Last Light (Restoration Series #1)

by Terri Blackstock

Paperback, 2005



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Zondervan (2005), 381 pages

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Fiction. Suspense. Christian Fiction. Thriller. HTML: The first installment in a thrilling series in which a global catastrophe puts a family's survival at riskâ??and both reveals the darkness in human hearts and lights the way to restoration. Birmingham, Alabama, has lost all power. Its streets are jammed with cars that won't start and its airport is engulfed in flames from burning planes. All communicationsâ??cell phones, computers, even radiosâ??are silent. Every home and business is dark. Is it a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or something far worse? In the face of a crisis that sweeps an entire high-tech planet back to a time before electricity, the Branning family faces a choice. Will they hoard their possessions in order to surviveâ??or trust God to provide as they share their resources with those around them? Yesterday's world is gone. Family and community are all that remain. And the outage is revealing the worst in some. Desperation can be dangerousâ??especially when a killer lives among them. Full-length suspense novel The exciting first book in the Restoration series: Book 1: Last Light Book 2: Night Light Book 3: True Light Book 4: Dawn's Light Includes a note from the author and discussion questions for b… (more)


Christy Awards (Nominee — Suspense — 2006)


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User reviews

LibraryThing member sandib
Excellent start to a new series. A can't-put-it-down book--postulates an astronomic event of some kind that stops all technological communications--no electricity, no electronics. Story of how one family in particular copes.
LibraryThing member DCon
Written by a Christian author it is about a solar flare that knocks out all electronics worldwide. People must learn to live without cars, tvs, cars, etc. Excellently written. A must read for all.
LibraryThing member kymmayfield
What a great series!!!!! A total surprise and change from other books that i have read that have been recommended to me! Really makes you think of what you would do if this situation would happen to you while enveloping you in the story and connecting you with the characters like you have known
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them forever. I cant wait to read the rest of the series and other books from this author.
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LibraryThing member bbarthel
Unique book. All power is gone--not just electronics but things with moving mechanical parts--cars, gas generators, etc. Cars stall on freeway, no communnication at all. Central characters are Branning family: Middle age couple with 4 children. Oldest daughter Deni just is visiting from DC where
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she is planning wedding. Teenage brother, younger bro and sister. Neighbors unite in trying to make liveable existence. One couple is murdered and vigilante style lives begin. Various people are suspects.
neighbors unite and share food, etc. Deni learns neighbor is going to DC and asks her to join. She leaves in covered wagon and horese with neighbor and only note for family. Soon learns that he is porn store owner and has plans for her. They stop at farm to get supplies and he murders family. She escapes on family bike, he finds her, she escapes again. Meanwhile Dad learns where she is headed and goes to find her on bike. Their connection is pretty far fetched but they meet, kidnapper finds them, he is killed in scuffle and they make it home. Good read with lots of good Christian belief and Bible verses--very applicable to story.
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LibraryThing member selkie_girl
It was supposed to be a little vacation, an almost obligatory stop over to visit family before Deni starts a new career and gets married to an up and coming man in Washington DC. But the unthinkable happens, all the power goes out. No longer does anything that runs on electricity works. Planes
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start falling out of the sky, cars no longer run, and as far as Deni is concerned this is the worst thing that could possibly happen. Now she and her family are stuck together, doing chores that she wouldn’t have to do if she was in DC. Most people think the power is just going to be out for a couple of days but soon learn that it’s world wide and will last a whole lot longer. To make matters worse, a killer is running around the neighborhood making all the residents suspicious of each other.

This was a wonderful book though eye opening and scary at the same time. It makes one realize how spoiled we are in this day and age. It reminded me of the t.v. show, Jericho. The characters are realistic and you get sucked into their world. Sometimes you feel like shaking them to get them to smarten up. For example, they only mention the possibility of starting a garden towards the end and I believe that would be the first thing I would start to do. I’m looking forward to the second book.
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LibraryThing member justablondemoment
This book was about losing everything in today's world as we know it and having to survive much like any other 'end of world' novel. The difference is it has a Christian theme to it.

