The Priest's Graveyard

by Ted Dekker

Hardcover, 2011



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Center Street (2011), 368 pages

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Danny Hansen is a priest who lives by a law of love and compassion. It is powerful men and hypocrites who abide by legal law but eschew the law of love that most incense Danny. As an avenging angel, he believes it is his duty to show them the error of their ways, at any cost.


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368 p.; 9.5 inches


159995334X / 9781599953342

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LibraryThing member skstiles612
I was lucky to be one of many given the opportunity to read and participate in a blog tour of The Priest's Graveyard I have to say I really enjoyed this book. If you are interested in getting this book then go to the website.

The book ended completely different than I thought it would. Ted Dekker is
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an author whose works I will definitely read. In The Priest's Graveyard we find two major characters who have individual stories that intertwine and change them both. Danny is a very unusual priest As a child in Bosnia he was witness to the rape and murder of his mother and two sisters. As an adult he believes he is doing God's work by getting justice for those like his mother who are unable to get justice for themselves. He thinks about what he is doing. If it ever becomes about vengeance then he will stop. After all as a priest he must do this task for God.

Renee is a young woman who has travelled down the wrong path. As a heroin addict she has lived the life of a prostitute. Then her pimp Cyrus came after her. Running from Cyrus and the demons in her head she runs into the path of a car. Lamont is the driver and man who rescues her. He takes her back to his home. She is then a victim of his OCD. Everything must be done a certain way, the doors are all locked (for her protection) he tells her. Then one day he tells her that his business partner is dirty and will probably have him killed. When he doesn't show up one day but someone else does, she manages to escape. She decides to go after the man who killed Lamont. It is this event that causes Renee and Danny's paths to cross. They are both after the same man. But is it the correct thing to do? I had my head wrapped around the plot so tight that I was shocked when I saw it take a turn I wasn't expecting. This was an excellent thriller that I couldn't put down. This is a must read for all fans of Ted Dekker and for all those people who love a good thriller. It almost had a "Dexter" feel to it. A definite must read.
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LibraryThing member fredamans
*Standing and applauding the author*
This is a fantastic book!
In the great and creepy writing style that is Ted Dekker, you will not be disappointed in this edge-of-your-seat story!
It made my mind wander, and I found it to be like Saw and Dexter had a baby! Yes, it was scary, suspenseful and
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gripping! I flew through this book in a few hours!
Definitely one of my favorites by him yet and I've read a few.
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LibraryThing member ReviewsbyMolly
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Did I mention AWESOME?! That is exactly what I think of Ted Dekker's latest book, The Priest's Graveyard. It is a thrilling thriller by an absolutely FANTABULOUS author! Now, I haven't always thought that Ted Dekker's work was fact, the first book I ever
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read by him was Green. And, quite frankly, I hated it. But, if you know me and my blogging tastes, I ALWAYS give the author's works more than one chance, because, like the rest of us, sometimes they have a flaw in their writing and something might not be quite right. So, I gave Dekker another shot with The Bride Collector....I was in love from page one! Then I toured his Immanuel's Veins book. WOW! Another HIT! Now, I'm touring his newest book and to me, it's his best piece of work YET! YAY!

The Priest's Graveyard is thrilling beyond thrills. This one had me on the edge of my seat and my heart continuously pounding. I felt an actual part of the story. Between Danny and Renee, both seeking out the same awful man, I had no idea which twist Dekker was going to through in next. That is the PERFECT thrilling novel. Now, I know you are wanting me to tell you a bit more about the plot line. But, I never giveaway spoilers, so I am stopping with what I have written. I will ramble on and on about all the fascinating aspects of this novel and give away the ending, for sure!

Aren't I such a meanie? Teasing ya'll like that? Well, let me tell you that this FANTABULOUSLY written novel by an equally fantastic author deserves so many more stars than simply 5. Can we try 5 billion?!?!?!?! That's what I think needs to be given to this un-put-downable, roller-coaster up and down, breathtaking suspense novel! I am in love with Dekker's thrillers and will continue to be on the look out for more like this one. And, if you happen to be new to Dekker's work, then PLEASE, DO NOT hesitate to pick up a copy, or even download a digital copy of this mind blowing novel! Well done, Dekker....looking forward to your next moving thriller!
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LibraryThing member dragonflychic76
Ted Dekker has done it again! He has taken two characters from very different walks of life and brought them together in a tale that is fast-paced and exciting. Somehow he is able to delve into the deepest, darkest depths of the human psyche. So much, in fact, that everything Danny and Renee
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struggle with hits home. He draws the reader in so intensely that you feel as though you are them. From a vigilante priest to a washed up drug addict with no memory of her past and gilded memories of the man who ‘saved’ her, it will tear at your heartstrings. These are things that you and I have dealt with. Perhaps you have a sister or a brother who has struggled in a similar way. It was beautiful and sad, thrilling and disturbing, at times tough to stomach…yet so worth it.

