Fatal Exchange: A Novel (Southern Crimes)

by Lisa Harris

Paperback, 2014



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Revell (2014), 316 pages


Fiction. Romance. Suspense. Christian Fiction. School teacher Emily Hunt must risk her life in a dangerous clash between a drug cartel and a desperate student. Will she have to trust the one man her family has vowed to hate?


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316 p.; 8.5 inches


0800721918 / 9780800721916

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LibraryThing member alekee
From beginning to end your heart is going to be in your throat, and your mind is going wild. Fatal Exchange will do this to you and more, don’t let your guard down you will not know what is around the next corner.
Yes, this is the second book in this series, and there are references to the first,
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which contains a lot of information, is it necessary to enjoy this book to have read the first? No, but don’t deny yourself of another excellent book and great read. We are continuing with the Hunt family, after the loss of their beloved Son and Brother, Michael. There is also a split in the family as to who betrayed him, could it be Marcus?
This book has a bit of everything, including cold blooded murder, school shootings and kidnaping, drugs and drug cartel, we are dealing with the big guys. Can you believe, that almost the whole book takes place in one day, rather like the TV show 24. What a packed full day, and your head will be spinning by the end, we go from one horrible event to another, and who will not know until later just who got shot, and who is responsible.
When you reach the end of the book, you are looking for more, and there is, another book is due out in the Spring of 2015, and when you read the preview you are going to be hooked. I can’t wait now for the new book, will need to review the past two to keep updated when it arrives. This is Christian Suspense at its finest.

I received this book through the Revell Book Blogger’s Tour, and was not required to give a positive review.
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LibraryThing member polarmath
Fatal Exchange is book two in the Southern Crimes series. I had not read book one, but had no trouble following along for book two. Being from the south and having traveled to Atlanta several times, I could picture some of the places mentioned in the book. This helped me to put some things in
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context. This book follows the story of Emily and Mason and how they have to put aside differences to accomplish what needs to be done. This is a book that you should read when you have time to continue reading because having to come to stopping places was difficult as I kept wanting to know where the story was going next.

I received this book free to review.
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LibraryThing member MyBookAddiction
FATAL EXCHANGE by Lisa Harris is Inspirational Romantic Suspense. #2 in the "Southern Crimes" series, but can be read as a stand alone. Follow, Emily Hunt,Undercover Cop, Mason Taylor and Rafael Cerda on a journey of desperation, danger, drug cartels, secrets, a kidnapping, intertwining lives,
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grief,hope, faith, healing, forgiveness and a very unexpected love.

Fast paced and filled with emotional upheaval,and desperation. A complex, emotional thrill ride from beginning to end. Fatal Exchange has a whole host of feelings from desperation, to hope, to finding love in unexpected places. You will not want to miss a moment of Fatal Exchange. Beware, it does have a cliffhanger or two. Ms. Harris is a wonderful storyteller who draws the reader into her stories and holds them in awe. Southern Crimes is a must read series. Received for an honest review.

*Coming in May 2014 from Revell,a division of Baker Publishing Group*



REVIEWED BY: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
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LibraryThing member vintagebeckie
For romantic suspense, one of my go-to authors is Lisa Harris. The second book in her Southern Crimes series, Fatal Exchange, is just another of example of why she is one of my favorites. Fast-paced with a twisting plot, it also has a great romantic element combined with a strong faith message. A
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good pick for anyone looking for their next great read.

Emily Hunt is a teacher among a family of police officers. She has never wanted the high pressure job that requires courage. But when faced with a student with a gun in her classroom, Emily is called upon to draw from her experience and her faith. Mason Taylor had been a family friend of the Hunts until Michael Hunt was murdered and Mason was tied to his death. Exonerated by the police force, Mason, an undercover officer, longs to put things right with Emily’s family. The standoff at Emily’s school, puts Mason in the middle of the action and in the line of fire.

Fatal Exchange has it all — great characters you come to care about, a fast-moving plot with twists you never see coming, a believable romantic thread and a message of forgiveness and trust. The characters rely heavily on God, even when they have doubts and fears. The novel makes it plain that though we live in a sin-filled, fallen world, God’s grace is abundant. Drug trafficking, cartels and dirty cops are the elements of the very believable plot line. I liked book 1 in the series, Dangerous Passage, but I really liked Fatal Exchange. And while it can be read as a standalone, I would recommend the reader start with book 1. There is a mystery running through the two books that does not get solved. But from the last paragraph of Fatal Exchange, it looks like the reader will finally have answsers in book 3. If you are a fan of Terri Blackstock or Diann Mills, be sure to check this one out. You will not be disappointed.


(Thanks to Revell for a review copy. The opinions expressed are mine alone.)
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LibraryThing member Karin7
Fatal Exchange by Lisa Harris
4 stars

Lisa Hunt, sister of Avery and a teacher who has no desire for danger of any kind, is caught up in one life-threatening situation after another the day one of her prize students takes her class hostage with her niece, Tess, Avery's daughter. She has to try to
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trust Mason Taylor, the undercover cop her sister believes responsible for their brother's death.

This is the second installment of the Southern Crimes Fiction, and I am basing my rating on the fact that for a genre novel, it's well done, and I do end up caring about the characters even though I'm not one for romance novels or romantic suspense (but romance movies, absolutely, and also sometimes romantic suspense movies). I have even put a hold on the third and latest installment of these for more bedtime reading. It is definitely Christian and not just "she said a prayer", so if you cannot abide that, stay away, but I don't find it cheesy.
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LibraryThing member abbieriddle
Lisa Harris delivers a detective mystery/suspense woven with a little bit of romance in a way that is easy to read. This book was enjoyable to read and the characters are well developed and likable. This is the second in the series but is written in such a way that you do not have to have a lot of
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knowledge of the previous book to enjoy this one alone.

Emily is the daughter of a cop and the sister of a cop who's death is still unsolved. She is satisfied in her quiet life - outside of the whole cop scene. But she finds herself in the middle of an investigation with the very cop who may have had something to do with the death of her brother. And so the story begins - high school teacher turned detective (unofficially) - as she works to unravel a mysterious disappearance of one of her student's brothers. This book is certainly a page turner and filled with many twists and turns.

This was my first read by this author and I was not disappointed. Thanks to Revell for this review copy.
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LibraryThing member funstm
I'm not remotely religious so this was never going to be a total win for me. But I read a bit of everything and if it sounds good I'm willing to give it a shot. That being said I do usually find Christian fiction a little preachy - it's just so wholesome - but then it's also precisely what you
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would expect a Christian book to be - so I shouldn't rate it down but I kind of do. So Lisa Harris - it's not you, it's me.

I enjoyed this one more than the first one in this series. Emily and Mason were more appealing characters and I was more interested in Rafael and what happens. The hunt for the department mole continues in this one as well and I'll be reading the next one to discover the whole mystery.
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