Cinderella (or The Little Glass Slipper

by Marcia Brown (Translator)

Other authorsMarcia Brown (Illustrator), Charles Perrault (Author)
Paperback, 1954



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Troll Books (1954)


In her haste to flee the palace before the fairy godmother's magic loses effect, Cinderella leaves behind a glass slipper.

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LibraryThing member CrystalReed
Cinderella is the story of a young woman who has a very mean stepmother and two mean step sisters. They treat her like a maid instead of like a sister. Cinderella is a very nice girl and even though they treat her bad she never complains.

I like this story. Cinderella has always been one of my
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favorite fairytales. I like the illustrations in this book.

I would use this book during a lesson on kindness and respect. I would read this book to th students and we would discuss why it isn't right to treat people the way that the step sisters treat Cinderella.
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LibraryThing member JackieKuhlman
Cinderella is a traditional fantasy book that has lasted generations. Poor Cinderella is like a slave to her evil stepsisters. As he stepsisters prepare for the Prince’s Ball, Cinderella is left in tears until her fairy God mother comes to her rescue and turns Cinderella’s rags to riches. The
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Fairy God mother warns Cinderella that she has to return home not one moment after midnight or her riches will be returned to the rags they were. Will the prince notice her or will she be left with her rags.

I think every little girl loves this book as a child. This book really makes me want to be on the page, something a movie can’t do! Even today, I love ready this book.

Girls, of course love this story, but what about the boys? I would encourage the students to write their own story where something magical happens and make their own traditional fantasy.
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LibraryThing member meallen1
Cinderella is a fairy tale. The art in this book is colored hand drawn sketches. The book is the classic story of Cinderella. She is a young girl who is forced to live with her step mothers and step sisters. She is treated very badly until one day when a fairy godmother came and turned her into a
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beautiful princess. The prince fell in love with her and lived happily ever after. The reading level is third or fourth grade. The curricular connection is that it is a fun book to read.
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LibraryThing member KaetlynBrennan
This is the classic tale of Cinderella. A young girl is taken advantage of by her Step Mother and her two Step Sisters. When the Prince throws a party, the Step Sisters get invited leaving Cinderella all alone. Cinderella was sad but her fairy Godmother came to the rescue and got her ready to go to
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the ball. She did this twice in a row and the Prince fell deeply in love with her. When midnight stroke, Cinderella had to leave quickly because that's when the magic wore off. The prince found her glass slipper and tried in on to every girl in the land. Cinderella was the only one that fit it, the Prince married her and they lived happily ever after.

This was an older version of Cinderella. It emphasized on how good Cinderella was and that in the end, niceness always pays off. This was kind of a boring book in my opinion.

Children love fairy tales, especially ones about Princes and Princesses. The children can put together their own version of the book and make a play out of.
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LibraryThing member jessicalewis
Cinderella is a story of a step daughter, step mother and evil step sisters they all make cinderella cook, clean, and dress them.cinderella wants to go to the ball but they all tell her she cant shes not pretty enough or smart enough to go so shes sad until the night of the ball she gets a visit
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from her fairy godmother who turns her into the prettiest girl at the ball but she has to be back b midnight because eveything will go back to normal the prince saw her and fell in love but she left and left her shoe so he searched and searched until he found her and married her.
I love this story of cinderella because all though she went through all that stuff with her evil step mom and evil step sisters in the end she won and had a great life with the prince.
In class we could talk about a time we ever felt left out or descriminated against and what happened in the end of that experience.
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LibraryThing member barbarac
Cinderella lives with her mean step mother & sisters. She is forced to cook, clean, and slave for them. One night Cinderella's step sisters were getting ready for a ball, and like usual, Cinderella was to stay home and clean. However, on this magical night her fairy god mother appeared! She was
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able to go to the ball. The prince fell in love with her but when the clock struck 12 she turned back into regular Cinderella. After a long search for the mystery girl, the prince finds Cinderella and they live happily ever after.

By far, one of my favorite childhood fairy tales! Every little girl loves to hear about a beautiful princess because we all picture ourselves as one.

