by Cathy Marie Hake

Paperback, 2008



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Bethany House Publishers (2008), Edition: First Edition / First Printing, 352 pages

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Cathy Marie Hake, best-selling author of Fancy Pants, delivers a poignant romance set in 1891 Texas. Miss Hope Ladley believes God wants her to cook and clean for grieving widower Jacob Stauffer. But when Jacob hires the cheerful dynamo, he can't imagine the profound effect she'll have on his frightened sister, his motherless daughter, and on his own tender heart-or how much they'll all miss her if she leaves.


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352 p.; 8.25 inches


0764203185 / 9780764203183

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LibraryThing member Pebblesgmc
Hero: Jakob Stauffer is a widower with a very young daughter and a sister to protect from an abusive husband.
Hope Ladley is our unconventional heroin, she has a unquic veiw of life.
She trsvels around helping feed the farm hands during harvest.
She instinctively sees the need to protect Anne his
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sister and Emmy-Lou his daughter. I loved this book!!!!!
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LibraryThing member judyg54
This was a real hoot to read. I just fell in love with Hope Ladley. Jakob Stauffer saw Hope as not tall or short, not skinny or plump, not gorgeous but not ugly; she was just Hope, and "one of the most endearing traits, though, was her spontaneity. No matter what she did, she did it with joy. Her
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zest for life shone like the brightest star". I had a smile on my face most of the way through this book, especially when Hope would say one of her crazy cliches.
Hope is like a dandelion in the wind, she goes from one farm to the next, wherever she feels God directing her, where she helps out until she feels she needs to move on. In the beginning of the book she finds herself pulling into the Stauffer farm right before harvest. She knows this is where she is suppose to be as Jakob is trying to raise his little girl, take care of his pregnant sister and bring in the harvest. Hope jumps right in and becomes the stable force in the lives of everyone. Jakob is still feeling the loss of his wife, Annie is pregnant and fearful her abusive husband will come for her and little Emmy-Lou is a sweetheart that also has an obstacle to overcome. Hope is the answer they all need and you can't help but love her! But Hope doesn't stay in one place long, so can they convince her that she can stay with them "forevermore".
I don't usually think about re-reading a story after having just finished it, but I could read this one again, just for the pleasure of it. As a sidelight, as also loved the cover. This is one of Cathy Marie Hake's best stories I have read so far!
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LibraryThing member shaking
Score! Loved this book. I laughed, I cried and fell in love with Hope. God led her to the home of a widowed man to help care for his daughter and his abused expectant sister. She brought comfort, peace and love to this broken home. What a pleasure to read. Highly recommend this book.
LibraryThing member Karin7
I can't believe I'm giving this book 4 stars as I read it for a challenge and didn't think I'd like it that much because it's romance. It did help that I listened to it on Recorded Books, although not completely while the narrator was okay, she did a terrible voice for Hope.

Hope is a dyslexic woman
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in her mid twenties who enjoys working as in itinerant cook/housekeeper in the American midwest in the 1890s. She is unusual in a few ways, but in addition to her work, she manages to help a hurt family consisting of a widower, his daughter and his pregnant sister who has escaped an abusive husband, heal from their emotional hurt. It's told from three points of view, Hope's, her employer, Jakob (a widower) and Konrad, the brutal, estranged husband of Annie, Jakob's sister. While the language is G rated, the author does a fairly good job of showing how Konrad thinks.

This is an inspriational novel that has a fair bit of Bible talk in it, so it's only for those who either enjoy that or don't mind if it fits the story.

Being romance, love gradually grows and you have to read the book if you to find out what happens.
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LibraryThing member lcarter11
Hope walks up to Jakob's house in bare feet and a battered straw hat. She butchers expressions, bottles fireflies, and generally endears herself to everyone she meets...except for Annie's abusive husband, who she frightens off with her talk of measles.
I laughed so hard reading this book! I wish I
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could've watched the writing process--how did Ms. Hake come up with so much cleverness?
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LibraryThing member wrightja2000
Absolutely charming and uplifting. It reminds me of Amelia Bedelia for adults. The clever turns of phrase were thought provoking in a way that didn't feel forced or preachy. Greatly enjoyed this one.
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