Beneath Copper Falls (Rock Harbor Series Book 7)

by Colleen Coble

Ebook, 2017



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Thomas Nelson (2017), 334 pages


Fiction. Romance. Suspense. Christian Fiction. HTML: Love and danger collide in Rock Harbor in this riveting romantic suspense. As a 911 dispatcher, Dana Newell takes pride in being calm in tough circumstances. In addition to her emotionally-charged career, she's faced enough emergencies in her own life. She recently escaped her abusive fiancĂ© to move to tranquil Rock Harbor where she hopes life will be more peaceful. But the idyllic town hides more danger and secrets than it first appeared. Dana is continually drawn to her new friend Boone, who has scars inside and out. Then she answers a call at her job only to hear a friend's desperate screams on the other end. Soon the pain in her past collides with the mysteries of her new homeâ??and threatens to keep her from the future she's always wanted. This full-length romantic suspense can be read as a standalone but is also part of the Rock Harbor series. Book one: Without a Trace Book two: Beyond a Doubt Book three: Into the Deep Book four: Cry in the Night Book five: Beneath Copper Falls Includes discussion questions. "I loved returning to Rock Harbor and you will too. Beneath Copper Falls is Colleen at her best!" â??Dani Pettrey, bestselling author of the Alaskan Courage and Chesapeake Valor series "Beneath Copper Falls is a twisting, turning thrill ride from page one that drops you head first into danger that will leave you breathless, sleep deprived, and eager for more!" â??Lynette Eason, award-winning, bestselling author of the Elite Guardians… (more)


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LibraryThing member lamb521
There are other books in the series, but this was my first. Colleen hasn’t lost her touch in writing a spell-binding mystery fraught with danger, twists and perhaps blooming romance. The main character is Dana Newell who is a 911 dispatcher. She returns to the area where she grew up in the hopes
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of escaping a man bent on taking her back to be alone with him forever. What the stalker didn’t count on was the many people who care and know about Dana, and one man in particular who helps restore her confidence by training her in basic self-defense.
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LibraryThing member vintagebeckie
If you have never made a trip to Rock Harbor, then you will be in for a treat with Colleen Coble’s newest romantic suspense novel, Beneath Copper Falls. For long time fans of Coble’s fast-paced books, this one will become a favorite. Great characters, a tense, twisting plot, and the beautiful
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setting of a small town hugging the shore of Lake Michigan are all part of a great reading experience. This one is a recommended read!

Dana is escaping an abusive relationship when she returns home to Rock Harbor. The two years she has spent being belittled and intimidated have taken their toll on her confidence. But she is a determined woman ready to regain her life and take possession of her own security. Boone has issues of his own, not willing to trust another woman with his heart. But as the two face the tragedies of the past, their future is looking bright . . . unless a killer(s) has his way.

There is a lot to like about Beneath Copper Falls. Coble has used her Rock Harbor setting for numerous books and has created a small town with beloved citizens and recognizable landmarks. As developed as her characters, Rock Harbor feels like a real town. Fans of the series will be pleased with the inclusion of familiar characters, as well as some great new ones who soon become like neighbors and friends. But if this is your first time reading a Rock Harbor Novel, you won’t be lost. This novel can be easily read as a standalone. The plot involves abusive relationships, and Coble does a credible job exploring the insidiousness of the control involved. Even independent women fall prey to a persuasive and charismatic man. Appearances really are deceiving, and danger can sneak up on you unaware. This novel is action-packed and will have you turning the pages as fast as you can.

A quick read, Beneath Copper Falls is perfect for when you just have to have a romantic suspense. Be prepared for a roller-coaster!


Audience: adults.

(Thanks to TLC Book Tours for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)
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LibraryThing member Harley0326
It's so nice to visit Rock Harbor again. I feel like it's a homecoming with people who are intriguing and a town that is very quaint. Dana is a great character. She is fierce and determined. I admire her job as a 911 operator. The stress they are under each day must be tremendous. Dana seems to
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keep a cool head and is able to calm callers down. She has come back to Rock Harbor to avoid someone who has become abusive towards her.

