Conserving Buildings: Guide to Techniques and Materials, Revised Edition

by Martin E. Weaver

Paperback, 1997



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Wiley (1997), Edition: Revised, 288 pages


The updated paperback edition of Weaver's landmark work--theessential manual on materials and procedures for restoringbuildings Conserving Buildings, Revised Edition, is the ideal resource foranyone involved in the maintenance, restoration, or rehabilitationof historic buildings. The book combines practical information onthe characteristics, composition, and deterioration of buildingmaterials with detailed coverage of state-of-the-art conservationmethods, fully updated in this edition with current developments inresearch and practice. The book contains: * Systematic treatment of all major building materials--stone,ceramics, masonry, cement-based materials, metal, glass, syntheticresins, and polymers * Valuable instruction on the restoration and renewal offoundations and footings, slate roofing systems, materials, andother structural details * Easy-to-follow procedures for conducting structural buildingsurveys * Over 150 photographs and line drawings, plus case studies fromColumbia University's acclaimed Center for Preservation Research * Newly expanded references, with accessible sources of furtherinformation Whether used as a hands-on sourcebook or a technical desktopreference, Conserving Buildings, Revised Edition, is the manual ofchoice for architects, engineers, preservation professionals,historic building owners, and students.… (more)


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