Owl Babies

by Martin Waddell

Other authorsPatrick Benson (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1995



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Candlewick Press (1995), 24 pages


Three owl babies whose mother has gone out in the night try to stay calm while she is gone.

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LibraryThing member tripleblessings
A beautifully illustrated tale of reassurance that mother always comes back. Sarah, Percy and Bill, the three nervous baby owls, are both sweet and funny as they try to be brave while wondering where their mother has gone.
LibraryThing member mr.discovampire
This book is so cute and amazingly interactive. Kids can have so much fun with this book. this book keeps kids attention so solely because they get to be an owl baby.

I love this book. The older sibling thing is kinda my role in life and the fact that this book had the older sibling factor earned
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this book kudos from me.

The kids get to be the owl baby in this book they participate by saying the line....
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LibraryThing member paroof
"I want my mommy!" I always pause and let my 2-year-old say Bill's line. This one is too cute! I love it!
LibraryThing member kestrels
Here, three owl babies, left alone, start to worry that their mother isn't coming back. This one always makes me think of the time my daughter got "lost" in the store and panicked. (I was just around the end of the aisle. :-)
LibraryThing member DianaHarger
This book takes place in the outdoor setting, up in a hole in the trunk of a tree. Three baby owls, and their mother all live together. The story comes to a climax when the momma owl leaves. All the baby owls miss her. Two of them make logical reasons for why the mother left, while the third owl
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can only say " I want my mommy!". The story concludes with the mother owl coming back The two owls knew of course that she would come back, the third owl says, " I love my mommy!".
This book reminds me of my own children. Anytime I leave to go somewhere without my boys, they always miss me, and when I get back I am always greeted with love.
Some extention ideas for this story would be to talk to the students about their feelings when someone special leaves to go somewhere. Another idea would be to have different students read the parts of the baby owls, Sarah, Percy, and Bill.
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LibraryThing member conuly
It's a good little book - mom is gone, the kids worry, mom comes back and everybody is happy.

But I really can't get the kids to show very much interest in it, and I don't often choose it to read either.
LibraryThing member lecowan
This piece of Modern Fantasy is about a family of three owl babies who eagerly await their mother's return to the nest. The three babies all voice their concerns about where the mother is at, what she is doing and when she will return to them. In the end the owl mother returns to her babies to
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comfort and reassure them. Throughout the book, the owl baby named Bill repeats a certain phrase over and over.

I could relate this book to my three children, who constantly worry about where I am at and what I am doing. Even my youngest child is like Bill (one of the owl babies) by constantly saying "I love MY Mommy!". In a way I'm like the owl mother, when I return to my children, I spend some time reassuring them that I am back with them and I was only gone for a short while.

This is a great book dealing with family relationships and family composition. It would be a great book to read about single parent families, especially in a society where that type of family is common. I would have the students read the book first and then we would talk about all the different types of families and how each family is special and important. I would even have each student what type of family they have and why they think it is special and important. Another way to involve the students is for me to read it aloud to them and have them chant Bill's part when prompted.
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LibraryThing member LindseyBallard
This is a cute book about three little owlets that wait for their mother to return. Three baby owls awake one night to find their mother gone, and they can’t help but wonder where she is. They are worried sick and thoughts are racing through their mind. All they can say is "I want my mommy." Will
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she ever return?

This story was fun because it gets the whole class involved. It can relate to student's at a young age because they are constantly saying, " I want my mommy." This could be a great book for the first day of school or when a child becomes home-sick. I thought this book was pretty cute.

The student's could break into groups of five and write their own story about someone or something that wants to find their mommy. Beginning, middle and end could be emphasized when doing this writing assignment as well as punctuation. They could look up Nocturnal animals and define them. List which animals are and which ones are their favorite and why.
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LibraryThing member StaceyTate
The owl mom goes out and leaves her three babies at the nest, the whole time Bill just says he wans his mommy.

This is a cute book about how children grow up and they all learn to be on their own.

I would use this book around the first day of school so they know thier mom is comming back soon. I
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would also use is as an introduction to nocturnal animals.
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LibraryThing member raizel
Baby owls, with names, wake up and realize their mother is gone. The youngest worries most of all. It is not clear that the mother ever told them that she was going out; very irresponsible on her part if that is so. The book is dark; it takes place at night. I was not reassured by the mother's
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return at the end that all is right with the world. The book would not be something I would choose to read aloud.
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LibraryThing member sammimag
I'd forgotten ths book. Both of mine loved this as I also enjoyed reading to them too when they were little. About a family of owls and an owl mother and their love for each other.
LibraryThing member iBeth
Three little owls help console each other while they wait for their Owl Mama to return. My kids have outgrown the book but I still see them reading it sometimes. I'll be keeping this book for (I hope) grandkids.
LibraryThing member adrianneosmus
Owl Babies is a book about three owl babies and their mother. The mother owl left the nest and the three babies were all worried about where their mother went. Two of the owls know their mother will come back but the other owl cries "I want my mommy". Mother owl comes back and explains how much she
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loves them and that she would never leave them.

This is a really cute book. It shows even though all three owls have the same mom, they all have individual personalities. This would be a good book to teach the students that everyone is different in person and their thoughts.

You could talk about owls and how they live. They could draw an tree with on owl family in it. They could also collect things from outside and make a nest like what owls live in.
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LibraryThing member lweddle
I just need to say that Bill, the baby owl, ROCKS!
LibraryThing member AmyPollard
This story is about three baby owls that are missing their mommy. The longer she's gone, the more and more their little minds start to imagine bad things that could be happening and get more scared. Eventually she comes home and they are happy.