For a funny activity, we would get a few outlines for a shoe then see who's foot it would fit. Then see what size this could be and who we could crown Cinderella & the Prince for the day.
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LibraryThing member MacKAdams
This story is about a young girl whose father remarries a lady with two daughters. None of them are very nice and give Cinderella all the chores. The prince holds a ball and Cinderella wants to go, but has to nothing to wear or anyway to get to the ball. Her fairy godmother gives her a dress and
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coach. Cinderella leaves the ball too late and turns back into her rags of clothes, leaving behind one glass slipper. The prince has every lady try on the glass slipper until he finds Cinderella. They get married and Cinderella finds her step-sisters husbands too.

I figured this story would be similar to all the other Cinderella stories. After reading the story halfway, I realized this story is even kinder than the others.

This story could be used in the classroom to teach about fairy tales. The students could make up their own fairy tale after reading Cinderella.
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LibraryThing member megjwal
Cinderella by Marcia Brown

This Caldecott book tells the traditional story of Cinderella with very vivid pictures. It shows in true detail the beloved fairy tale. The story shows Cinderella being a servant in her own home. Then the opportunity for her step sisters to go to the ball and she gets left
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at home. Then the fairy godmother comes to make things right. Cinderella goes to the ball and dances with the prince and has to hurry home to try to make it by might night. Cinderella loses her glass slipper. The duke then comes to try the shoe on every maiden in the land. Cinderella get to try on the slipper just in time for the duke to put it on her foot. She is found to be the one the prince loves.

I love fairy tales. It is so romantic and comforting to read a story that turns our good for those who do what is right. This story is always relaxing for my imagination.

I would use this story with Pre-K to Second graders. I would discuss the magical aspects of the story with them. I would ask the students what they would want to happen if they could pick one magical thing. I would have them create this by making a drawing or painting and help them write a short story about their picture.
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LibraryThing member BrittanyLynn
This story is much like the traditional story of poor Cinderella and her evil step-mother and step-sisters, but is a little different than the traditional story that we usually hear. Cinderella wants to go to the prince's ball but can not. As she watches her step-sisters leave for the ball she
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begins to cry. Her Godmother, who is really a fairy, visits her and helps her to go. She tells her not to stay a minute after midnight. She is the most beautiful one at the ball and the prince dances with her and can't keep his eyes off of her. She leaves a quarter to midnight and tells her Godmother what wonderful time she has and how the prince wants to see her at the ball the next night. The next night the prince showered her with compliments and she lost track of time and forgot her Godmother's warning. When the clock stroke midnight she jumped up and ran home, but accidently left her glass slipper behind. The prince had many princesses try it on, but no one fit it. Finally Cinderall tried it on and it fit perfectly. She pulled the other one from her pocket and put in on as well. Her Godmother appeared and turned her rags into a beautiful gown and the sisters recognized her from the ball. They threw themselves at her feet and begged her to forgive them. She told them to rise and that she forgave them and begged them to love her always. Cinderella and the prince were married and since she was so kind she gave her step-sisters a home at the palace and married them to two great lords of the court.

I have always enjoyed the story of Cinderella and I really enjoyed reading this story that is a little different than the one that I am used to.

I think that this story could be used in the classroom to help teach children the importance of treating others with respect to treat others the way you want yourself to be treated. You could also have a Cinderella day, or have a ball, or a dance, or a classroom party after going over how to treat others to make the lesson fun and something that they will remember.
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LibraryThing member Strodebl
This is a cute love story about a girl with a big heart.
LibraryThing member MeghanOsborne
"Cinderella" is the classic tale of a young girl with the nickname "Cinderella" who has a wicked stepmother and two wicked stepsisters. Cinderella is very kind and hardworking, but is constantly taunted by her stepsisters for being treated as a servant to the household. One day, the king
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decides he wants to find his son a wife, and holds a ball for all the young girls in the land. Cinderella is very sad she cannot go, until suddenly, a fairy godmother appears to come to her rescue! All of her things are magically turned beautiful, but the godmother warns that the magic will disappear at midnight an Cinderella will be left to walk home in her rags. She and the prince meet the first night, and then again the second night. Upon leaving hurriedly the second night, Cinderella accidentally leaves behind her glass slipper. The prince has his servant let every woman in the land try on the slipper to see if it will fit, but no one fits into it until Cinderella tries it on. She and the prince get married shortly thereafter, and live happily ever after.