I couldn’t put this book down. I laughed. I cried. I got angry. It kept me, knuckles white, on the edge of my seat. But in the end, it gave me hope. This is a story I will be thinking about for days to come.
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LibraryThing member WeeziesBooks
“The Priest’s Graveyard” by Ted Dekker was not a book that I really enjoyed. I listened to it as an audiobook. I don’t know why it struck me as such a cold and disconnected storyline. I found that the unlikely savior in the role of a Roman Catholic Priest who was the survivor of a terrible
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childhood and had a personal commitment to rid the world of evil to be a stretch of my imagination. The ‘imprisonment’ in the glass house was too implausible for me.

The main character Renee Gilmore was a prostitute and a drug addict that was rescued during an attack and taken to a beautiful house of glass on the ocean and where she was totally controlled by her captor under the guise of personal protection. I find it very interesting that in some ordering information for this book, it is labeled an inspirational novel. It doesn’t seem to fit as it is really a psychological thriller where the ‘acts of justice’ were psychological abuse and mind control in my frame of reference. There are some who would enjoy this book. I was not one of those readers. I did complete it, but it was not a favorite. I would have given it a 2.5 if that option were available.
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LibraryThing member Sunflower6_Cris
Renee Gilmore is your typical girl who moves to CA for a better life. If she had known that new CA life would include a pimp and her near death experience she probably would have never left home. She is rescued by Lamont, a man who helps her and tucks her away in his glass house on the beach.
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Lamont, with his extreme OCD and rules of how to live life. A life that she lives only within his glass house because he feels the outside world isn't safe for her. When Lamont leaves for work and doesn't return because he was murdered, Renee realizes she needs to leave her shelter and seek revenge on the person who murdered her love and rescuer. She meets a priest, Danny Hansen, who isn't your ordinary everyday priest. He "rights" people who have wronged others, even if that includes murdering them so they can't continue to hurt others. Renee and Danny do not know that their meeting will have a large impact on their future as well as the revenge (or justice) they seek from the same man.

This was my first Ted Dekker book and I found it disappointing considering that he gets some great reviews on-line. This book was a bit unrealistic and too matter-of-fact rather than emotional. It could of had a great feel to it if you could connect to the characters, but the writing made that not possible. Although I finished it, I read 2 other books at the same time because it was too difficult to finish.
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LibraryThing member MichelleSutton
Call me twisted, but I love the way Dekker's mind works. Whenever I read his thrillers I always vacillate between being freaked out and being impressed by his subtle theology. In the end I am always edified by his insight into the human condition, which is the most important thing for me when I
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read a book. The takeaway value of Dekker's thrillers is priceless...for me, anyway. I get something out of each story and it's not merely thrills and excitement. I think about spiritual things, which is something I don't get out of anyone else's suspense/thrillers. Like I said, call me twisted, but I love them!

His novels are always page-turners for me, too. And the depth of the love themes is mind-blowing to me, but only because I see it. I'm sure many people miss the message because they aren't looking for it, but I see how he shines light in the darkness every time. It's funny because I never feel grossed out or disgusting after I read one of his novels. My pulse gets pounding and my adrenaline goes up because I am truly worried for the people in the book (which is nuts because they aren't real, or so I keep telling myself) and somehow Dekker manages to make me smile at the end of each and every book of his that I read.

Dekker "gets" how complex the human heart is and he does a fantastic job with redemption themes. This story shows how it's impossible for man to live by the law and how grace is the only answer...and he shows this through serial killers. Crazy, but true. They may be killing for what seems to be noble reasons, but in the end they are still killing. Yet at the same time he makes them fully human. He shows how trauma twists the way people view things. All brilliantly portrayed and executed...literally. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that I loved this book!
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LibraryThing member Carol420
`The Priest's Graveyard' is a philosophical thriller that follows the troubled lives of its two protagonists whose paths inevitably cross. Danny Hansen is a soul-scarred survivor of the Balkan War and is now a Roman Catholic Priest in the U.S. Renee Gilmore is prostitute and addict from a broken
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home. Both respond to their respective traumatic pasts by engaging in acts of vigilantism, which they feel are justified by their ends; bad people are no longer able to continue hurting good people.

This book is intense, thrilling and challenging. It messes with your mind and you're not sure what's right and what's wrong. How far would you go, rather, how far should you go, to stop someone from hurting someone else? At what point do you step back and say "that person is just going to have to suffer, I won't do anything to help them"? The end was a surprise to me. I did enjoy the book.
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LibraryThing member adam.currey
An ok thriller but never really drew me in.

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