I found the book very uplifting to my own spiritual faith. Some religion books are a bit off-putting as they are a
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bit over board, but I didn't find that the case with this one. A good mix between the drama of no electricity, water, travel means ect. and God's message. I loved it and can't wait to read more.
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LibraryThing member Jeani1512
I can't say enough good things about this whole series actually! It is very pertinent to today and what is going on!
LibraryThing member Carl_Alves
Much like the television show "Revolution", this novel and series starts off with the premise of the power going completely out. It happens suddenly and dramatically as planes starting falling out of the sky. Everything that has works on electricity or uses some type of computer chip or circuit
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doesn't work. The main characters in the story are the Banning family. They have to deal with life without power. Also, hovering around the background is a very weak murder mystery where people are being killed and their possessions stolen.

There was very little to like about the novel and very little positive to say about it. For one thing the characters are poorly drawn and not remotely sympathetic. The Banning children in particular were obnoxiously annoying with their constant whining and complaining. I was hoping that a lightning bolt would kill them off. In particular, the oldest daughter Denny has to be the stupidest person ever to graduate from Georgetown. Also, how quickly society devolved was ridiculous. Within a day people were beating each other up for small possessions and being ruthless in their activities, even before they realized the power would be permanently out. Another thing that irked me was that the author was so heavy handed with the Christianity aspect of the novel. It became overbearing after a while. I will not be reading any further novels in this series and I highly recommend anyone to skip this.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street
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LibraryThing member Tmtrvlr
We have all had situations arise when our power goes out, sometimes for a day or two. What would happen if it went out everywhere. How would our smart-phone addicted society react without anything electronic?
Last Light explores how a family adjusts and recreates their lives under the most
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primitive of conditions. Travel, food shortages, lack of medical care are all situations explored in the story.

The characters were realistic and well-done, but the oldest daughter, Deni, was so unlikable that I really didn't care about her or her goals. Had she been portrayed as younger I could have understood her bad choices, but at her age she should have been more mature.

This is definitely a solid Christian book with scripture and Christian philosophy of life as the family struggles with decisions concerning sharing, concern for others, suspicion of neighbors and working together as a community.
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LibraryThing member Barb_H
An incredible story that sucked me in from the first page and held my attention right through to the end. I couldn't put it down and I will definitely be reading more of the series and other books by Terri Blackstock.
LibraryThing member Olivermagnus
Last Light is the first book of four in Terri Blackstock’s “Restoration” series. Doug Branning is at the airport to pick up his daughter, Deni, when planes begin to fall from the sky and explode. No rescue vehicles like ambulances or fire trucks rush to the scene. The entire airport is in
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chaos and when they get to their car, it won't start either. Meanwhile, Doug's wife is going through her own problems at home with their three other children. The event seems to have been some type of EMP and apparently the nature of it is not disclosed until the second book of this four book series.

I was trying to clear out my TBR and noticed I bought this book in 2009 and was under the impression it was a thriller. Back in 2009 I was getting a lot of free Kindle books and apparently this was one of them. After reading it, I realized it was Christian fiction, a genre I don't normally read very often. That didn't influence my two star rating. The premise of the story is interesting but the characters were poorly written. There is a basic murder mystery running through the book, but overall not a series I'm interested in continuing.
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LibraryThing member StarKnits
This book definitely gives you something to ponder... What would happen if all the modern technology we have broke and didn't work and the world went back to the "old days" ? And what if God was using that to get through to his followers?
I did kinda enjoy the book though half the time couldn't
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stand the characters especially Denny, I think she needs a good spanking or something. But by the end of the book I felt that I would still like to know what happens so I'm going to go on and read the rest of the series.
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LibraryThing member JoniMFisher
This is a life-changing, perspective altering story about a family struggling to adjust to life after the power grid and electronics fail. A stunning tour-de-force that stays with the reader long after the last page. Brilliant and scary.

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