Honor's Reward (Rocky Mountain Legacy #5)

by Kristen Heitzmann

Paperback, 2000



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Bethany House Pub (2000), 317 pages


As the newly married wife of Cole Jasper, Abbie is certain life will never again be dull. What she doesn't know is whether her blossoming love for Cole will allow her to bid farewell to the nightmares that have plagued her since Monte's brutal death. When rumors of the evil, vengeful Crete Marlowe and his unsavory band of comrades reach Rocky Bluffs, Cole knows he must bring them to justice. Can Abbie ever forgive Cole for allowing honor to once again jeopardize their love and happiness?


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317 p.; 8.75 inches


076422204X / 9780764222047

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LibraryThing member judyg54
This is the final book in this series and it ended well. I never once tired of reading all 5 books in this series, because the author did a great job of keeping the story moving and always throwing in a few surprises along the way (and some of those surprises were very sad). I guess you could read
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each story as a stand alone book, but I wouldn't recommend it because they all are so good and all flow so well together.

Newly married Abbie, to Cole Jasper, is about to realize that life will never be dull will Cole as her husband and with Jenny, her niece they are raising, and then there is Elliot, her son from her deceased husband. And now they have the wayward Birdie who they have rescued from a house of ill repute. Cole has his job cut out for him, trying to get Abbie to see him for who he is and not who she tries to make him into and try to let their children know unconditional love for them all.

But there is the evil and vengeful Crete Marlowe and his band of bad guys on the loose and headed to Rocky Bluffs to seek revenge on them all. Cole will find himself having to chase down Crete against Abbie's wishes and Abbie will need to learn to forgive Cole for allowing his honor to jeopardize their love. Oh, and did I mention that Abbie finds herself with child again, which also makes Cole leaving very hard, but his honor will be rewarded in ways that will surprise you (maybe). A great ending to a series that gets a special place in my library.
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LibraryThing member KaylaLowe
Love the ending of the series, but disappointed that it ended!

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