsmen comes and kills the wolf and saves both the grandmother and little girl.

6) An activity that can be done in the classroom is to ask students why it is important to listen to instructions and what happened in the story when Little Red Riding Hood did not listen to what she was suppose to do.
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LibraryThing member MaeBHollie
This version of Red Riding Hood by Trina Schart Hyman is a Perfect Example for kids to follow in day to day life. Red Riding Hood is a sweet girl who in her childishness, does not obey her mom or keeps promise. She lacks manners but is a friendly, social girl who loves animals and nature. This
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version has minimum violence illustration. It sets a perfect example to the child with moral values to be good, obedient, careful, keep to promises and the sort. Good for classrooms or parental teach. A child centered tale, the book offers fun and entertaining with a moral in a renewed way and is a good collection of these series of stories in the library. The pictures are wonderful to look at and help the story along.
A word or warning to teachers of young children (below grade three) this book is a bit heavy on violence and fear factor for the young ones. Parents may choose to edit certain portions out when reading aloud to their younger audiences and save the juicy parts for when the kids are a little bit older. I do not feel that the violence was gratuitous or ill placed for the story. This traditional fairy tale lends some old world language to enhance its authenticity. Without it the story would be just another "watering down" of a classic.
Extension Activities: Discuss Point of View As an alternative to writing, have the class take a secret ballot vote (social studies)on "Wolf's" innocence. Ask volunteers to explain why they voted the way they did (The Polls). Then have students draw a picture of a favorite scene in the story of "Wolf" with a caption explaining why he is innocent or guilty (reading comprehention).
A Letter to "Wolf: Write the letter as a whole-group activity. Allow every volunteer to add a question to the letter to "Wolf"(composition/critical thinking).
Remind students that folktales were originally told and not written. Tell students they are going to create (write and produce) an original oral version of a folktale. (divide class into groups of five or six children) Go through prewriting, writing, revising, and then memorizing... Record each group using a web cam and then when everyone is finished have a movie afternoon and watch each groups five minute :Fairytale Movie" (don't forget the popcorn).
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LibraryThing member barefootTL
Little Red Riding Hood – retold and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman
ELIB 530A LibraryThing Part C – Traditional Lit. – Book 3
This book is much more detailed then what I remember reading as a child. I also don’t remember that Little Red Riding Hood’s name was Elisabeth and that she was
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eaten by the Wolf like she was in this retelling. Also, in the version I listened to there was no mention of wine being taken to and drunk by the Grandmother! I adore the illustrations because of the detail and creative framing of the compositions. There is plenty to look at for the child while this longer text version is being read to them. The text is also framed with additional pictorial details that relate to the story and extend the illustrations on each opposite page. (Each spread has a full-page illustration on one side and framed and illustrated text on the other. This is an edition that I would buy myself.
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LibraryThing member JSpencer
Little Red Riding Hood is sent to bring her grandma some items and is told by her mother not to stray off the path and to go straight to her grandma’s house quickly. While walking through the forest, she runs into a bad wolf who cons her into telling him where she’s going. She gets distracted
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and moves off her path. The wolf eats the grandma whole and waits in the bed for Riding Hood. When she finally arrives, she is confused and a little scared by her grandma’s alarming appearance. The wolf eats her also and takes a nap. A nearby hunter kills the wolf and they escape from his stomach.

I read the book when I was younger and I’ve seen versions of it in children’s movies. I always connected with her because of how close she was to her grandma. My whole life I’ve been close to my grandma. It was kind of hard to read about the grandma being eaten by the wolf because I just lost my grandma to cancer this summer. So I could imagine how Riding Hood would have felt when she realized the wolf had taken her grandma.

In the classroom, we could talk about what the girl did wrong (talking to strangers, straying off path, not listening to her mother) and the importance of doing the right thing. Also, we could make paper bag puppets of the characters from the book and act out the scenes. This could be a chance for the students to make up their own ending to the story.
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LibraryThing member katyguerra
This story is about a little girl who goes to her Grandmothers house. Along the way she meets the big bad wolf. He beats Little red riding hood to her grandmas house. Pretends he is the Grandma. The little girl tells her "Grandma" my what big ears you have, My what big teeth you have. The "Grandma
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replies with, all the better to hear you, and to eat you all up! The little girl runs. The woodsman hears all the commotion and comes and takes care of the wolf, ultimately saving the little girl and the Grandmother.

I have always enjoyed this story. I can relate to this book by always having an issue with talking to strangers while very young. I did not understand the consequences until I was older.

I can use this book in my classroom top teach the danger of talking to strangers. I can have my students act this story out, by showing what Little red riding hood should have done.
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LibraryThing member mgcook1
I picked this book for many reasons. First of all, I recently did a read aloud with this book comparing and contrasting this book and the Chinese version of this book. I think that this is a really good book because this version has many vocabulary words that my students were unfamiliar with.
LibraryThing member NikoleJosh
Elisabeth is asked by her mother to take fresh bread, wine, and sweet butter to her grandmother to feel better. Her mother tells her to not wonder off and get distracted to go straight there and remember to say "good morning" and "thank you." On the way she meets a wolf who suggests to
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pick flowers for her sick grandmother. When she gets to her granmother's she finds out the wolf ate her grandmother and then her too in one gulp. Then a hunter comes along and kills the wolf and rescues Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.

