by Ted Dekker

Paperback, 2007



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Thomas Nelson Publishers (2007), Edition: Special ed., 416 pages

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A freak storm has spawned three tornadoes that are bearing down on the town of Summerville. Yet under the cover of the storm looms a much more ominous threat: A vindictive killer known as Red who's left a string of victims in his wake and is now bent on exacting his final revenge on the unsuspecting town. But there is an enigma surrounding Red that the FBI is unwilling to admit-closely guarded secrets of something gone terribly wrong beneath the skin of Summerville. Secrets that will destroy far more than one small town. Wendy Davidson is caught in the middle. She's a recovering cult survivor who takes refuge in Summerville on her way to visit her estranged mother. And with her, four strangers, any of whom could be the next victim . . . or the killer.… (more)


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User reviews

LibraryThing member bluenichols
Great Book. Brings up alot of questions about his previous books.
LibraryThing member BlondeBibliophile
A very interesting read. I enjoyed the uniqueness of it. Many people I know have said they don't like this book, and I can see why they would feel that way. I would recommend this book for a "modern generation". The are many qualities about this book that "traditional generations" would not
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appreciate and would simply mark off as strange.
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LibraryThing member MrsHillReads
This story started out great...then it just got stupid. I really regret that I wasted time reading it. Maybe I just don't get the gaming premise.
LibraryThing member trlchick25
Skin is a page turner. Dekker hasn't let me down yet. I liked the plot and thought the meaning behind it was great. It's in interesting approach and entertaining. This book is full of suspense and twists that never end.
LibraryThing member passionateaboutbooks
I'm still deciding whether or not I enjoy reading Ted Dekker's books. While I found it hard to put this book down, I often found myself annoyed with the writing style and unbelievability of the story. While I soon discovered the reason for the latter annoyance, I still wasn't satisfied with the
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story and its ending.
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LibraryThing member Djupstrom
Skin started out alright, but then it took a major turn (and not for the better). I thought I was reading a murder mystery/suspense and it turned out to be a techno/virtual reality/sci-fi kinda thing. YUCK!
LibraryThing member Ti99er
This was a good book, with an interesrting plot line. I have often asked other readers (of horror/suspense novels) if they have ever had the eperience of being unnerved or scared when reading a book. Many people have told me they have definitely had experienced fear when reading certain books. This
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has never been the case for me, until now. There were a few points in this book where, if I had taken my pulse at the time, I know it would've been elevated. The odd part is that this story is not one which is all that scary. I guess it just goes to the credit of Mr. Dekker's story telling abilities that drew me into the plot. This is the 2nd Dekker book I have read, and I must say I have become a fan.
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LibraryThing member itsJUSTme
Excellent!!!! Very suspenseful.
LibraryThing member Elizabeth.Wong98
This book starts our in Summerville, a small town. There is a tornado warning, and a woman named Wendy has to stop and find shelter. Meanwhile, she meets four other people, Colt, Nicole, Carey, and Pinkey. But what she doesn't know is that she is about to be thrown into a mind blowing game. A
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serial killer, Red, is on the loose and his next victims are Wendy, Colt, Nicole, Carey, and Pinkey. Red tells them to kill the ugliest of the group, which is undoubtebly Colt. But they refuse. So Red goes around town and kills 7 people. Then he gives them another chance to kill the ugliest. Again they refuse. Red gets impatient and disfigures Nicole's face. Then Carey has a mental breakdown and Red kills Carey. In the end, only Colt, Wendy, and Pinkey are left. They finally escape and figure out they were all part of an expirement.

I liked this book, but at the same time I didn't like it. I love the mystery and suspense, but it was a little too scary for me. I like his other books, but this one was too weird. But I still liked it because I am weird too!
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LibraryThing member debs4jc
Another creepy and bizarre offering from Dekker. Five strangers find themselves trapped in a small town, at the mercy of a serial killer who seems to be playing some sort of strange game with them. He wants them to kill the ugliest among them, or he will continue to kill the residents of the town.
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Its a curious premise, but plot holes abound as well as some disburbing scenes of violence. If you liked House by Dekker and Perretti, you will enjoy this one as it is somewhat similar.
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LibraryThing member aisosae.g3
This book is about a few people who get money by using themselves to do crazy game projects.This time they had to beat the game to be able to go back to the real world. The game makes everything seem so real like you are actually living in it. You pretty much have to solve the mystery of who is the
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killer to escape the game which was really hard.There are about 5 different people who meet up and decide to beat the game to enter back into the real world. There are about 2 girls and the rest are boys. I am not going to put anything else about trhe story because it is a really good book and you should read it for yourself.
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LibraryThing member gac53
Somewhat disappointed after all the glowing recommendations. Seemed to have minimal suspense. I'm open to reading another of his novels, this one was just not enjoyable to me.
LibraryThing member JenniferRobb
The 4 rating is mostly for the life message that comes near the end.

Which world is real?: the town of Summerville or the desert or is it something else. An unlikely group ends up together in the midst of a serial killer spree--a serial killer who seems focused on "who is the ugliest?"

The book was a
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bit too creepy for my taste at times. I've read Ted Dekker previously and with some of his books, I'm left feeling that there was a meaning behind it that I'd missed. Thus, I enjoyed the message that came near the end that summed up the idea behind the story: a take on Lucifer's life before and after the fall, that even the best of us are sinners, that even the best of us are not good enough to approach God without Jesus's intercession.
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