My Personal Reaction:
This classical tale is one of my all-time favorites, and I love the idea that kind, hard-working people get what they deserve in the end. However, many of the characters are extremely narrow and are either wholly good or wholly bad.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. The teacher could hide the pictures from the students and have them draw what they imagined Cinderella's "horse and carriage" looked like.
2. With intermediate grades, the teacher could read this book aloud, then read a modern fantasy aloud. The teacher could then have students compare and contrast these two types of literature in a Venn diagram.
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LibraryThing member lhendrix9983
This is a beautiful story but different from the Disney version. I really liked this version and find it perfect for the older student. I would definitely retell this version. It was also beautifully illustrated. Statham Public Library-E section.
LibraryThing member Macylynn
Story Overview:
This is a fairytale about a girl named Cinderella and her step mother and sisters. In this story her sisters are favored much more than Cinderella and want to be spoiled and pampered while Cinderella gets stuck with doing all the chores. One day the prince sends out a letter to all
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the families in the town inviting them to a grand ball where he will find the girl of his dreams. Of course Cinderella is told she cannot go, but the sisters get all prim and proper to go to the ball that night. However, Cinderella’s godmother comes to her and Cinderella tells her she wishes to go to the ball. The godmother turns her into the most beautiful princess but when midnight comes so will her old clothes..Cinderella runs away at midnight but looses a shoe. When the prince sees her loose her shoe he goes on a hunt to find his magical girl. He finally makes in to Cinderella’s house and with her sisters in shock, she gets the prince of her dreams.

Personal Reaction:
I have always loved the movie Cinderella but never read the book. It was surprisingly very good! The pictures were so unique the way the illustrator drew and colored them. Also, the story is told very well on paper. I enjoyed how the book is similar but not exactly the same as the movie.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. I think you could use this story to teach about fairness and how everyone is unique and special in their own ways. Cinderella was not the favorite of her family but the prince found her as the most special.
2. I think you could also use this story to start talking about compare and contrasting stories. Another book I did a review over is The Egyptian Cinderella, and the teacher could read them back to back then discuss the similarities and differences.
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LibraryThing member caitlin.wester
Cinderella's mother dies and in return her father remarries an awful woman. Her stepmother treats her very poorly and makes her to sufficient amounts of housework. After being told she could not attend the ball of the royal prince her fairy godmother dresses her up and makes her look appropriate.
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Everyone is amazed at the beautiful girl. The next day she returns to the ball and when the clock strikes midnight she runs off and leaves her glass slipper behind. The prince is destined to find who this slipper belongs to so he can find he princesss. He finds her and they live happily ever after.
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LibraryThing member lisa1.
The original Cinderella version which won an award for it's illustrations. It was well written and had beautiful illustrations to hold readers attention. It would be great for classroom students.
LibraryThing member dlow
Standard story of Cinderella. A young girl was treated as a servant by her step-mother and two step-sisters. Later there was a ball for the prince, but the girl couldn't go because she had nothing to wear. Then a Fairy Godmother dressed the girl in fine clothes. She went to the ball, but left at
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midnight. The prince found she fit the one glass slipper. They married and lived happily ever after. One added twist is that Cinderella wasn't bitter so she found lords for her two sisters to marry and they all lived well and happy.
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LibraryThing member beckie05
This was the classic story about Cinderella and her two step sisters. In this story, the father is alive and is taking care of the step mother and all three children. The beginning of the story is the only time the book speaks of the father. Then the predicable or most commonly heard version of the
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story starts.
I did not actually like this book. The reason being is because; in this version the author did not address the father. I do not understand how a father can allow his child to be treated so badly.
An extension of this book for children is that we can all write a letter to Cinderella’s father telling her how he made her feel. Also, we can talk about how important it is to try and treat everyone equally.
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LibraryThing member JuanaD.Luna
Cinderella is a classic tale about a young woman who has lost her mother, and father remarries. Her stepmother mistreats her because she is envious her because she is both kind and beautiful. She has 2 stepsisters who don’t treat her well even though she assists them. They all get invited to
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ball, even though she isn’t allowed. Her godmother shows up and assists her in preparation for the ball. She meets the prince at the ball and loses a shoe on the way home. The prince finds the slipper and sends his people to find her, which eventually they do.

Cinderella is a classic folktale that has been around for decades. Characterization is normative for folktales, the story is shown in flat dimension. Cinderella is the typical beautiful virtuous, humble, patient and loving woman. The stepmother is the typical (for these stories) ugly, rude, apathetic character. The main theme is that if you are a compassionate, empathetic person you will get rewarded for it. The plot is great because it flows naturally and has a clear climax. We follow the story and obstacles that Cinderella goes through. The pictures also compliment the words very well by showing what might not be told.

