The Journeys of Frodo: Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings"

by Barbara Strachey

Paperback, 1981



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HarperCollins (1981), Paperback


An atlas of 51 maps charting the journey that Frodo and his companions undertake in J.R.R.Tolkien's epic work. Based on clear and detailed descriptions given in the text and on the original maps that appear in The Lord of the Rings, as well as Tolkien's own paintings and drawings of the landscape and features of Middle-earth, this book clearly shows Frodo's route, together with the paths taken by other principal characters. The two-colour maps provide enough detail to help the reader envisage the country through which the narrative moves, and each one also has extensive notes about the journey. Having loved the volumes of The Lord of the Rings since they first appeared, Barbara Strachey long wanted fuller and more detailed maps to go with them. Though not a professional cartographer or artist, she finally decided to create them herself. For nearly 20 years her efforts have provided readers of The Lord of the Rings with a new and more vivid idea of Middle-earth, and her book remains an essential companion to Tolkien's great masterpiece.… (more)

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LibraryThing member Cygnus555
I was jaw-droppingly amazed when I found this book... this book, I blame on my passion for atlases ever since. To suddenly have maps to the stories that I had been devouring for years was a jackpot for me. My first copy of this book, purchase when it was in hard cover, literally fell apart on me.
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The binding broke and the pages all fell out - mostly due to my excessive use of the book. it wasn't until I was much older, in my late 20's when I found the soft cover book and I was so happy. I keep this book among the collection of real atlases that I have to this day.

I have selected the cover of the original book, published in 1981, that I lovingly destroyed in honor of what this book has meant to me!
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LibraryThing member ed.pendragon
At the time this felt like groundbreaking stuff with its maps, chronologies and lunar phases, cross-referencing and discussion of inconsistencies, and in many ways it remains authoritative if also of its time. Nowadays I suspect that the maps would be re-jigged by professional cartographers, the
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chronologies dissected by Christopher Tolkien, and the discussion edited by a committee. I might well buy this new version, but for now "Journeys of Frodo" is a charming as well as useful guide for LOTR lovers embarking on their first or umpteenth reading; it certainly is less bulky and more accessible than David Day's "Tolkien: the Illustrated Encyclopaedia". Now, if only Strachey had also produced "The Journeys of Bilbo" that would be worth having as a companion.
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LibraryThing member adb42
Valiant attempt to draw maps of Middle Earth, but I prefer Tolkien's.
LibraryThing member Vanessa_Kittle
The Journeys of Frodo is without a doubt my favorite Tolkien reference book. It took me some time to find a perfect first edition, but it sits proudly on my shelves now. The love and detail and level of seriousness put into the maps warms my heart. I enjoy following the map chapter by chapter as I
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read through the rings.
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LibraryThing member Shahnareads
Loved this. It helps to be able to visualize such a big and awesome world MiddleEarth is.
So wonderful.


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