Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing

by Jay Stringer

Paperback, 2018



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NavPress (2018), Edition: Illustrated, 288 pages


Outreach magazine 2018 Resource of the Year--Counseling & Relationships!Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing is a ground-breaking resource that explores the "why" behind self-destructive sexual choices. The book is based on research from over 3,800 men and women seeking freedom from unwanted sexual behavior, be that the use of pornography, an affair, or buying sex.Jay Stringer's (M.Div, MA, LMHC) original research found that unwanted sexual behavior can be both shaped by and predicted based on the parts of our story--past and present--that remain unaddressed. When we pay attention to our unwanted sexual desires and identify the unique reasons that trigger them, the path of healing is revealed.Although many of us feel ashamed and unwanted after years of sexual brokenness, the book invites the reader to see that behavior as the very location God can most powerfully work in their lives. Counselors, pastors, and accountability partners of those who experience sexual shame will also find in this book the deep spiritual and psychological guidance they need to effectively minister to the sexually broken around them.… (more)


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In the past, the response of the Catholic Church to any sort of sexual problem (online pornography, prostitutes, adultery, etc.) on the part of a parishioner has usually been some version of "Pray harder" or "Just say no." This book looks at the reasons behind such behavior.

God made us, including
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the sexual parts, so it is wrong for anyone to say that He is disgusted with anyone who goes down this path. The book explores several possible causes for this behavior. Among them are: parents who are overly rigid or totally disengaged; being emotionally abandoned by your parents; triangulation (a parent tells their marital or sexual problems to their child instead of to their spouse); along with emotional trauma and sexual abuse.

This book also explores how to get out of your sex addiction. It includes things like learning to love yourself, repairing your relationship when things go wrong, pursuing strength and vulnerability in your relationships, and discovering a purpose in your life through community.

You may think that your online porn "habit" is totally under control. If your spouse and your children don't agree with you, try listening to them and take a step back. Start by reading this book. It is very much worth the time.
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