Mouse and Tim

by Faith McNulty

Hardcover, 1978



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Harper & Row (1978), Edition: 1st, 46 pages


A boy and a mouse describe their relationship during the months they spend together.

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Mouse and Tim is a tender story about about friendship between a boy and his barn mouse. The story is told through two points of view- the boy's and the mouse's. The eternal charm of this book lies in the different ways each being perceives the same world.

For a child, this book would demonstrate
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how to have empathy for another being by trying to see from someone else's point of view. As well, children would learn that although we are not all the same, we can still develop deep, meaningful connections with each other.

This was my first favourite book as a child. Through the years, this book has managed to both touch and haunt me with each read.

On a personal note, my family experienced a house fire when I was a teenager- and this book was one of the very few items I pulled from the rubble, as I could not part with it, regardless of the charred and water-damaged pages.
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