Byzantium: The Apogee Vol 2

by John Julius Norwich

Paperback, 1993



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Penguin Books Ltd (1993), Paperback


Describes Byzantium's battles against foreign threats, its internal conflicts, the return of iconoclasm in the ninth century, and the struggles between Anatolia's military aristocracy and the eunuchs of the capital.

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LibraryThing member rcss67
A good basic introduction, by the standards of history books a racy read about a much mis-understood civilisation. Read it, enjoy it, but if you want to read more move on to Treadgold etc. for a more exacting description of a fascinating culture.
LibraryThing member flmcgough
John Julius Norwich provides in his trilogy an excellent overview of Byzantine civilization. For the general reader looking to get the whole picture, or for the scholar probing into a new field, this book is an excellent introduction. For someone already well acquainted with the Byzantines, this is
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a narrative history, useful for quick consultation but not as deep in any particular subject as you would probably require.
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LibraryThing member DinadansFriend
The empress Irene having passed on, power comes to Nicephorous I, one of history's great "Fixers". He is decisive and clear about his goals, and after him, the Empire not only survives, but once again is expanding. The Saga continues through to the great catastrophe of Manzikert in 1081. Norwich
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has a sure hand with this popularization of a crucial age and area of Europe's History. Well worth the time spent reading this one!
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