The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Totem Faces

by Jerry West

Paper Book, 1958






Garden City, N.Y., Garden City Books [1958]


This story finds the Hollister family off to Alaska with Uncle Russ and their two cousins, Teddy and Jean. Russ Hollister, a commercial artist and cartoonist, has run out of ideas and is trying to think of a new location for his comic strip characters. The children, whose interest in the Far North has been aroused by an encounter with an old man and the totem pole he brought back as a souvenir of his adventurous days as a gold miner, persuade Uncle Russ to make Alaska the background for his new cartoon series. The gold miner has told the children that his totem pole is a replica of a pole that holds a secret, which was lost somewhere near Sitka, Alaska. The Hollisters manage to locate the lost totem pole and find, tucked away inside it, the clue to hidden treasure. A most exciting Hollister story that combines the excitement of solving a mystery and outsmarting a sinister thief with the discovery of new places, different traditions and ways of living. A new story that will certainly please all the Hollister fans who look forward so eagerly to each new book in this popular series.… (more)

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The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Totem Faces (Happy Hollisters, #15)by Jerry West
Love this book about when the kids and Uncle Russ and his family all go to Alaska, all but the kids dad, he had to work.
While there they are looking for clues for Ben back home and the mystery of the totem
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pole. They know exactly how the animals were lined up and hope to find out more.
The old man at the nursing home is a bit of help but he got robbed and so did Pam and her mother. They family meets other Eskimos and I love learning about ehe salmon species and the doll making.
Love hearing of the legends and the gala events. Love all the walking. Felt as if I had arrived on the plane with the family as the details are so descriptive. My parents had been there and it's perfect the way they describe it.
So much time spent chasing down the thief and then the prize they were after. So cool! And to think it was Uncle Russ and his job about finding new characters and drawings for the comic strip he does that led them to this location.
Love all the new things I learned about.
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182 p.; 22 cm


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