Sweet boundless

by Kristen Heitzmann

Paper Book, 2001



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Minneapolis : Bethany House, c2001.


Newly married Carina DiGratia Shephard longs to make a home for herself and her husband, Quillan, in the rugged mining town of Crystal, Colorado. Quillan, however, has turned away to confront the haunting pain of his troubled childhood. Out of her loneliness, Carina opens a restaurant, and through its success soon attains the independence and identity she has long sought. When Carina is attacked in retaliation for her kindness to the destitute families of miners, everything changes. Will Quillan exchange his bitterness for the forgiveness of God in time to save their marriage?


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350 p.; 22 cm


0764223828 / 9780764223822

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LibraryThing member JenniferRobb
The continuation of the story of Carina and Quillan Shepherd. Each longs for the other's love but both are too stubborn to broach the subject with the other. Quillan copes by running away, using his job as an excuse to do so. Carina devises a way to support herself in his absence. A number of
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misunderstandings complicated by their inability to talk to each other and work things out undermines their attempts to be husband and wife.

I wish the author had found a more unique plot to keep the two apart than the "too stubborn to admit I might be wrong" one that is used. I think that plot has been overused by romance writers. But overall it is well written. I don't think I'll go search out the remainder of the titles in the series, however, but if I were to come across them, I wouldn't object to reading them.
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LibraryThing member KaylaLowe
The 2nd in the series was amazing!

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