This book reminds me of times that my mom would go
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somewhere without me when I was younger and I would freak out and feel like she was never coming home even if it was only ten minutes.

Children can help to write a story of where Mommy Owl could have been and what she was thinking while she was gone.
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LibraryThing member bheinen
In this modern fantasy book, Sarah, Percy, and Bill are 3 baby owls who discover they do not know where their mommy is. Bill, this littlest one is scared the most and cries, "I want my mommy!" repeatedly. The older owl babies act strong, but it turns out they are just as scared as Bill is. Their
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mommy comes back and they are all relieved.
This story tells a good message about not being scared when children think they are lost. It may be that their fear is for no reason.
An extension idea would be to read this story to children if one of them gets lost somewhere like on a field trip or something. Another idea would be to read this along with Where Are You? by Francesca Simon or other stories about getting lost.
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LibraryThing member foodislove
This lovely picture book was my son's every-night choice for almost a year when he was in preschool. A perfect choice for families with a working mom, it captures the anxiety of owlets "Sarah and Percy and Bill" when mommy owl is away. Sarah and Percy are brave, but Bill just wants mommy. Don't we
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LibraryThing member loadedbs
“Owl Babies!” is a touching story about three baby owls that wait and wonder alone for their mother who is gathering food for them. The longer the baby owls wait the more they wonder where mother might have gone.

The illustrations increased the feeling of fear these birds must have been feeling.
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Each time you turn the page the feeling of despair grew. A very touching book.

Letting children rewrite the ending of this story would be a great introduction into writing stories.
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LibraryThing member eburkham
This is a book about three little owls that wake up one morning and their mommy is gone. As they try to do different things the youngest owl keeps saying that she wants her mommy. The owls are worried sick until the mother finally returns.

This book was very cute. It made me think about how my own
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children say mommy so many times some days that I tell them that is no longer my name. They will try other versions of mommy until they figure out what version of mommy I’m going by for that day.

Extension Ideas:
I would have my students write a thank you card to their mom or special caregiver that they may take for granted at times. I would also have my students draw a picture of their family, or of the children in their family.
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LibraryThing member KaleyHarper

A story of three baby owls who wake up one night to find their mother gone. As the baby of the family cries, "I want my mommy!" over and over again, the oldest owl and the middle owl try to comfort him, but find that they are just as scared as the baby. When the mother owl returns, the baby
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owls are delighted to see her.

Personal Response:

This is one of my favorite books. The pictures are so life-like and you can feel the heart-strings tug when Bill cries, "I want my mommy."

Classroom interaction:

In the classroom, I would have my students write about what baby owl was their favorite, and explain how they would comfort someone if they were scared.

In the classroom, I would have a forest themed room, and we would discuss what types of animals lived in a forest, and draw pictures of the babies that lived there.
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Sarah, Percy and Bill - three very anxious owlets - await their mother's return in this adorable reassurance tale meant for very young children. When their owl mother leaves the nest one night, the owl babies wonder where she has gone, and become more and more frightened, huddling together for
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comfort. "I want my mommy," Bill keeps repeating, and eventually, SHE COMES...

Patrick Benson's evocative ink and watercolor illustrations, which show the owl babies, fluffy and wide-eyed, against the dark backdrop of the forest, are the perfect accompaniment to Martin Waddell's simple narrative. The scene when Mother Owl returns, with its flapping and dancing, is humorous and heartwarming. Recommended by my friend Lori, I can see why this was one of her son's bedtime favorites!
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LibraryThing member Fjola
Sweet, reassuring story with beautiful ink and watercolor illustrations. Of course mommy came back! My three year old loved it.
LibraryThing member TaylorHutton
This is a story of three baby owls, and their mommy leaves. They have no idea where she has gone, and one of them really wants his mommy back. The two of the owl babies are sure that their mommy will be back. Before too long mommy owl does come back as they are about to go to sleep, and all
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is well with this little owl family.

Personal Reaction:
This is an amazing book. The pictures are beautifully done and the story is relatable to most children. I also loved the repeating line, "I want my mommy!" This is a book I would recomend to anyone with younger children.

Classroom Applications:
1. Talk about a time when they thought their parents were gone.
2. Have them repeat the line, "I want my mommy!"
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LibraryThing member ChasidyBrown
Summary: This story is about three baby owls that wake up and find that their mommy is no where to be found. Throughout the story the owl says "I want my mommy." This book describes the owls home, and the feelings that each owl has to their mommy being gone. In the end their "mommy" returns and the
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owls are reassured by their mommy that she would always return.
Personal: I thought this book would be an excellent book to read to young ones on their first day of school. I liked this book ALOT and thought it was written to relate to young ones that have a hard time when being left at shool, daycare, etc...
Classroom Extension: Studying the letter O
Studying the animal the Owl
First day of school when children are feeling unsure about things
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LibraryThing member Shifflett2009
There are three baby owls: Sarah, Percy, and Bill. They were asleep and woke up on night and noticed that their mother was gone. Sarah and Percy began to think their mother was getting the food, but the only thing Bill could think and say "I want my mommy". Their owl mother did not come back
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so the baby owls came out of their house and sat on a tree and waited. Sarah and Percy kept telling Bill that their mother would be back, but all Bill could say was "I want my mommy". It became very dark and they had to be brave because things moved around them. Sarah then insisted that they all sit on her branch together and they did. The baby owls closed their eyes and wished their mother would come home and she did.

I really like this book. I enjoyed reading this one. I think my favorite part is there is a repeating part. I like this because the children can play a part in the story. Great book for children. The pictures were very detailed.

1. We could talk about owls.
2. We could talk about how to deal with anxiety when leaving a parent.
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