Travel in the Ancient World

by Lionel Casson

Paperback, 1994



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Johns Hopkins University Press (1994), Paperback


The only book of its kind in any language, Travel in the Ancient World offers a lively, comprehensive history of ancient travel, from the first Egyptian voyages recorded in Old Kingdom inscriptions through Greek and Roman times to the Christian pilgrimages of the fourth and sixth centuries. Rich in anecdote and colorful detail, it now returns to print in paperback with a new preface by the author.

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LibraryThing member BLyda97112
If you like ancient history, this is a worthy addition to your collection. Casson relates all the information in a clear and logical fashion. Great little book, and covers ground that is usually neglected in other histories of the ancient world.
LibraryThing member BriainC
An enlightening overview of the origins of travel in the ancient world. Most of the focus is on the classical period, both Greek and Roman, but with an emphasis on Roman due to the variety of source material available for the Imperial period before the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The level of
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detail and the use of primary sources is satisfying. I was slightly disappointed in the coverage of the non-Classical cultures but the author is a classicist and the book reflects his expertise. He is very strong on the Greek and Roman material and written evidence but less so on the Persian, Phoenician, Assyrian, Babylonian etc. Overall an excellent monograph on a niche subject but rather light on the non-classical cultures in the period.
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