Ancient Rome: A Military and Political History

by Christopher Mackay

Hardcover, 2005



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Cambridge University Press (2005), Hardcover


"This book provides a short but comprehensive political history of ancient Rome from the origins of the city in the Italian Iron Age to the deposition of the last emperor in A.D. 476. The reasons for Rome's conquest and absorption of Italy, and how this gave the Romans a manpower reserve that allowed them to conquer the Mediterranean in half a century, are described. The military responsibilities attendant upon these conquests undermined the political institutions of the Republic, with the Emperor Augustus managing to set up surreptitiously a monarchical form of government, in effect securing two centuries of peace. New military pressures then caused a significant change in the structure of the Imperial government, which eventually succumbed in the west to invasion. The influence on the imperial government of the adoption of Christianity as the state religion is also discussed."--Jacket.… (more)

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LibraryThing member gmicksmith
This volume does not claim to be exhaustive but it concentrates on the political and military history of Rome. In this regard it should be considered in the same category as other general surveys of Rome and it does an admirable job. The text is clear enough but it is most likely a bit beyond the
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average undergraduate reader although assuredly this volume as a place in undergraduate libraries. There is a helpful resource for further reading at the end which refers to standard works covered in the various chapters.
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