The River of Time

by David Brin

Paperback, 1997



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Orbit (1997), Paperback


This collection of short science-fiction stories by the author of the Uplift series includes The Crystal Tears which won a Hugo Award on publication.

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LibraryThing member wenestvedt
Isn't this a collection of short stories? I don't remember any of them 15 years later, but I am still fond of this writer.
LibraryThing member michaelcruse
Some stories better than others. My favorite was "Thor meets Captain America", where the Nazis were close to winning WWII because they had managed to summon the Norse gods to fight on their side.
LibraryThing member dishdasha
This book is a collection of David Brin's short stories. Most of the stories demonstrates Brin's ability to blend science fiction and fantasy tastefully and almost seamlessly. Each story is followed by an "author's note"; which only increases my respect for Brin's integrity.
LibraryThing member PortiaLong
Collection of short science fantasy stories by David Brin. My favorite story (not surprisingly one of the more "pure" SF stories) was "Tank Farm Dynamo."
LibraryThing member leld
Nice collection of thought provoking stories.
LibraryThing member Karlstar
A collection of Brin's short stories and novellas with some commentary by the author. Generally good stuff if you like Brin. It varies from scifi to fantasy.
LibraryThing member majackson
The River of Time by David Brin (1987) short stories

My favorite story is "Thor Meets Captain America". ..the Nazis find a way to channel the Norse pantheon of gods and turn the war around at the last minute. But the fact that humans have souls, and these beings don't, means we still have a
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Then comes "The Loom of Thessaly"…how do you outwit people who are older than humanity? By taking advantage of their reclusiveness…and their ignorance.

These are not super fantastic stories, but they are definitely readable, and more than a little memorable. I gave this collect 4 stars because, while all the tales are good reads, only a few approach captivating.
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LibraryThing member mahsdad
A reread of a short story collection from Brin that contains some interesting stories. Some fantasy, some alternate history, some speculative fiction. As is usually the case with story collections some are hits and some are misses, but all worthwhile reads.

My favorites are...
The Crystal Spheres -
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an interesting take on why we've never seen aliens in our neck of the woods
The Loom of Thessaly - an archaeologist travels to a place that he can't get to, only to find the loom of the world and the ancient beings that weave our lives
Captain America Meets Thor - written many years before the MCU, its an interesting alternate history take on WWII and how the Asgardians (though not from Asgard in this story) might have impacted that struggle.
Lungfish - Another interesting take on why we haven't seen aliens around. From Brin's afterword of the story; Crystal Spheres is what happens when we are too early to find "neighbors". Lungfish is how it might go down, if we were too late.


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Chesley Award (Nominee — 1988)


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