London in the Roman World

by Dominic Perring

Hardcover, 2022



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Oxford University Press (2022), 592 pages


'London in the Roman World' draws on the results of latest archaeological discoveries to describe London's Roman origins. It presents a wealth of new information from one of the world's richest and most intensively studied archaeological sites, and a host of original ideas concerning its economic and political history. This original study follows a narrative approach, setting archaeological data firmly within its historical context. London was perhaps converted from a fort built at the time of the Roman conquest, where the emperor Claudius arrived to celebrate his victory in AD 43, to become the commanding city from which Rome supported its military occupation of Britain. London grew to support Rome's campaigning forces, and the book makes a close study of the political and economic consequences of London's role as a supply base.… (more)

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Dominic Perring provides a meticulous and exhilarating account of London's early history, which often leaves the reader dazzled by the way the evidence for the life of the city has been brought together and presented to reveal its past.
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This book is an excellent and thoughtful exploration of London at a macro level, exploring the forces that governed its wider fate, and placing it firmly in context as part of a wider empire. Agree or disagree, this book will be central to discussions of the city for decades to come.
London in the Roman World takes us on a detailed archaeological tour through 360 years of Roman London. I suspect this book will set the standard for overviews of Roman London for many years - the point of reference for budding academics and interested punters. While not an easy read, it will
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reward your perseverance.
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