The Lazarus Trap (Premier Mystery Series #2)

by T. Davis Bunn

Paperback, 2005



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Thomas Nelson (2005), 308 pages


For Val Haines, dying may be the chance of a lifetime. Awakening in a jail cell and bleeding from his head, Val Haines remembers nothing. Not even his name. As his memory slowly begins to return, Haines discovers that the world thinks he's dead. If his nightmares ring true, it may be for the best. Around him brews a conspiracy of embezzlement and murder for hire, fueled by the rage of personal vendetta. As he searches for a safe haven, enigmatic Audrey beckons, but can she be trusted? With nothing but a few personal belongings and a sizable amount of cash, Haines must run. With his past behind him, he'll do anything to claim a new life for himself. Or die trying.


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308 p.; 8.5 inches


0849944856 / 9780849944857

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Val Haines is presumed dead after being caught in an explosion at a bank, and his coworkers are . . . pleased. After all, they knew about the bomb and arranged for Val to be there when it went off. The only trouble is Val isn’t as dead as they think. Gradually recovering from amnesia and other
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wounds, Val begins to piece together what really happened. When he discovers the truth, he goes on the run – to England.

The Lazarus Trap is a story of corporate intrigue and embezzling, but in the end it deals with much weightier matters. Val’s personal life has been far from happy and he has every reason to be bitter and angry. Now he has to decide whether life is really worth living; whether he will stand and fight for what’s right, or just keep on running.

This is a good story with characters that are better developed than in many other books of its kind. There is some action and suspense, but it’s not so intense as to be labeled a thriller. Telling the story through the viewpoints of multiple characters adds an interesting touch. Overall, it’s worth a read.
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