Safe in His Arms (Under Texas Stars Book 2)

by Colleen Coble

Ebook, 2013



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Thomas Nelson (2013), 316 pages


Fiction. Romance. Suspense. Christian Fiction. HTML: Sometimes it takes a stranger to see you as you really are. Born and raised on sprawling Texas land, Margaret O'Brien prides herself on her competence as a rancher. But her father believes she's made for more than just dawn-to-dusk work. He wants her to have the love of a good man, to raise children, to build a life. But Margaret gave up such dreams years ago. She's convinced no man would have her, that the ranch is her life now. So when Margaret's father hires Daniel Cutler as a new foreman, she's frustrated and suspicious. Then an overheard conversation links him with a gang of bank robbers, and she's downright worried. Daniel swears he's not involved, but Margaret's not convinced. She knows the man still has secrets. But would a criminal be so kind and talk so convincingly of his faith? As a series of tragic "accidents" threatens all she holds dear, Margaret must decide what to trust: her own ears, her best judgment . . . or what her heart keeps telling her. From the author of the best-selling Blue Moon Promise . . . an exciting tale of danger, romance, and faith played out under Texas stars. "Romantically tense, but with just the right touch of danger, this cowboy love story is surprisingly clever�??and pleasingly sweet." �?? for Blue Moon Promise… (more)


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LibraryThing member BooksCooksLooks
This is the second book in Ms. Coble's Under the Texas Stars series. I read the first, Blue Moon Promise and found it to be a lovely romance and an enjoyable book. I find Safe in His Arms to be even better. While the plot is basic - girl meets boy, girl hates boy, boy is intrigued with girl. Boy
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and girl start to like each other. CRISIS OF TRUST! Boy and girl break up. DANGER WILL ROBINSON!! Girl/boy saves boy/girl. Happy ending - Ms. Coble manages to imbue her stories with a special touch that takes them above the ordinary.

In this tale our heroine, Margaret does not fit the norms of what passes for society in her town for beauty. She is tall, she wears pants! She has been helping her father run their cattle ranch and doesn't care about "fancying up." She thinks that her father respects her abilities and sees her as an equal in the running of the ranch. Then he goes and hires a new foreman without even discussing it with her. AND he brings in her cousin to learn how to run things. He wants her to concentrate on finding a husband and having babies.

She cannot believe he would do this to her.

The new foreman, Daniel seems to know his way around a ranch but Margaret knows there is more to him than meets the eye. His clothes are too new and while he can ride a horse it's more rich man than ranch man. What is he hiding? She is determined to find out AND to prove to her father that she can keep the ranch going without help.

Bad things start to happen and she soon learns that a little help is sometimes a very good thing. She also learns that sometimes it's better to trust your heart than your head.

I really liked this couple; they came together slowly and Ms. Coble wrote it perfectly. She made their romance believable to both the time and the characters she had spent time developing. I found myself rooting for them even when it seemed as if they would never find each other. I was very surprised with the bad guys here; they took me for a loop and I really didn't see them coming. I love it when a book can surprise me like that. I also find that despite what I know about areas of Texas, I want to see the parts written about in this book - they sound beautiful. I thank Ms. Coble for taking me away from the everyday and giving me several hours of romance, excitement and just plain enjoyment.
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LibraryThing member love2readnovels
Margaret O'Brien grew up a rancher's daughter and can handle the hard work as good as any man. She learned to love the land because she's sure no man would ever want her. She's not dainty and pretty like other women. Her father wants more for Margaret than working herself from dawn to dust. So to
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help out, he hires Daniel Cutler as foreman. She doesn't want a foreman and isn't convinced Daniel can do the work. Then she overhears a conversation that leads her to believe Daniel's part of a gang of bank robbers. He tells her he's not involved but she knows there are things he's not telling her. But how can a bank robber talk so confidently about his faith in god and treat her with such kindness? When tragedy strikes will Margaret be able to not only trust God but trust the man who still raises her suspicions but one she's also coming to love?

I thoroughly enjoyed Safe in His Arms. I remember getting to know Margaret in Blue Moon Promise and was excited to hear her story. Margaret is not your typical leading lady. She doesn't feel very womanly or attractive but instead very awkward. If you have ever felt self-conscience about something then you can easily relate to Margaret. Daniel was the perfect leading man. I loved the way he encouraged Margaret but I also liked that her strength didn't intimidate him. The chemistry between them was terrific. I loved it! The story is filled with twists and turns, danger, suspense and of course romance. One thing I really liked was that Nate and Lucy (from Blue Moon Promise) are very much a part of the story. I also loved how the author lets the reader know that God made each of us different and beautiful and He loves us as we are, warts and all! Beauty is much more than your outward appearance. This is book 2 in the Under Texas Stars Series. You can read it as a stand alone but I highly recommend reading Blue Moon Promise first. So hurry on down to Texas. Danger may be lurking, but don't worry you'll be Safe in His Arms!

