King of Sartar

by Greg Stafford

Paperback, 1999



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Chaosium (1999), Paperback


Dragon PassA land where miles-long dragons sleep for centuries, while cities are built upon their backs.Where the tide of the Red Moon sweeps down from the North, devouring the forces of earth and wind.And where you can discover the true secret of Argrath, a hero who made a difference.KING OF SARTAR is a collection of ancient Gloranthan manuscripts published for the first time. It provides an anecdotal chronology of the history of Dragon Pass, from the extermination of all life in the Dragonkill War, its eventual resettlement by humankind, the Lunar Empire's invasion and conquest of the Pass, and finally its liberation by the King of Sartar. Fully indexed, with maps.

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LibraryThing member janewilliams20
A background source book for the fantasy universe of Glorantha (usually used as a roleplaying setting). Only this isn't a collection of clearly laid out facts. This is a collection of pseudo-historical documents, supposedly from a few centuries after the time where we normally role-play. They're
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biased, they're incomplete, they're contradictory, and in many ways they're just like doing historical research in the real world. Hard work, but this book has given me more pleasure than any other in the last decade, as I try to unravel the puzzles.
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288 p.; 8.48 inches


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