My Response:
I really enjoyed this version of Little Red Riding Hood. The story is more detailed and reminds you to use your manners. In this story it explains a lot how she got her nickname and when the hunter shows up the story tells the audience how long he been looking for the wolf and how he rescues them. I also enjoyed at the end Elisabeth learns her lesson and listens to her mother.

Classroom Extension:
1)Ask class what was the lesson Little Red Riding Hood learned.
2)Ask what manners were used in this story.
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LibraryThing member ShelbyStancil
A little girl goes into the woods to get to her grandma's house. A wolf who wants to eat the little girl tricks her then goes to the grandma's house and eats the grandma. Once the girl gets to the grandma's house he eats the little girl. A friendly woodsman comes and saves them
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Personal reaction:
I've heard the story a ton of times but the pictures were not like anything I had ever seen. They were very detailed and while some retellings have bright sunny pictures this books were dark which I think adds to the darkness of the tale. I mean what can get as dark as a wolf eating a grandmother and granddaughter.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. Use this in telling about fair tales.
2. Have the kids draw or write their own Litte red stories.
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LibraryThing member Vanessa.B.
Summary:This book is about a girl that goes into the woods to visit her grandmother. Along the way she meets a wolf and tells him she's going to visit her grandmother. She gets to her grandmother's house and the wolf is there. He wants to eat her. A woodsmen eventually comes to the rescue and kills
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the wolf.

Personal Reflection: This is a story that has been told in many forms. This book is the best by far. I really liked the artwork and the attention to detail.

Class Extension Ideas:
-danger of talking to strangers
-act it out in the classroom
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LibraryThing member victoriahaumesser
The book is about a girl, called little red riding hood, that was going to take some things to her ill grandmother. On the way she encounters a wolf. The olf eats the grandmother, before the child arrives so the wolf dresses up as the grandmother. The wolf eats little red riding hood. The
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lumberjack comes to grandmothers and cuts open the stomache of the wolf and rescues the grandmother and little red riging hood.
I noticed he illustrations in the book is an older book by the simple illustrations. It has more bland colors with a lot of old flowers like wallpaper to frame the text of the book. This shows the character of little red riding hood as a charming little girl who loves her grandmother.The plot would be good versus evil with the girl being good and the wolf being evil.The story was being told in the first person making it believeable. This book is one of my favorite of the fairy tales. It shows the love for a grandparent. It also teaches not to talk to strangers.
In the classroom you could make a word find from words in the book. Have children to make a basket aout of constuction paper and decorate it to make it their own. Do a maze from little red riding hood's house to the grandmother's house.
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LibraryThing member JenniferSaville
Little Red Riding Hood is the story of a little girl who is sent on a trip to take some goodies to her grandmother. Along the way, she meets up with a wolf, who tricks her into taking a detour. While Red wanders through the forest, the wolf runs to Grandmother's house and gobbles her up. Upon Red's
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arrival at Grandmother's, the wolf proceeds to eat her as well. Luckily, Red and Grandmother are saved by a brave huntsman.

I really didn't like this book at all. I was shocked by the outcome--I guess I've never read a Red Riding Hood version where the characters actually are eaten and the wolf has to get dissected in order for them to be rescued. I don't know that it would be an appropriate version to read to children.

1. Do a study of anatomy and digestion, explaining how food actually moves through the body.
2. Have the kids write notes to nursing home residents and send them as "goodies", much like Red took her basket to Grandmother's.
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LibraryThing member jackiee89
Summary: A little girl named Elisabeth, also known as Little Red Riding Hood, went to go see her grandmother one day because she was sick. On her way, she met a wolf. The wolf had distracted her by being friendly. While picking flowers, the wolf had gone to grandmothers house and had eaten her.
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Little Red Ridiing Hood had came to the house and noticed something different. She started asking alot of different questions and then the wolf had came out and ate her too and fell asleep. A huntsman had came by and noticed something odd. He then realized that the disguised wolf was an actual wolf. He killed the wolf and had freed Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.

Personal Reaction: I have always enjoyed this story. It is one of my favorites. I always wondered how neive Little Red Riding Hood was to not realize she was talking to a wolf. haha

Classroom: I can use this to explain to the students not to talk to strangers.
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LibraryThing member elizabethhart
This version of Little Red Riding Hood, retold and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman, was an accurate portrayal of the original tale. I very much enjoyed the intricate scenes and illustrations and would highly recommend it for those who are both, familiar and unfamiliar, with the story. Little Red
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Riding Hood depicts a young child who sets out to bring her sick grandmother food and gifts, but crosses paths with a sly and hungry wolf. The wolf reaches the grandmother's house before the child, eats the grandmother and then deceives the child by dressing like the old woman. A passing huntsman saves both, the grandmother and the child, by killing the wolf and cutting them out of his stomach.
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LibraryThing member JaclynPoe
Little Red Riding Hood, is a classic folktale about a little girl who brings a basket of goodies to her sick grandmother. The themes in this book would include, trickery and bravery. I would use this book in teaching to show children different kinds of story telling. I would recommend this book to
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ages 2 and up.
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LibraryThing member mburgess
I think this book is one of the best fairy tales. This version went into many details, but I would still pick the original over this version. I think the illustrations could have been better.


Caldecott Medal (Honor Book — 1984)
Nebraska Golden Sower Award (Nominee — 1985)
Golden Kite Award (Winner — Picture Book — 1984)


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