I think children in the future will love the story as much as people in the past and present do. This story is universal and can be adapted to many cultural differences. The story shows that people get what they give to others or what they deserve. The story is very creative and can help spur children’s imagination. Children would love the far-fetched ideas and happy ending for her.
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LibraryThing member ChelseaRenee
This book is abut a young girl named Cinderella who is raised by her step mother along with two step sisters who all treat her very cruelly making her their personal servant. When Cinderella is invited to a ball by the prince her step mother forces her to stay home and do chores instead of
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going to the ball. Cinderella decides to go to the ball anyways and her fairy god mother gives her a beautiful dress to wear. She goes to the ball and meets and gets to dance with the prince but while at the ball the clock strikes midnight the time the spell the fairy god mother placed on her breaks so she run away leaving behind a glass slipper. The prince finds the slipper then searches all over the kingdom trying to find the girl the shoe belongs to. In the end he finally finds his CInderella.

Personal Reaction:
As a little girl I always loved all the princess especially cinderella because is showed that anyone could become something great no matter where you start from in life or what your situation is

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. You could use this book to teach your children to treat other people with kindness and fairness pointing out that Cinderella (The kind one) got farther in life than the step mother and her two step sisters (The wicked and mean ones)
2. You could have the children watch the movie and read the book and write the differences between the two teaching them that the movies are usually always different from the book.
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LibraryThing member bmmander
Cinderella is swept out of her misery by her fairy godmother, and she wed a prince who made all her dreams come true. This is a timeless classic that many students would be able to relate to.
LibraryThing member bphill5
I really, truly love this book! Cinderella has always been my favorite princess, and I love Marcia Brown's adaptation of the classic story. The main idea of the story is that you can go from rags to riches, and from sadness to happiness. One reason I like this adaptation is because of the
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translations by Brown. She uses traditional vocabulary that adds to the fact that this story is traditional fantasy. For example, it uses words like 'Madame', 'bedchamber', and 'livery'. I also like this book because of its illustrations. I love that the illustrations are both whimsical and yet childish. Because they are drawn in pen and watercolor, it looks like a child could have drawn it. However, the thin pen lines also add a feeling of whimsy, which adds to the 'fairy tale', or traditional fantasy story.
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LibraryThing member alexjtedesco
Not a huge fan of the Cinderella story in general. It's full of some pretty fuzzy moral cues. Of the three picture books I'm familiar with, I find this one to be the least engaging, regardless of the bright colors.
LibraryThing member Jessmarlamb
Summary: Cinderella is about a girl whose father has died and is stuck with her evil step mother and step sisters who make her their slave. Cinderella meets the prince and is invited to a ball and wants to go but her step mother makes her stay home and do her dirty work. She sneaks out to go to the
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ball and dances with the prince but when the clock strikes twelve she has to leave but leaves a glass slipper behind and the prince finds it and searches all over the town for her and he finds her and they fall in love.

Personal Reaction: I love this story especially for little girls because I know when I was little I wanted to be just like Cinderella so I feel like little girls could relate to this story.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. Draw pictures and make their own Cinderella picture book.
2. They could have a Cinderella lunch like they would in the castle.
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LibraryThing member chelsea.sellers
This story is about a girl named Cinderella who lives with her mean step-mother and her two daughters. Cinderella is stuck doing all the chores in the house since she is the odd ball in the house. Cinderella finds out that the Prince is having a ball and wants to attend. Cinderella’s dress gets
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destroyed on her way to the ball. Her fairy god mother comes to her rescue to give her a new gown and a coach to ride in. When leaving the ball the only thing she leaves behind is a glass slipper for the prince to identify her by.

This is a story of romance that any little boy and girl will never forget.

This would be a great to just pick out when you are having a bad day. This could also be helpful to use in describing a fairy tale.
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LibraryThing member aelucas
Read Aloud

Genre: Fairy Tales

Common Core: "RL.2.9: Compare and contrast two or more versions of the same story (e.g., Cinderella stories) by different authors or from different cultures."

This is basically just the version of Cinderella we grew up hearing. has beautiful illustrations that
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can be used for comparing and contrasting to other Cinderella like stories, example Yeh Shen.
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