*This complimentary copy provided by Thomas Nelson through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (January 29, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1595549145
ISBN-13: 978-1595549143
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LibraryThing member alekee
I loved this one as much as the first book in this series. We again meet up with Lucy and Nate Stanton, which I so enjoyed catching up with them and what is going on in their lives.
Margaret thought that she and Nate were going to marry, and has just resigned herself that she will run the ranch for
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Dad. She has been doing it for several years now, anyway. When he brings a new foreman, Daniel Cutter, into the picture, her nose is completely out of joint.
There is a growing attachment between the two, but Margaret overhears that he is a bank robber. Oh no!! He acts like a Godly man, but? When he finds out that Paddy O'Brien is going to leave the ranch to Margaret's cousin. Daniel tells him that it isn't fair!
As usual in Colleen Coble's books there is a lot of action, the hero or heroine end up with a lot of injuries. There are a lot of trials, and situations, and their is a great reliance on God.
I recommend this as a great Christian Western Romance Adventure, don't miss this one, you won't put it down once you start!

I received this book through Litfuse Publicity Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review.
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LibraryThing member judyg54
I would label this story a romantic, suspenseful book full of adventure. Colleen Coble knows how to capture your interest and hold it until the very end. This is book two in the "Under Texas Stars" series and can easily be read as a stand alone book, but they do have characters from book one in
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this story.

I really liked the author's note at the beginning and how she could relate to the main character in this story. I agree with her that women are "indoctrinated from infancy about beauty. We feel we must be Superwoman and have it all:beauty, brains , and a good work ethic, great with children, a good cook." And the list doesn't stop there. As the author pointed out, sometimes "it's particularly hard for women to accept the unconditional love God offers".

Margaret is a young lady who is living in Larson, Texas in 1879, and who thinks she is too tall and "more at home with her hands gripping horse reins than a teacup". But the great thing about Margaret is she knows God sees her as special. Daniel Cutler, the new foreman at the ranch will also come to see her as special and lovely, but it will take some real trust on Margaret's part to believe Daniel, as he isn't the person he claims to be.

This story just had one thing after another happening in it. You never knew what danger or adventure would happen next. I also wasn't real sure about who was behind the murders in this story until the very end. Margaret was a very determined woman and Daniel will have his hands full trying to handle her, but I think he is up to the task.

I would like to thank Thomas Nelson Publisher by way of NetGalley for giving me this book for an honest review.
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LibraryThing member Robin661
Safe in His Arms

Colleen Coble

Book Description: Sometimes it takes a stranger to see you as you really are.
Under Texas Stars, #2 Born and raised on sprawling Texas land, Margaret O’Brien prides herself on her competence as a rancher. But her father believes she’s made for more than just
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dawn-to-dusk work. He wants her to have the love of a good man, to raise children, to build a life. But Margaret gave up such dreams years ago. She’s convinced no man would have her, that the ranch is her life now. So when Margaret’s father hires Daniel Cutler as a new foreman, she’s frustrated and suspicious. Then an overheard conversation links him with a gang of bank robbers, and she’s downright worried. Daniel swears he’s not involved, but Margaret’s not convinced. She knows the man still has secrets. But would a criminal be so kind and talk so convincingly of his faith? As a series of tragic “accidents” threatens all she holds dear, Margaret must decide what to trust: her own ears, her best judgment . . . or what her heart keeps telling her.

Review: I enjoy the story line very much it was well woven into the Blue Moon Promise book. Margaret was great at the start and the end. I had a little trouble with her ‘I can fix anything’ even a dangerous band of bank robbers. That seemed unrealistic that she had so little sense. I did like the events that occurred after her attempt to help went way off track. Daniel was everything I thought he was in career and character. The ‘bad outlaws’ were well written and with them being mostly in the peripheral was much more dramatic. The side mystery was no surprise but the accomplice was a surprise. I found the action at the end to be intense and draining so real that I wanted to rest between suspense filled events!! Looking forward to book 3??!!!
I would like to thank Net Galley and Thomas Nelson for allowing me to read and review this book in return for a free copy and I was never asked to write a favorable review by anyone.
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LibraryThing member arlenadean
By: Colleen Coble
Published By: Thomas Nelson
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For: GMTA
Series: Under Texas Stars #2