I found Boone to be a great match for Dana. He has a heart of gold, but like Dana has trust issues. When they develop a friendship I started rooting for them. They are just what each other needs. The author writes a story that delves into abusive relationships with precision and compassion. I can remember growing up always hearing adults say, "Be careful of strangers . They are mean and ugly." Society does seem to classify good people by their looks. In this story looks are deceiving and social skills really come into play. The town is on edge when several women turn up dead. What is the connection between the victims? Boone has a vested interest in the investigation and wants to keep Dana safe.

The characters are mesmerizing and I have to say the intrigue is top notch. Dana feels secure now that she is staying with her brother Chris. Just being in his home gives her a sense of peace. But someone from her past will shatter her security. Will Dana's friends or brother be able to protect her? This is by far one of the best books in the series. The intense scenes draw readers in. I hope you are ready for an explosive and unexpected ending. Everyone who loves a great intriguing story must grab a copy of this book. It grabs you at the beginning and the action never stops.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. The review is my own opinion.
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LibraryThing member vickimarie2002
I didn’t know what to expect since this was my first Rock Harbor book and I’m not sure I’ve read anything else by Colleen Coble but she is a very good mystery writer! I never saw the identity of the Groom Reaper coming and even after I was pretty sure that’s who it was, I needed the written
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confirmation to prove it. Very good story! I would like to read the other books in the series now.

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Thomas Nelson publishing.
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LibraryThing member kbranfield
Beneath Copper Falls by Colleen Coble features two very intriguing mysteries. Although this newest release is the sixth installment in the Rock Harbor series, it can easily be read as a standalone.

After Dana Newell's fiancé turns violent, she decides to move back to Rock Harbor where she has
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family and friends to support her. However, her ex, Garret Waterman, quickly tracks her down and begins threatening her. A murder also strikes close to home when her friend, Allyson Hegney is killed in an eerily similar manner as her cousin, Renee, whose case is still open. Determined to try to uncover the killer's identity, Dana joins forces Allyson's cousin and Renee's brother, Boone Carter, to investigate the deaths. Is it just a coincidence that Allyson is murdered right around the same time as Garret arrives in town? This is just of the angles that Dana and Boone are looking at as they begin looking into the unsolved murders.

Eager to put her failed relationship behind her, Dana is grateful to her brother Chris for offering to let her live with him in his newly renovated home when she moves back to Rock Harbor. Dana comes across as a little naive due to a couple of questionable decisions she has made regarding Garret. She is also quite loyal and while this is an admirable quality, when combined with her naivety, she is a little slow to realize that not everyone is as truthful and honest as she is. Dana is a personable woman whose desire to help others is her best trait as is her warm and compassionate nature.

Boone has built a successful business and he is well regarded in the community. He despairs his sister's killer will ever be found and although three years have passed since her death, Boone still reaches out to the detective on her case on a regular basis. When Allyson is murdered in Rock Harbor, he quickly hones in on the similarities to his sister's death. Due to circumstances of the end of his previous relationship, Boone is quite leery of becoming involved with Dana despite his growing feelings for her.

The relationship between Boone and Dana is sweet but not without a few obstacles for this lovely couple to overcome. Boone's situation presents a valuable lesson in the importance of character over looks. Despite how badly Dana misjudged Garret, she is still willing to take a chance on love and it is quite refreshing to see that she refuses to let her previous experience prevent her from exploring the possibility of a new relationship with Boone.

Although it is fairly easy to guess the murderer's identity fairly early in the story, Beneath Copper Falls is still an engrossing mystery. Dana and Boone are appealing characters and their romance is an absolute joy to watch unfold. With some unexpected twists and unanticipated turns, Colleen Coble brings the novel to a very action-packed, exciting conclusion. A nice addition to the Rock Harbor series that old and new fans will enjoy.
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