Women of Influence, Women of Vision: A Cross-Generational Study of Leaders and Social Change

by Helen S. Astin

Paperback, 1999






Jossey-Bass (1999), Edition: 1, 232 pages


"Thoughtful, intelligent, and probing--going beyond the stereotypesto get at some of the real issues for and experiences of women whoare or could be leaders. . . . A wellspring of information--andinspiration--for women in all fields and at all levels." --Booklist "What is distinctive about Women of Influence, Women of Vision isthe book's presentation of issues.... Astin and Leland show readershow the women in their sample share a passion for justice.... Thenarrative, at once unsentimental and celebratory, is remarkablyaffirming." --Contemporary Psychology "The interview material provides much suggestive data, thechronologies are useful, and the theoretical suggestionsstimulating. A worthwhile addition to any library." --Choice "A book for students, for teachers, for scholars, and for any womanwho wants to know how the struggles of individual women came tocreate what is collectively known in this country as the women'smovement." --Ann W. Richards, former governor of Texas "Astin and Leland go beyond rhetoric and statistical compilationsto actual hands-on experiences and accomplishments. . . . What theauthors find bodes well for the future." --Clark Kerr, president emeritus, University of California "The single best book on women and leadership." --Warren Bennis, distinguished professor of businessadministration, University of Southern California, and author ofWhy Leaders Can't Lead and On Becoming a Leader… (more)


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