"Safe In His Arms" by Colleen Coble good read filled with: Christian, historical, western, adventure, mystery and a thriller read that was a
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second in this series. This was a novel that once you start reading it will be hard to put it down until the very end because there will be in a lots of thrills in this read. We find that Margaret works hard at her father's wealthy ranch but finding out that Daniel has been hired along with her cousin, Lewis to run the ranch doesn't make Margaret too happy. Margaret’s father Paddy decides it is time that she act more like a woman and find a suitable mate so he can have grandchildren. Margaret thought that she would get the ranch, but it seems like her fathers has something else in mind. "Along with all of the changes someone is trying to kill her father and snooping around the ranch" This is where this story picks up and I say you must pick up "Safe in His Arms" to find out what happens next in this well written read. Be ready for a Christian fiction that isn't too peachy along with a good, clean, some old fashioned 'old west' mystery and some romance. With all of this you will be given a wonderful read that I would recommend to you.
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LibraryThing member mattidw
I really enjoyed this book. I loved the writing and I found that I saw a lot of myself in the main character in the book. The author does a great job of explaining things and keeping the story flowing as well as keep the reader in suspense. I wasn't sure while reading this one if it was going to
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work out how I thought it should but I was glad when it did.
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LibraryThing member AmandaWrites
This is fiction with a purpose. And what a purpose it is.
Meet Margaret O'Brien, daughter of wealthy cattle rancher Paddy O'Brien who can only see her many faults.
Fiercely loyal, prickly, and stubborn (like any true redhead), Margaret must overcome many issues that keep her from believing that God
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can truly love a misfit such as she.

Margaret struggles with things that many young and more mature women today must face and deal with on a daily basis. We, who are naturally hard on ourselves, often forget that we were created without mistakes by a God who loves us ~ just as we are. It's up to us to embrace His will and plan for us to be truly happy.

This is a heartwarming tale. Fraught with danger and excitement, this book will steal your afternoon. And you may find yourself a better person for it.

My thanks to the publisher who provided me with a copy of this book to review in exchange for my honest opinions. These opinions are my own, and they are exactly what I think.
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LibraryThing member Becky_McKenna
Look out, Larsen, Texas! Paddy O'Brien wants his daughter to start acting like a modern 19th Century lady and give up her branding iron and riding britches for frilly dresses and lace. Why? So she can find a worthy husband, of course. Easy ladies, his heart's in the right place, even if he is going
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about this all wrong. My first reaction was to bark out a laugh. After all, Margaret is her father's daughter. She won't make this easy.

To accomplish his goal, he's brought in a new foreman, one tall, dark-haired and handsome man named Daniel Cutler. He's going help manage the Triple T, thus giving Margaret more time to be a lady. Never mind that Margaret might have a say in things, or that she can run the ranch as well or better than any man in Texas. Paddy is set in his ways and is determined that Margaret be well looked after when he's gone. Having a grandchild to bounce on his knee before he meets his Maker wouldn't be bad either.

Daniel might be the first man to catch Margeret's eye since Nate Stanton married Lucy, but she's furious with being undervalued by her father and wants nothing to do with him, even if her heart does beat a little faster when he's around. When she overhears a private conversation, suddenly Daniel isn't as honest and trustworthy as she thought. Things aren't smooth sailing for Daniel either. Meeting Margaret at this time in his life is ill-timed and clashes with his job. If he follows his heart concerning the lovely redhead, can he keep her safe?

This is a heartwarming story, filled with emotion, mystery, and quite a bit of action and suspense. Colleen Coble writes realistic characters that have everyday flaws we can all relate to. I liked Margaret from the last book and was thrilled to read her story. I wasn't exactly surprised to learn that all of her confidence and bluster was a mask for the isolation and pain she's carried over the years. Daniel has his own load of baggage, but he is a little further along in the unpacking process. It was a delight (if not an adventure) to watch them fall in love and learn to trust.

Ms. Coble is quickly becoming my favorite Christian Romance author. Her books are refreshing and uplifting reads, with characters that go about their daily lives walking with God. The couples find common ground, find each other romantically and spiritually, which adds a special level to the relationship that's missing in a lot of mainstream romance. It's not an overpowering element, just a nice addition that blends seamlessly into a well written book. If you've never tried clean or Christian romance before, this is a great place to start. I highly recommend this series!
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