The History of Mother Twaddle and the Marvelous Achievements of Her Son Jack (verse version of Jack and the Beanstalk)

by Paul Galdone

Paperback, 1974



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Seabury Press (1974)


Jack climbs the great beanstalk that grows from the bean he bought and confronts a giant at the top.

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LibraryThing member Scrane4
I really liked the way that this version of Jack and The Beanstalk was written. The story is put together very short and sweet. The vocabulary in the book did not reflect the way the words in the book were structured. For example, the words "damsel" and "parson." I don't think that I really would
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have understood what these words meant if the illustrations weren't there to assist me. The second thing I liked about this book was that illustrations. The illustrations were not only colorful but very detailed. The illustrations also went along with the text very well. For example, when Jack was trying to plant the magical bean the illustrator showed Jack's mother watching in disappointment while he planted the seed. Overall, this folk tale ended with Jack marrying the damsel and lived happily ever after.
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LibraryThing member dtato1
In my opinion this is a great book. I love how this book is a shorter version of the traditional story of Jack and the magic Bean. I loved the writing in this story and how it is written in a rhyming ABC style. This book would be very helpful for first of second graders to learn about poem and also
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read a classic folk tale. In addition this book has great illustrations. Even thought some of the words are very hard to read , I think that if you are a kindergarten teacher you can simply use the big illustrations when telling the story. The main idea of this book is to tell the folk tale of Jack and the magic bean but using a poem to engage the children more to find rhyming words. A really fun book to read.
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LibraryThing member lruano
Jack's mother found a sixpence and sent him to buy a goose in the fair. Instead of buying a goose that would be his dinner he got tricked into buying a bean that was supposed to be magic. Is mother was mad that he did not listen to her. Jack planted the bean in his garden and in the morning there
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was a huge bean stalk. He climbed up and what he found was a grand place. When he knocked on the door there was a damsel beautiful lady but jack still wanted to come in and see the giant she spoke of. As soon as the giant walked in the smelled Jack but the maid tricked him into drinking his wine first so he would fall asleep. As soon as he fell asleep, Jack chopped off the giants head and brought his mother up to dine that amazing food. Jack got married with the beautiful maid and lived very happy. I love how this story is different from other stories I have read about Jack and the bean stalk. This is also a wonderful example of a folklore story to share with the children.
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