Mary Alice, Operator Number 9

by Jeffrey Allen

Other authorsJames Marshall (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1975





Little, Brown and Company (1975), 40 pages


When an efficient duck who gives the time over the telephone gets sick, other animals, believing the job to be easy, try to take her place.

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LibraryThing member KellyLPickett
Mary Alice is an operator for the telephone company and is loved for the precise and cheerful way she tells the time correctly every time someone calls. But one day Alice comes down with a terrible cold is can't go to work and her boss think it will be very easy to find someone who can fill in for
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her. They quickly realize that it is actually impossible to find someone who can do her job as well as Mary Alice can.
This is a great took that talks about telling time, jobs, being special and unique... no one can do the things you do the same way you do.
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40 p.




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