Three Little Kittens (Folk Tale Classics) (Paul Galdone Classics)

by Paul Galdone

Paperback, 1988



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HMH Books for Young Readers (1988), Edition: Illustrated, 32 pages


Three little kittens lose, find, soil, and wash their mittens.

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LibraryThing member darleneua
I would have this book in a Kindergarten classroom. I would have it in a kindergarten class, because it is a nursery rhyme that they may be familiar with.
LibraryThing member bamabreezin4
I like the themes of forgiveness and responsibility that are explored. These are explored in way that children could understand with guidance. However, I thought the use of older styles of English would probably confuse young readers. Still, each page's illustration does perfectly depict exactly
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what is going on in the text, so that would really help children when re-reading.
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LibraryThing member Molly2Faith
This is a great picture book to engage the class in pretend reading based on what they see in the pictures. It is repetitive to help the emergent readers. The end of the book is good to do some kind of project to get the class guessing what the kittens will do next based on how the story went. It's
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a pretty good book.
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LibraryThing member hwallen
A classic tale depicting the relationship between the ongoing conversations of a mother and her children. Children, like the kittens, must learn to be responsible and take care of things. This is a wonderful story for teaching children.
LibraryThing member exc021
This book is good to read to children to teach them about responsibility. It is about three little kittens who keep misbehaving my first losing thir mittens and them getting thier mittens dirty but after getting scolded, the kittens did the right thing and then the mother praised them for doing
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LibraryThing member lcisabell
Three Little Kittens is an adorable nursery rhyme, about three kittens who are scolded and then rewarded by their mother when they lose, find, soil and wash their mittens. Children will enjoy the cororful illustrations. Can be used in the classroom for toddlers to K to learn poetry and rhyme as
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will as the importance of taking care of their belongings.A great activity for the children after hearing the story would be to trace, cut and color their mittens and to hang up in the class.
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LibraryThing member jessi1590
Awards the book has received: None
Appropriate Grade Level: Kindergarten - Grade 2
This rhyming story is about the three little kittens that lost their mittens, their mother give them other mittens but they had to take care of the new ones and they did.
• Children can learn about responsibility,
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and learn how to take care of their own belongings.
• They can create their own mittens.
• Children can learn about rhymes, and create their own book about something that they really love.
• The children can act out as the kittens and the mothe
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LibraryThing member sondrabrush1969
The book starts off with three little kittens who tell their mother they have lost their mittens. There mother is not happy and tells them they cannot have pie. They start to cry, and decide to look for their mittens and find them. They tell their mother they have found their mitttens and mother
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cat says, you can have some pie. They are now happy, but then their mittens get dirty and mother cat is not happy again and do the kittens wash their mittens and mother cat is happy again.

This book is a good preschool first reader, it has repetition, and easy wording preschoolers can repeat and read to you. They will love the kittens in the book.

You could do a them on cats, mittens, maybe winter clothing, losing items and looking for them, washing hands.
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LibraryThing member benuathanasia
Cute illustrations to go with the cute children's story.
LibraryThing member Mcs018
I would use this book to show sequence, because each cat looses its mittens, and other articles of clothing. I think that the students would like the rhyme the book has, and the pictures.
LibraryThing member bridgetmcnamara
"Three Little Kittens" by Paul Galdone was a nice and simple book in my opinion. The story is about three little kittens who keep having trouble with their mittens, and this is not making their mother very happy. The writing style of this story is very simple and playful, as well as easily engaging
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for the reader. I also noticed that there was a dramatic tone that Galdone used in his writing of this story that was comical. An example of the dramatic tone is "Oh! Mother Dear, see here, see here. Our mittens we have found!" It is humorous how the author made such a simple accomplishment seem so joyous, which is suiting for the kittens in this story because if they were to find their mittens that means they got to have pie. The illustrations work perfectly with the dramatic tone of the story, especially in the line previously mentioned. The kittens always have whimsical expressions on their faces that show the emotions they are feeling at the time. In addition, the illustrator did a wonderful job at showing different expressions on the kittens at different parts in the story. I believe this was done to show the different personalities of the kittens, although nothing about their personalities was ever stated directly in the writing. Lastly, I believe that the overall message of this story is to always do what your mother says and to take care of your belongings.
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LibraryThing member Kelsey_Barrell
I enjoyed reading this book for many reasons. First, I loved the writing style that Paul Galdone used in this book. For example, it is very simple and engaging, such as, "Oh! Mother Dear, see here, see here. Our mittens we have found!". Second, the illustrator did a great job with perfecting each
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of the kittens expressions. For example, they showed the different personalities of each of the kittens even though it was never mentioned in the story. I believe the overall message of the book is to always listen to your mom because she knows best.
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LibraryThing member csmith111
I liked this book for a few reason. First the illustrations fit the mood of the story because the story is cute and the kittens are drawn in a way that make the story even cuter, and makes you want to read the story even more. Another thig is that the characters in the story are believable because
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the characters are just like children and a mother, but a story with kittens instead. This makes the story relatable to the readers own life. This book was made so that the readers are able to read a classic folk tale in an engaging way. I personally have also liked this folk tale and it is one of my favorite ones.
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LibraryThing member KristenRoper
Galdone's bright illustrations capture well the emotional tide of the story. However, he ends of each verse of the rhyme in odd ways, without finishing the meter. This makes for clunky reading aloud, as the sing-sing rhythm repeatedly ends abruptly and then restarts.




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