Rare Earth (Marc Royce)

by Davis Bunn

Paperback, 2012



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Bethany House Publishers (2012), 366 pages


Fiction. Thriller. Undercover agent Marc Royce is back on assignment. As war breaks out in Kenya over valuable land, how far will he go to bring peace?


Christy Awards (Nominee — Suspense — 2013)


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366 p.; 8.5 inches


076420906X / 9780764209062

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LibraryThing member ReviewsFromTheHeart
Marc Royce has been hired as the new supply officer employed by Lodestone, a US company contracted to bring in emergency supplies and do so for a profit in Africa for the UN. A volcano near the border between Kenya and Uganda, that has been dormant for centuries has erupted at the base of Mount
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Elgon and the destination for aid is in the city of Kitale.

Lodestone had recently become one of the largest suppliers of humanitarian equipment in Africa. Theirs was a specialty service. Their clients included every major aid agency, along with the United Nations. Whenever and wherever a crisis erupted, the agencies turned to firms like Marc's to deliver emergency supplies, and do so fast.

But there was a problem. One so large it had rung alarm bells eight thousand miles away. Which was why Marc had been brought in. An outsider who some thought had no chance of success and even less of survival. Before departing for Nairobi, Marc had been repeatedly warned of unseen foes who would make it there business to assure he never made it back alive. Marc had responded that he would have had it no other way. Marc wondered at his habit of landing in impossible situations.

He learns from Kitra Korban, a nurse rendering aid, that her brother, Serge, a medical technician is believed to have been abducted and believes that Lodestone might be a possible connection in his disappearance. They both begin to believe that whatever Lodestone is hiding, they value it far more than human life. But one of the tribal elders, Phillip believes that Marc Royce is the answer to a long awaited dream he has of saving this land and the people in it.

Davis Bunn once again brings his readers in for a heart-stopping, action-packed suspense novel, Rare Earth, where they are reunited with Marc Royce, who is working undercover from the State Department to discover what it is the Lodestone is hiding and he soon realizes, that this might be a mission he might not make it back from. It appears he is not the only one, who believes this may in fact, be his last mission and some with stop at nothing to make sure that's exactly what happens.

I received Rare Earth compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and Bethany House Publishers for my honest review. Having read a Lion of Babylon, the first book in the series of Davis Bunn's novel's featuring the character of Marc Royce, readers will not be disappointed. You can pick this one up as a stand alone, but once you read this one, you'll want the rest! I rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars and love how well Davis puts his character in the heart of the action and truly makes him believable. He's not invincible, and is flawed and that is one of the reasons this book works so well for me. I can't wait to see more of Davis Bunn's novels in the future.
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LibraryThing member Cyndecat
Working undercover for the state department, Marc Royce is flying into Africa as an audit accountant for a firm that ships medical supplies to refugee camps. His true mission is to find a young relief worker who has been kidnapped and the reasons he has disappeared. He arrives into the utter chaos
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of a refugee camp that is straining to provide medical care and food for an ever increasing stream of refugees fleeing the eruption of a volcano. Marc works with the tribal chiefs and the medical administrators to restore order and get the needed supplies distributed. He tries to make contact with the sister of the young man who has been kidnapped but she believes he is one of the same company of men responsible for kidnapping her brother. The dangers increase as Marc searches for the answers he needs to uncover who is behind the takeover of entire villages, displacing the people into the camps and what their ulterior motives are. He finds that these lands are rich in valuable minerals Known as “rare earth” used in current technologies and coveted by the world. Marc races against time and traditions to gather a group of warriors to expose the wrongdoers and reclaim the land for the African tribes.
Davis Bunn has created a novel rich in the sights, sounds and smells of Africa. The reader feels as if he is fighting alongside the characters experiencing all that they are experiencing. You feel and see the poverty the hunger, the hopelessness of the people and the strength and the faith of the believers who can work together to overcome the strife and corruption that he has made Africa come alive with his words. There are true to life people in authentic situations that react with strength and faith and perseverance. There is a glorious reference to the battle of Jericho in the Bible that will thrill your heart!
I heartily recommend “Rare Earth”; it is truly a valuable story. The book is a sequel using the same character, Marc Royce, as the author’s book “Lion of Babylon”, however both books are great stand-alone reads.
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LibraryThing member lamb521
The beauty of a masterpiece is that you can look intently and see the many facets necessary to put together the finished product and appreciate the skill it took to create it. Rare Earth is like that masterpiece. The author took many facets of the story, put them together, and came out with a
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wonderful novel for all to read. The story covers three continents at least, as well as many types of people bonded together by their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Kenyans, Israelis, Americans, and many tribes are brought together through various events to help conquer the evil that looms larger now than when at first glance it appeared insignificant.
American operative, Marc Royce, is at first sent to bring order to the supplying of various refugee camps in Africa. He is known as an accountant for a major company, but what else does this man know? Is there more to Marc Royce’s story and history that will affect not only his future, but others’ futures as well?
Charles is a native African and pastor, who loves his nation and people. All who know him are aware of this and love him deeply. Philip, while the youngest of tribal leaders, is the chief among the men. Why? Deb is sent to help Marc with his mission only to find herself in a new position talking with a powerful man named Walton, Marc’s boss. All this action and adventure are brought to the forefront in the novel by a volcano erupting and the subsequent need of the refugees for the basics to live. They need food, water, shelter, and medical treatment. Kitra is there to work as a medical aide, but there has to be more to her story, especially when her brother comes up missing.
Now, to top it all off, the UN is sending in people. Are they really there to serve the nationals best interests? Who can be trusted and who is an enemy? The villages are taken from those who have owned them for generations, and “yellow men” have come to take some of the dirt for samples. Before the village elders know what is happening, they are forced to leave their homes and land with promises that soon they will get other land. Who is really pulling the strings to steal land and why? Why are Kitra and so many others in danger for their lives, hurt or even killed to keep someone or some secret safe? What is so important to cover up at such an expense of lives?
Marc is told he is there to do more than he realizes because the chief of elders has had a vision about him. Kitra is afraid to allow herself to acknowledge what she feels about Marc. Marc is concerned for her and willing to fight to protect her. What role do the Holy Land and completed Jews play in the routing of those who seek to destroy Africa and her people? The land known as the rift extends far, but does it join two continents and her peoples together?
With page upon page of mystery, intrigue, love, action, and adventure you will certainly find it hard to put this novel down. Davis Bunn has been given a wonderful story to tell to those who take the time to read it, as I hope you do. I hardly told you much about all this novel contains. Are you ready to unearth the treasure?
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LibraryThing member cbcmedia
Davis Bunn has done it again. This sequel to Lion of Babylon is full of intrigue and kept me going until the last page. And I’m hoping there will be a sequel. Marc Royce is once again on an adventure full of mystery and danger. He is faced with trying to find the missing brother of a nurse in the
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midst of African devastation. The images of life for the villages and refugees in Africa is heartbreaking, but the power of God in the midst of His followers is awesome. I never quite knew who Marc should trust in this adventure, but he always got it right. Making the best of friends everywhere he went, but also making some pretty dangerous enemies. You’ll not be disappointed with this book. I would recommend you read Book 1, Lion of Babylon, first. Even though the story can be a stand alone, I love to know the background that the first book has already laid out.
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