Lovable Lyle

by Bernard Waber

Hardcover, 1969



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Houghton Mifflin/Children's choice Book Club (1969), 48 pages


Lyle, the crocodile, thought everyone loved him until the day he received a hate note from an anonymous despiser.

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LibraryThing member conuly
Lyle is just so lovable.

Unfortunately... not everybody thinks so. Some people are irrationally prejudiced against the idea of living with a crocodile, imagine! He's been getting hate mail. (Oh dear.)

Luckily, his charm and heroism save the day (again) and he wins over everybody.

This one is a bit
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wordy - save it for the older end of the 4-8 crowd.
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LibraryThing member terios
Everyone loves Lyle, the crocodile; he has amazing manners, awesome tricks, and everyone always wants to play with him. One day, however, he gets a letter from an enemy! This enemy hates Lyle! Lyle doesn't understand and then he finds out his enemy is girl from school that isn't allowed to play
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with crocodiles. So she is jealous, because everyone always wants to play with him, and she has no one to play with. Until one day, everyone is at the beach, and the little girl begins to drown, once Lyle saves her, her mother allows her to start playing with Lyle and soon things are back to normal.
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LibraryThing member Danafi
Not a bad book, good story but the ending is a bit too simple. Good book to show children's actions can effect other people, but not good at showing how to fix it, as it was solved with Deus Ex Machina.
LibraryThing member jmvarnad
Lovable Lyle was a great story. I would use this book if i was discussing bullying and feeling. Everyone loved Lyle, except his mysterious enemy.
LibraryThing member DannieN
The main character of the story, Lyle, is a crocodile who is loved by everyone, almost everyone. The author personifies Lyle as being one of the friendliest, kindest kids around. He is loved by everyone in his school, except for one girl who continuously write him hate letters. Students will learn
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the concepts of love and hate of diversity as the girl writes hate letters to Lyle because she is jealous of him taking all of her friends. What a better way to show students that everyone can be different than by using a crocodile as the main character. Students will easily learn that everyone should treat others with respect no matter how different they look on the outside.
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0590757741 / 9780590757744

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