Domesday Book

by Alecto Historical Editions

Hardcover, 2002



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Penguin Books Ltd (2002), Hardcover


Domesday Book is one of the most famous documents in English history--and arguably in world history. Now available in one volume, here is the complete, authoritative translation from the original Latin, together with an index of places and a glossary of terms used. Domesday was compiled in a matter of months in 1086, at the end of William the Conqueror's life. According to a first-hand account by Robert, Bishop of Hereford, those sent out by the king ". . . made a survey of all England; of the lands in each of the countries; of the possessions of each of the magnates, their lands, their habitations, their men." The detailed picture of the English landscape it offers has no equal in any country, while it is valuable not only in the picture it allows local historians to construct their area in the eleventh century but also as the foundation document of the national archives. "Domesday Book is the book of English history. No other country in the world possesses such a detailed single record from so far back . . . A must for scholars and history buffs everywhere."--Michael Wood "Domesday Book is not only one of the most important documents in English history: it is one of the most extraordinary documents in any country's history"--Lady Antonia Fraser "The most detailed survey of a kingdom before the modern age . . . Now a new translation has been published in one volume, offering a unique picture of an early medieval society."--The Times Educational Supplement… (more)

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LibraryThing member jcovington
Fascinating in the way a set of encyclopedias or a dictionary can be...there is no story or plot, being just a tax record of assets, but really absorbing.
LibraryThing member tommi180744
Oldest record of Anglo-Saxon England - a superb written account at the time of the Norman Conquest: Following their victory at the Battle of Hastings (1066) a wide-ranging, assiduously collected census under-taken by the new rulers of England. Over several years it produced a
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geographical-economic-social listing of the peoples of England who were being displaced as the prevailing social order & at all levels reduced in class to peasantry. Domesday is made on the orders of Duke William (latterly King of England) of Normandy to enable his 10,000 strong cohort of 'conquerors' to collect the taxes & configure the Feudal System that will govern England for centuries & in some ways still affects the geo-political landscape of the nation. No other European country possesses such a unique early History.
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1992 (translation)

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1456 p.; 9.3 inches


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